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and resumed his work, while the king, assuring him that his his more compassionate wife majesty must certainly conquer gave Jacob a bowl of bread and in the end, in which case the milk, which he ate sitting on rebels would lose all their prothe threshold of the door, to perty, and many of them be guard against surprise. While hanged into the bargain. But in the house he saw a musket, to such a proposition he of powder-hom, and bullet-pouch course would not listen. Findhanging against the wall, of ing all her efforts to convert a which he determined if possible rebel into a royalist fruitless, she to possess himself, that he might then told him that if he would be able to procure food during secrete himself two days longer the long and solitary march in the woods, she would furnish before him. On retiring, there him with some provisions, for a fore, he travelled only far enough supply of which her husband into the woods for concealment, was going to the fort the next returning to the woodman's day, and she would likewise house in the evening, for the endeavour to provide him with purpose of obtaining the musket a pair of shoes. Disinclined to and ammunition. But he was linger so long in the country of again beset by imminent peril. the enemy, and in the neighVery soon after he entered the bourhood of a British outpost, house the sound of approach- however, he took his departure ing voices was heard, and he forthwith. But such had been took to the rude chamber for the kindness of the good woman, security, where he lay flat upon that he had it not in his heart the irregular floor; and looking to seize upon her husband's through the interstices, saw arms, and he left this wild eleven soldiers enter, who it scene of rustic hospitality withsoon appeared came for milk. out supplies, or the means of His situation was now exceed-procuring them. ingly critical. The churlish Arriving once more at the proprietor might inform against water's edge, at the lower end hin, or a single movement be- of Lake Champlain, he came tray him. But neither circum- upon a hut, within which, on stance occurred. The unwel- cautiously approaching it for come visitors departed in due reconnaissance, he discovered time, and the family all retired a party of soldiers all sound to bed, excepting the wife, who, asleep. Their canoe was moored as Jacob descended from the by the shore, into which he chamber, refreshed him with sprang, and paddled himself up another bowl of bread and milk. the lake, under the most enThe good woman now earnestly couraging prospect of a speedy entreated her guest to surrender and comparatively easy voyage himself and join the ranks of to its head, whence his return

home would be unattended with in catching a few of these ; but either difficulty or danger. But having no means of striking a his pleasing anticipations were fire, after devouring one of them extinguished on the night follow- raw, the others were thrown ing, as he approached the Ile away. His feet were by this aux Noix, where he descried a time cruelly cut, bruised, and fortification, and the glitter of torn by thorns, briars, and bayonets bristling in the air, as stones; and while he could the moonbeams played upon scarcely proceed by reason of the burnished arms of the sen their soreness, hunger and fatinels, who were pacing their tigue united to retard his cheertedious rounds. The lake being less march. On the fifth day very narrow at this point, and his miseries were augmented perceiving that both sides were by the hungry swarms of musfortified, he thought the attempt quitoes, which settled upon him to shoot his canoe through be- in clouds while traversing a tween them, rather too hazardous swamp. On the same day he an experiment. His only course, fell upon the nest of a black therefore, was to run ashore and duck, the duck sitting quietly resume his travels on foot. Nor upon her eggs until he came on landing was his case in up and caught her. The bird any respect enviable. Without was no sooner deprived of her shoes, without food, and with life and her feathers, than he deout the means of obtaining voured the whole, including the either, a long journey before head and feet. The eggs were him through a deep and track- nine in number, which Sammons less wilderness, it may well be took with him; but on opening imagined that his mind was not one, he found a little half-decheered by the most agreeable veloped duckling already alive. anticipations. But without paus- Against such food his stomach ing to indulge unnecessarily his revolted, and he was obliged to thick-coming fancies, he com- throw the eggs away. On the menced his solitary journey, tenth day he came to a small directing his course along the lake. His feet were now in such eastern lake shore toward Al- horrible state that he could bany.

scarcely crawl along. Finding During the first four days a mitigation of pain by bathing of his progress he subsisted them in water, he plunged his entirely upon the bark of the feet into the lake, and lay down birch, chewing the twigs as he upon its margin. For a time it went. On the fourth day, while seemed as though he could resting by a brook, he heard a never rise upon his feet again. rippling of the water, caused Worn down by hunger and by the fish as they were stem- fatigue, bruised in body and ming its current. He succeeded wounded in spirit, in a lone

wilderness, with no eye to pity, knees to gather fuel, and on and no human arm to protect, the third day he was yet in such he felt as though he must re a state of exhaustion as to be main in that spot, until it should utterly unable to proceed. Supplease God, in His goodness, posing that death was inevitable to quench the dim spark of life and very near, he crawled to that remained. Still he was the foot of a tree, upon the comforted in some measure by bark of which he commenced the thought, that he was in the cutting his name, in expectahands of a Being without whose tion that he should leave his knowledge not a sparrow falls bones there, and in the hope to the ground.

that in some way, by the aid Refreshed at length, though of the inscription, his family to a trifling degree, he resumed might ultimately be apprised of his weary way, when, on raising his fate. While engaged in this his right leg over the trunk of sad work, a throng of painful a fallen tree, he was bitten in thoughts crowded upon his mind, the calf by a rattlesnake. Quick the tears involuntarily stole down as a flash, with his pocket-knife his cheeks, and before he had he made an incision in his leg, completed the melancholy task removing the wounded filesh to he fell asleep. a greater depth than the fangs On the fourth day of his reof the reptile had penetrated. sidence at this place he began His next business was to kill to gain strength, and as a part the venomous reptile and dress of the serpent yet remained, he it for eating, thus appropriating determined upon another effort the enemy that had sought to to resume his journey. But take his life, to its prolongation. he could not do so without deHis first meal was made from vising some substitute for shoes. the heart and fat of the serpent. For this purpose he cut up Feeling somewhat strengthened his hat and waistcoat, binding by the repast, and finding, more them upon his feet, and thus over, that he could not travel he hobbled along. On the folfarther in his present condition, lowing night, while lying in the he determined to remain where woods, he became strongly imhe was for a few days, and by pressed with a belief that he repose, and feeding upon the was not far distant from a human body of the snake, recruit his habitation. He had seen no strength. Discovering also a indications of proximity to the dry fungus upon the trunk of abode of man, but he was a maple-tree, he succeeded in nevertheless so confident of striking a fire, by which his the fact, that he wept for joy. comforts were essentially in-Buoyed up and strengthened creased. Still he was obliged by this impression, he resumed to creep upon his hands and his journey on the following

morning, and in the afternoon, powers had been taxed. At it being the 28th of June, he the time appointed he also had reached a house in the town repaired to the point which, at of Pittsford, in the New Hamp- his separation from Jacob, had shire grants, now forming the been agreed upon as the place State of Vermont. He remained of meeting. The moon shone there for several days, both to brightly, and he called loud recruit his health, and if pos- and often for his brother, -50 sible, to gain intelligence of his loud, indeed, that the guard was brother. But no tidings came; turned out in consequence. His and as he knew Frederick to anxiety was very great for his be a capital woodsman, he of brother's safety; but in ignorcourse concluded that sickness, ance of his situation, he was death, or re-capture must have obliged to attend to his own. interrupted his journey. Pro He determined, however, to apcuring a conveyance at Pitts-proach the fort,-as near to it, at ford, Jacob travelled to Albany, least, as he could venture; and and thence to Schenectady, in the event of meeting any one, where he had the happiness of disguise his own character by finding his wife and family. inquiring whether the rebels had

Not less interesting, or marked been taken. But a flash from by fewer vicissitudes, were the the sentinel's musket, the report adventures of Jacob's brother and the noise of a second purFrederick. The flight from the suit, compelled him to change fort at Chamblee was made just the direction of his march, and before sunset, which accounts proceed again with all possible for the chase having been aban- speed. It had been determined doned so soon. On entering by the brothers to cross the the edge of the woods, Frederick Sorel

, and return to the east encountered a party of Indians side of the river and lake; but returning to the fort from fatigue there was a misunderstanding duty. Perceiving that he was a between them as to the point fugitive, they fired, and called of crossing the river—whether out, “We have got him !' In above or below the fort. Hence this opinion, however, they were their failure of meeting. Fredemistaken; for although he had rick repaired to what he suprun close upon them before per- posed to be the designated place ceiving them, yet, being swift of of crossing, below the fort, where foot, by turning a short corner he lingered for his brother until and increasing his speed, in ten near morning. At length, hayminutes he was entirely clear of ing found a boat, he crossed the party. He then sat down over to the eastern shore, and to rest, the blood gushing from landed just at the cock-crowing. his nose in consequence of the He proceeded directly to the extent to which his physical barn where he supposed the

chanticleer had raised his voice, by the same process.

Thus but found not a fowl on the pre-prepared, he proceeded onward mises. The sheep looked too without interruption or advenpoor by the dim twilight to ture until the third day, when serve his purpose of food; but he killed a fawn and secured the a bullock presenting a more venison. He crossed the Winfavourable appearance, Frede- ooski, or Onion river, on the rick succeeded in cutting the next day; and having discovered unsuspecting animal's throat, a man's name carved upon a and severing one of the hind-tree, together with the distance quarters from the carcase, he from the lake (Champlain), eight shouldered and marched off miles, he bent his course for with it directly into the forest. its shores, where he found a Having proceeded to a safe and canoe with paddles. There was convenient distance, he stopped now a prospect of lessening to dress his beef, cutting off the fatigue of his journey; but what he supposed would be his canoe had scarce begun to sufficient for the journey, and dance upon the waters ere it forming a knapsack from the parted asunder, and he was skin by the aid of bark peeled compelled to hasten ashore and from the moose-wood.

continue his march by land. Resuming his journey, he ar At the close of the seventh rived at the house of a French day, and when, as he supposed, family, within the distance of he was within two days' travel five or six miles. Here he made of a settlement, he kindled his bold to enter, for the purpose fire, and lay down to rest in of procuring bread and salt, and fine health and spirits; but ere in the hope also of obtaining a the dawn of day he awoke with gun and ammunition. But he racking pains, which proved to could neither obtain provisions, be an attack of pleurisy. A nor make the people understand drenching rain came on, cona word he uttered. He found tinuing three days, during which means, however, to prepare some time he lay helpless, in dreadtinder, with which he re-entered ful agony, without fire or shelter, the woods, and hastened forward or sustenance of any kind. On in a southern direction until he the fourth day, his pain having ascertained, by the firing of the abated, he attempted to eat a evening guns, that he had passed morsel, but his provisions had St. John's. Halting for the night, become too offensive to be he struck a light; and having swallowed. His thirst being kindled a fire, occupied himselt intense, he fortunately disuntil morning in drying and covered a pond of water near smoking his beef, cutting it into by, to which he crawled. It was slices for that purpose.

His a stagnant pool, swarming with knapsack of raw hide was cured frogs, – another providential

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