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14. Experience Teaches. And other Stories for

the Young, Illustrative of Familiar Proverbs. With 39 Illus

trations. 15. The Happy Recovery. And other Stories for

the Young. With 26 Illustrations. 16. Gratitude and Probity. And other Stories

for the Young. With 21 Illustrations. 17. The Two Brothers. And other Stories for

the Young. With 13 Illustrations. 18. The Young Orator. And other Stories for

the Young. With 9 Illustrations. 19. Simple Stories to Amuse and Instruct Young

Readers. With Illustrations. 20. The Three Friends. And other Stories for

the Young. With Illustrations. 21. Sybil's Sacrifice. And other Stories for the

Young. With 12 Illustrations. 22. The Old Shepherd. And other Stories for the

Young. With Illustrations. 23. The Young Officer. And other Stories for the

Young. With Illustrations. 24. The False Heir. And other Stories for the

Young. With Illustrations. 25. The old Farmhouse; or, Alice Morton's

Home. And other Stories. By M. M. POLLARD. 26. Twyford Hall; or, Rosa's Christmas Dinner,

and what she did with it. By CHARLES BRUCE. 27. The Discontented Weathercock. And other

Stories for Children. By M. JONES. 28. Out at Sea, and other Stories. By Two

Authors. 29. The Story of Waterloo; or, The Fall of

NAPOLEON. 30. Sister Jane's Little Stories. Edited by Louisa


NIMMO'S NINEPENNY SERIES FOR BOYS AND GIRLS. In demy 18mo, with Illustrations, elegantly bound in cloth.

This Series of Books will be found unequalled for genuine interest and value, and it is believed they will be eagerly welcomed by thoughtful children of both sexes. Parents may rest assured that each Volumo toaches some noble lesson, or enforces some valuable truth. 1. In the Brave Days of Old; or, The Story of the Spanish

Armada. For Boys and Girls. 2. The Lost Ruby. By the Author of The Basket of

Flowers,' etc. 3. Leslie Ross; or, Fond of a Lark. By Oharles Bruce. 4. My First and Last Voyage. By Benjamin Olarke. 5. Little Katie : A Fairy Story. By Charles Bruce. 6. Being Afraid. And other Stories for the Young By

CHARLES STUART. 7. The Toll-Keepers. And other Stories for the Young.

By BENJAMIN CLARKE. 8. Dick Barford: A Boy who would go down Hill. By

CHARLES BRUCE. 9. Joan of Arc; or, The Story of a Noble Life. Written

for Girls. 10. Helen Siddal: A Story for Children. By Ellen Palmer, 11. Mat and Sofie: A Story for Boys and Girls. 12. Peace and War. By the Author of The Basket of

Flowers,' eto. 13. Perilous Adventures of a French Soldier in Algeria. 14. The Magic Glass ; or, The Secret of Happiness. 15. Hawks' Dene : A Tale for Children, By Katharine E.

Mar. 16. Little Maggie. And other Stories. By the Author of

• The Joy of Well-Doing,' etc. etc. 17. The Brother's Legacy; or, Better than Gold. By

M. M. POLLARD. 18. The Little Sisters ; or, Jealousy. And other Stories for

the Young. By the Author of 'Little Tales for Tiny Tots,'etc. 19. Kate's New Home. By Cecil Scott, Author of Ohryssie

Lyle,' etc.

NIMMO'S SIXPENNY JUVENILE BOOKS. Demy 18mo, Illustrated, handsomely bound in cloth, price 6d. each. 1. Pearls for Little People. 2. Great Lessons for Little People. 3. Reason in Rhyme: A Poetry Book for the Young. 4. Æsop's Little Fable Book. 5. Grapes from the Great Vine. 6. The Pot of Gold. 7. Story Pictures from the Bible. 8. The Tables of Stone : Illustrations of the Command

ments. 9. Ways of Doing Good. 10. Stories about our Dogs. By Harriet Beecher Stowe. 11. The Red-Winged Goose. 12. The Hermit of the Hills. 13. Effie's Ohristmas, and other Stories. By Adelaide

AUSTEN. 14. A Visit to Grandmother, and other Stories for the

Young. 15. Bible Stories for Young People. By Adelaide Austen. 16. The Little Woodman and his Dog Cæsar. By Mrs.

SHERWOOD. 17. Among the Mountains : Tales for the Young. By

ADELAIDE AUSTEN. 18. Little Gems for Little Readers. 19. Do your Duty, come what will, and other Stories for

the Young. 20. Noble Joe : A Tale for Children, By Adelaide Austen. 21. Lucy Vernon, and other Stories for the Young. 22. Anecdotes of Favourite Animals told for Children. By

ADELAIDE AUSTEN. 23. Little Henry and his Bearer. By Mrs. Sherwood.

[Continued on next page.


CONTINUED. 24. The Holidays at Wilton, and other Stories,

By ADELAIDE AUSTEN. 25: Chryssie Lyle: A Tale for the Young. By Cecil Scott. 26. Little Elsie among the Quarrymen. By Ellen Palmer.

NEW VOLUMES JUST ADDED TO THIS SERIES. 27. The Lesson of Obedience. By the Rev. Richard

NEWTON, D.D. 28. The Lesson of Diligence. By the Rev. Richard

NEWTON, D.D. 29. Fergus: A Tale by Jacob Abbott. 30. Gilbert and his Mother. By Jacob Abbott. 31. The Shepherd of Salisbury Plain. By Hannah More. 32. Emily Barton, and other Stories, By Charles and

MARY LAMB. 33. Elizabeth Villiers, and other Stories. By Charles and

MARY LAMB. 34. The Grateful Negro. By Maria Edgeworth. 35. Forgive and Forget. By Maria Edgeworth, 36. Waste Not, Want Not. By Maria Edgeworth. 37. The False Key. By Maria Edgeworth. 38. The Bracelets. By Maria Edgeworth.

NIMMO'S FOURPENNY JUVENILE BOOKS. The above Series of Books is also kept in embossed and illuminated Paper Cover, beautifully printed in gold from entirely

new Designs, price 4d. each. The distinctive features of the Sixpenny, Ninepenny, and One Shilling Juventle Books are: The Subjects of each Volume have been selected with a due regard to Instruction and Entertainment; they are well printed on fine paper; they are Illustrated with Coloured Frontispieces and beautiful Engravings; and they are elegantly bound.


In crown 4to, price 12s. 6d., elegantly bound in cloth, extra gilt

and gilt edges, the popular Drawing-room Edition of the Poems and Songs by Robert Burns. With Illus

trations by HERDMAN, WALLER H. PATON, SAM. BOUGH, GOURLAY STEELL, D. 0. Hill, J. M‘WHIRTER, and other eminent Scottish Artists.

NIMMO'S NATIONAL LIBRARY. Just ready, in crown 8vo, with Steel Frontispiece and Vignette,

handsomely bound, roxburgh style, price 5s., The English Circumnavigators: The most re

markable Voyages round the World by English Sailors. (Drake, Dampier, Anson, and Cook's Voyages.) With a Preliminary Sketch of their Lives and Discoveries. Edited,

with Notes, Maps, etc., by David LAING PURVES. Uniform in size and price with the above, with Steel Frontispiece

and Vignette, and Eight Illustrations, The Book of Adventure and Peril. A Record of

Heroism and Endurance on Sea and Land. Compiled and

Other Standard Works in preparation.
This Series is also kept bound in cloth extra, full gilt side, back,

and edges, price 6s. 6d. each.

Third Edition.
In demy 8vo, cloth elegant, richly gilt, price 7s. 6d.,
Things a Lady would Like to Know, concerning

Domestic Management and Expenditure, arranged for Daily
Reference, with Hints regarding the Intellectual as well as the
Physical Life. By HENRY SOUTHGATE, Author of Many
Thoughts of Many Minds,'Noble Thoughts in Noble Lan-

guage,' 'Gone Before,' The Bridal Bouquet,' etc. etc. In crown 8vo, beautifully bound in cloth extra, full of Engravings

and Coloured Pictures, price 3s. 6d., or gilt edges price 4s., Three Hu ed Bible Stories and Three Hundred

Bible Pictures. A Pictorial Sunday Book for the Young.

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