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Cysts, ovarian, situated above the superior

pelvic strait, complicated by pregnancy,


Deformities, and their prevention, 78.

Dementia paralytica, early ocular signs of,

paretic, the clinical aspects of, with special
reference to differential diagnosis, 488.
Dermatoses, the unsuspected parasitic origin
of many, 385.
Dermoid cyst, 21.
Diet in epilepsy, 35.

Digestive and respiratory passages, 133.
Diphtheria, uncertainties of early diagnosis
and necessity of early and vigorous
treatment of, 27.

Dislocation of humerus, congenital, subacro-
mial, excision of the head of the hu-
merus for, 28.

Duodenum, observations upon the anatomy

of the, 403.

Dysmenorrhea, an unusual case of, 121.


Absinthism in comparison with alcohol-

ism, 473.

A discovery regarding dead tubercle bacil-

li, 187.

A purifier for the lacteal product, 418.
A quick means of preserving milk, 87.

A record of the heat intensity of radium,

A score for radium in surgery, 374.

A word to the wise, 327.

EDITORIAL (Continued) :

Bactericidal action of properly brewed
tea, 517.

Baldness ascribed to improper breathing,


Baron Takaki's observations on beriberi,


Canine disease consequential to coitus, 474.
Decrees affecting nasal deformity, 517.
Discord among doctors, 324.
Disinfecting possibilities of bacteria pecu-
liar to the intestinal tract, 515.
Doctor Reed on race suicide, 233.
Gonorrhea of the female genitalia, 474.
Herdman, William James, Ph. B., M. D.,
LL. D., 564.

Hypnotism: its history, nature, and use,
376, 418, 518, 567.
Investigations bearing on animal intelli-
gence, 272.

Insects as spreaders of infection, 139.

Lead colic resultant from carbonated

Live babes from pregnant subjects of lues,


Malaria ascribed to ankylostoma duoden-

ale, 326.

Medicine in popular magazines, 138.

Obligative anaerobes cultivated in the
presence of oxygen, 566.
Observations in animal optics, 89.
Occult therapy in the Ottoman Empire,

Pecial characteristics of different peoples,

Salt-free diet in scarlet fever, 416.

Some peculiarities of the spirocheta pal-

lida, 417.

Stoicism of earthquake sufferers, 273.
Studies in sinian vernacular, 88.
Surgical anesthesia by scopolamin-mor-
phin, 187.

The benignity of dessicated tubercle bacil-

li, 474.

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Infant mortality, influence of feeding on,


Jaundice, obstructive, Courvoisier's law in
the differential diagnosis of, 218.

Labor, anesthesia in the first stage of, 316.
conduct of, during second stage, 113.
La grippe, remarks on, 118.
Laryngeal growths, the pathology of fifty

cases of innocent, 364.
Leprosy or syringomyelia, 74.

Ligaments, round, shortening of the, 315.
Lipoma, polypoid, of the tongue, 508.
Longevity, lessons in, 245, 302, 351, 396.

Lupulin, therapeutics of, 229.

Luxation, congenital, of the head of the

radius, 97.

Mastoid process, necrosis of the, 311.
Mastoidectomy sinus thrombosis, 30.
Mastoiditis and furunculosis in external
auditory meatus, 561.

with Bier's hyperemia, and acute purulent
otitis media, treatment of, 506.

Medical mistakes, 160.


A compilation of centenarians, 571.

A grist of medical graduates, 236.

American Medicine becomes a monthly,


Ann Arbor meeting of nurses' association,

Annual meeting of the Roentgen Ray



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Allen, Charles Warren, 335.

Cook, Emma, 237.

Curie, Professor, 233.

De Wecker, Baron, 44.

Doremus, Robert Ogden, 189.

Dunning, Lehman H., 93.

Herdman, William J., 564.

Schaudinn, Fritz, 331.

Skelton, Leonard Lawshe, 141.

Stewart, Morse, 475.

Tweedie, Henry, 526.
Wilson, Jeremiah C., 525.
Wooster, Samuel R., 94.

Ziegler, Professor Ernst, 92.

Obstruction of the bowel, diagnosis of acute,

[blocks in formation]


spontaneous rupture of the uterus during,


Prostatectomy, mortality after, 259.

Protargol and argyrol as substitutes for
nitrate of silver, 29.

Pruritus ani, treatment of, 365.
Psychasthenia, 136.

Psychoses, organic, cytodiagnosis of, 412.
Pyemia due to middle ear operation, 8o.

Pylorus, hypertrophic stenosis of the, 172.


Rectal surgery, anesthesia in, 266.
Rectum and anus, sterile water anesthesia
in operative treatment of diseases of,

Renal calculi, nephrectomy for hydronephro-

sis due to, 499.

colic, 168.

colic, artificial, as a valuable means of

diagnosis, 502.

Respiratory and superior digestive passages,



Abdominal operations, 480.

A compound of operative gynecology, 336. Acute contagious diseases, 143.

A laboratory manual of physiological chemistry, 192.

A manual and atlas of dissection, 432.

A treatise on diagnostic methods of ex

amination, 336.

A treatise on surgery, 480.

A text-book on the practice of gynecology, 526.

Coakley's laryngology, 47.

Culbreth's materia medica, 528.

Differential diagnosis and treatment of

disease, 238.

Epitome of the practice of medicine, 190. Gall-stones and their surgical treatment,


Hare's text-book of practical therapeutics, 48.

International clinics, 47, 144, 479.

Nasal sinus surgery with operations on
nose and throat, 527.
Operative surgery, 143.
Practical pediatrics, 96.

Progressive medicine, 144, 192, 288, 335, 576.

Pulmonary tuberculosis, 575.
Self-poisoning of the individual, 95.

The physical examination of infants and young children, 96.

The physician's visiting list for 1907, 576. The practitioner's visiting list, 144.

The prophylaxis and treatment of inter

[blocks in formation]

Spirocheta pallida in syphilis, 227.

Stenosis, hypertrophic, of the pylorus, 173. Sterility, the causes of, 360.

Summer School of the University of Michigan, 446.

Surgery, pelvic, bacteriology of peritonitis, in relation to, 131.

Surgical heresy, 18.

pilgrimage to Arkansas, 200. Syphilis, a study of, 366.

hereditary, influence of paternal inheritance on, 135.

spirochæta pallida in, 227. treatment of, 70.

Syringomyelia or leprosy, 74.


Tendon transplantation in the forearm, 21. Therapeutics of lupulin, 229.

Therapy, serum, present status of, 36.

serum, progress in, 514.

Thrombosis, mastoidectomy sinus, 30.

sinus and jugular, symptoms and treatment of, 363.

Tonsil, gangrene of, 134.

Tonsillitis and its complications, 164. Tonsils, faucial, lymphatic drainage of, 31. Tuberculosis among school children, prevention of, 318.

in children, origin of, 77. of the carpus, 214.

of the cervical lymph nodes, 24.

pulmonary, cocillana as an expectorant in, 372.

Tuberculous osteitis of the knee, early operative treatment of, 261.

Tumor, cerebral, mental symptoms of, 228. of orbit, 497. Tumors, brain, 84.

of the brain, 563.

Typhoid in children, 504.


Ulcer, chronic, and gastric surgery, 313. Ulna, fracture of, during massage following operation for Colles' fracture, 125. Urethral fistula and prolapsed kidneys, 74. Urethra, the various gross pathological con

ditions of the, as revealed by the urethroscope, 492.

Urine, retention of, 257.

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