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through ; but he determined to dise; and offering his arm to aid postpone his escape till the 27th, me, desired my bed, books, etc., the day after that being St. Au- to be brought after. Seeing it gustine's day, when he knew that was in vain to oppose any longer, the great council met, and that I rose and left my cage, and in consequence there would be with some small' satisfaction no person in the Bussola, which heard him order my chair to be adjoined the chamber through brought with me; for in the straw which he must pass.

of that was my stiletto hidden. Though the delay was dic- Would it had been possible for tated by prudence, Casanova my toilsome work in the floor to had reason to repent of it. 'On have accompanied me also ! the 25th of August an event 'Leaning on the shoulder of happened,' says he, which even Lorenzo, who tried by laughing now makes me shudder at the to enliven me, I passed through recollection of it. I heard the two long galleries, then over bolts drawn, and a death-like three steps into a large, light fear seized me; the beating of hall, and passed through a door my heart shook my body, and I at the left end of it into a corthrew myself almost fainting into ridor twelve feet long and two my arm-chair. Lorenzo, still in broad. The two grated winthe garret, said to me through the dows in it presented to the eye a grating in a tone of pleasure, “I wide extensive view of a great wish you joy of the news I bring.” | part of the town; but I was not

'I imagined he had brought in a situation to rejoice at the me my freedom, and I saw my- prospect. The door of my desself lost; the hole I had made tined prison was in the corner would effectually debar me from of this corridor, and the grating liberty. Lorenzo entered, and of it was opposite to one of the desired me to follow him. I windows that lighted the pasoffered to dress myself, but he sage, so that the prisoner could said it was unnecessary, as he not only enjoy a great part of was only going to remove me the prospect, but also feel the from this detestable cell to an- refreshment which the cool air other quite new and well- of the open window afforded lighted, with two windows, from him,--a balsam for any creature which I could overlook half in that season of the year; but Venice, and could stand upright I could not think of all this at in. I was nearly beside myself. that moment, as the reader may I asked for some vinegar, and easily conceive. Lorenzo left begged him to thank the secre me and my chair, into which I tary, but to entreat him to leave threw myself, and he told me he me where I was. Lorenzo would go for my

bed.' asked me if I were mad to refuse Casanova remained motionto exchange a hell for a para- less in his chair, as though he

were petrified. His mind was were examined, but nothing was agitated by a variety of feelings, found; luckily the under side of in which disappointment and the arm-chair, into which the alarm were predominant. He stiletto was thrust, was not had not only to lament that his looked into. "So you won't tell hopes were blighted on the very me where the tools are that you eve of their being realized, but used to cut through the floor?' he had reason to fear that his said Lorenzo. “I'll see if you'll punishment would be much confess to others.' Casanova increased. Clemency to state answered with provoking coolcriminals was not an attribute of ness, 'If it be true that I have the Venetian government. He cut through the floor, I shall say already seemed to himself to be that I had the tools from yourcondemned to dwell for life, in self, and that I have given them the dark and silent dungeons back to you. This was too called the wells, where, far be much for the jailor to bear; he neath the level of the waves, the began literally to howl, ran his victim pined away existence head against the wall

, stamped amidst swarms of vermin, oozing and danced like a madman, and waters, and noisome exhala- finally darted from the room. tions. At last, however, by a The threat which Casanova had powerful mental effort, he in thrown out produced the effect

measure recovered his which he probably expected composure.

from it. Lorenzo had the hole Shortly after his removal, two secretly filled up, and took under-jailors brought his bed, special care to say nothing and went back for the remainder about it to his suspicious and of his things. They did not vindictive masters. return; and for more than two On quitting the cell, Lorenzo hours he was kept in suspense. closed all the windows, so as to At length hurried footsteps and prevent the prisoner from inhalwords of wrath were heard in ing a single breath of fresh air. the passage, and Lorenzo rushed the place was like an oven, and into the apartment, hot with to sleep was rendered imposrage, and pouring forth a torrent sible. As he durst not report of imprecations and blasphemies. to his superiors the offence He demanded the axe with which had been committed, the which the hole had been made, jailor seems to have determined the

of the faithless to revenge himself by making servant who had furnished it, the culprit as uncomfortable as and ordered his prisoner to he could. In the morning sour be searched. Casanova, who wine, stinking water, tainted knew his man, met him with meat, and hard bread were scorn and defiance. The cap- brought to Casanova; and when tive, the bed, and the mattress he requested that the window



might be opened, no answer making his peace occurred at was vouchsafed. The walls and the moment. Bragadino sent the floor were examined with to the prisoner a basket of an iron bar by an under-keeper; lemons, which gift, with a and as the inmate had formerly chicken and a bottle of excelobjected to sweeping, his cell lent water, Lorenzo presented was left undisturbed by a broom. to Casanova along with the acThe heat increased to such a count, ordering at the same time degree, that Casanova began to the windows to be opened. think he should be suffocated; Conciliated by this unexpected the perspiration dropped from change, Casanova desired that him so profusely that he could the balance of the account not read or walk about; and might be given to Lorenzo's he could neither eat nor drink wife, with the exception of a of the disgusting food with sequin, which was to be divided which he was supplied. The among his underlings. When same fare was furnished on the they were alone he said calmly, second day, and the same si-You have told me that you are lence maintained by the mali- indebted to me for the tools you cious jailor. The prisoner grew made the great opening in the furious, and determined that he floor of your cell with; I am would stab his tormentor on the not, therefore, curious to know following day; but prudence, anything more of that; but who or a better feeling, induced him gave you the lamp ?'

"You to relinquish his purpose, and yourself,' was the reply; 'you he contented himself with as- gave me oil, flint, and sulphur; suring Lorenzo, that as soon as the rest I had already.' "That he regained his liberty he would is true ; can you as easily prove certainly throttle him.

that I helped you to the tools For a whole week Lorenzo to break through the floor?' kept up this system of annoy- | Just as easily; I got everyance. On the eighth day Casa- thing from you.' "Grant me nova, in the presence of the patience! what do I hear? under-turnkeys, imperiously de. Did I give you an axe?' 'I manded the monthly account, will confess all; but the secreand called him a cheat. This tary must be present.' 'I will demand seems to haveawakened ask no further, but believe you. the jailor to a sense of his own Be silent, and remember I am interest. If he persisted in a poor man, and have a family.' playing the tyrant, it was to be He left the cell, holding his feared that no more sequins hands to his face. would be forthcoming for masses. Though Lorenzo was obliged His avarice got the better of his to be silent with respect to spleen, and he became tractable. Casanova's attempt, he adopted A favourable opportunity for precautions to prevent another

from being made. Every day to recover freedom can inspire one of the attendants searched the captive with hope, though the floor and walls of the apart- hope be lost. The first obstacle ment with an iron bar. But was unconsciously removed by the prisoner laughed at this Lorenzo himself. That worthy useless care. It was neither had an insatiable love of gold, through the walls nor the floor and could not bear to see the that he was planning to escape. money of the prisoners pass He well knew that in those into any other pockets than his quarters nothing could be done. own. Casanova satirically deHis new scheme was to find the scribes him, as being one who means of opening a correspond would have sold St. Mark himence with the prisoner over his self, for a dollar. The prisoner head, whom he would furnish having desired him to purchase with the stiletto, for the purpose the works of Maffei, the jailor of making an aperture, through suggested that the expense might which he himself might ascend be saved by borrowing books into the upper cell. On reach- from ar er captive, and lending that cell

, Casanova purposed ing his own in return. This to break another hole in the suggestion was readily adopted ceiling, get out upon the roof by Casanova, who hoped that with his fellow-labourer, and it might lead to a correspondeither find some outlet, or let ence, which would forward his themselves down by the help of design. A volume of Wolff's their linen and bed-clothes. writing was brought to him, in

It is obvious, that the success which he found a sheet of paper, of such a project was so ex-containing a paraphrase in verse tremely doubtful, that it seemed of a sentence from Seneca. He to be the height of absurdity to had neither pen nor pencil, but reckon upon it. At the very he nevertheless contrived to outset, the commencing and write some verses on the same carrying on an intercourse with paper, and a catalogue of his the prisoner above-stairs, ap- books on the last leaf of the peared to present an almost volume. The nail of his little insuperable difficulty. If that finger, shaped into a sort of pen, were surmounted, there was the and some mulberry juice, were chance that his confederate the materials which he emmight be cowardly or treacher-ployed. ous, there was the hourly risk An answer, in the Latin lanthat their operations would be guage, came on the morrow with detected, and there was the the second volume. The writer, danger which they must en- who was the inhabitant of the counter in effecting their de cell above Casanova's, stated scent from the lofty summit of himself to be a monk, by name the prison. But the longing Marino Balbi, and of a noble


Venetian family; Count Andreas was obliged to task his ingenuity Asquino, of Udina, was his fel- to find a remedy for this defect. low - prisoner. Both of them I told Lorenzo,' he says, offered the use of their books. that I was desirous of celeIn reply, Casanova gave an ac-brating Michaelmas day with count of himself, which drew two great plates of macaroni, forth a second epistle from the dressed with butter and Parmonk. In the next book was mesan cheese, and that I wished a letter of sixteen pages, and to give one to the prisoner who at the back of the volume, paper, had lent me his books. He pen, and pencil. These invalu- answered that the same prisoner able articles the two prisoners had expressed a wish to borrow had procured by bribing Nicolo, my great book. I told him I the under-keeper who attended would send it with the macaon them.

roni, and ordered him to proBalbi, who had learned from me the largest dish he Nicolo the particulars of the could; I would myself fill it. recent atte pt to escape, was While Lorenzo went for the eager to know what were Casa- dish, I wrapped up the hilt in nova's present plans. At first paper, and stuck it behind the Casanova hesitated to trust him, binding. I was convinced that having conceived an unfavour- if I put a large dish of macaable opinion of his character; roni on the top of the book, but considering that he could Lorenzo's attention would be not do without his assistance, so occupied in carrying that he finally resolved to confide safely, that he never would in him. The monk made some perceive the end of the iron objections to the feasibility of projecting. I informed Balbi the plan, which, however, were of this, and charged him to soon overruled.

That Balbi be particularly cautious to take might perforate the floor, it the dish and book together. was necessary for him to have On Michaelmas day Lorenzo the stiletto; and Casanova was came with a great pan, in which puzzled how to convey it to the macaroni was stewed. I him. He at last hit upon a immediately added the butter, method. He directed Lorenzo and poured it into both dishes, to procure a large folio edition filling them up with grated Parof a work which he specified, mesan cheese; the dish for the and which he thought would monk I filled to the brim, and allow of the stiletto being con- the macaroni swam in butter. cealed in the hollow, between I put the dish upon the volume, the binding and the leather which was half as broad in diaback. Unluckily the stiletto meter as the book was long, proved to be two inches longer and gave them to Lorenzo, with than the volume, and Casanova the back of the book turned

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