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and Excellency of the Gospel," was first delivered at Milford, in 1785, at the ordination of the Rev. William Lockwood. At that time a manuscript copy of it, without the knowledge of the author, was sent, by one of his friends, to Cowper the poet. It is the Sermon of which he speaks, in Letter 137, of Hayley's Life of Cowper.

The Sermon on Jer. viii. 20, entitled, "The Harvest Past," was probably the most useful, and by many perhaps will be regarded as the most eloquent of his Discourses. At least four extensive revivals of religion were supposed to commence in consequence of its delivery.

Should these two volumes be favourably received, it is not improbable that one or two more may hereafter be published.

New-Haven, Sept. 29, 1827.

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