The Encyclopedia of pure materia medica v. 10, 1879, Bind 10

Boericke & Tafel, 1879

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Side 60 - Violent pressure in the forehead, followed in a few minutes by sticking in the forehead, and especially over the orbits.
Side 346 - The arsenic is taken pure in some warm liquid, as coffee, fasting, beginning •with a bit the size of a pin's head, and increasing to that of a pea. The complexion and general appearance are much improved, and the parties using it seldom look so old as they really are, but he has never heard of any case in •which it was used to improve personal beauty, though he cannot say that it never is so used.
Side 244 - When I saw her, about three hours after she had taken the vinegar, she was in bed, covered with a cold perspiration, and trembling from head to foot, and apparently alarmed at everybody and everything about her. Her breathing was very laborious and hurried; her countenance perfectly wild, and the pupils dilated; the tongue was dry and cold ; pulse...
Side 346 - The first dose is always followed by slight symptoms of poisoning, such as burning pain in the stomach and sickness, but not very severe. Once begun it can only be left off by very gradually diminishing the daily dose, as a sudden cessation causes sickness, burning pains in the stomach, and other symptoms of poisoning, very speedily followed by death.
Side 321 - After about three minutes the pulse began to rise slightly, and the respirations became slightly accelerated. At the end of four minutes I felt a sudden qualmishness, which was almost immediately followed by nausea and profuse vomiting. This continued for several minutes, and was followed, as soon as the contents of the stomach had been evacuated, by severe retching. On taking a draught of water with a little brandy in it this was immediately rejected, and on drinking cold water this too returned...
Side 346 - ... About an hour after taking my first dose (I took the same quantity daily for three months), there followed slight perspiration with griping pains in the bowels, and after three or four hours a loose evacuation; this was followed by a keen appetite, and a feeling of excitement. With the exception of the pain, the same symptoms follow every increase of the dose. I subjoin, as a caution, that it is not advisable to begin arsenic-eating before the age of twelve or after thirty years.
Side 627 - ... urethra. Bowels were costive all through the attack. About the fifth day from their first appearance the papules had become vesicles, which rapidly coalesced on the face and burst, emitting an acrid serum, which, on drying, formed a crust, so dense as to make the movement of the facial and buccal muscles painful. The nose and lips were much swollen. The oedema of the eyelids was so great as to close up the left eye entirely and the right partially.
Side 421 - Sounds, perfumes, and light reached me by multitudes of beams, delicate as hair, through which I heard the magnetic current pass. "According to my calculation, this state must have lasted for three hundred years, for the sensations succeeded each other so numerously and powerfully, that the real appreciation of time was impossible. When the attack was over, I perceived that it had lasted a quarter of an hour.* " What is very curious in the intoxicating effect of the...
Side 55 - ... completely matted together; a watery serum kept constantly oozing from the scalp, so great as to keep the hair wet all the time ; the...
Side 345 - She was found in bed early in the evening suffering much from sickness, vomiting, and purging. Continued to get worse all night. Next morning the symptoms were much like those of cholera, except that the vomited matter was like thin coffeegrounds. She was extremely sullen and silent, would not answer any question, and would rather suffer thirst than ask for drink. Pulse feeble, tongue white, epigastrinm tender.

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