Iran and the rise of Reza Shah: from Qajar collapse to Pahlavi rule

I.B. Tauris, 1998 - 434 sider
The post-World War I years encompass one of the most important and engrossing chapters in 20th century Iranian history. The period begins with a triumvirate of Iranian political grandees, encouraged (and bribed) by the British government, attempting to shoe-horn Iran into the British Empire. This failed and clumsy episode is followed by a bizarre coup d' tat engineered in great haste by a British general who knew virtually nothing of the country or her people. The coup brought to power a tough but obscure military officer from the backwoods, who became a Minister of War, disposed of the Prime Minister to take over the role himself, dabbled briefly with republicanism, then crowned himself as the Reza Shah Pahlavi, terminating 130 years of Qajar rule.

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IRAN AND THE RISE OF REZA SHAH: From Qajar Collapse to Pahlavi Power

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A frustratingly limited analysis of the rise of Reza Shah, a nationalist who unified modern Iran after years of British control. Iranian historian Ghani (The Rise of the West, not reviewed) describes ... Læs hele anmeldelsen

Iran and the rise of Reza Shah: from Qajar collapse to Pahlavi rule

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The 20th century has been cataclysmic for Iran. This book, written by a scholar well versed in modern Iranian history, covers the period 1919-26. Ghani describes in great detail the historical events ... Læs hele anmeldelsen


Introduction Iran Under Qajar Rule
The 1919 Agreement
Declining Prospects of the Agreement

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Om forfatteren (1998)

Cyrus Ghani is the author of Iran and the West.

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