The Coral Lands of the Pacific: Their Peoples and Their Products

R. Bentley and Son, 1882 - 398 sider

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Side 212 - Thou art, of what sort the eternal life of the saints was to be, which eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, nor hath it entered into the heart of man to conceive.
Side 140 - There is a kind of seam along the centre, exactly under the stem of the leaf, from both sides of which long and tough fibres, about the size of a bristle, regularly diverge in an oblique direction. Sometimes there appear to be two layers of fibres, which cross each other, and the whole is cemented with a still finer, fibrous, and adhesive substance. The length and evenness of the threads or fibres, the regular manner in which they cross each other at oblique angles ; the extent of surface, and the...
Side 286 - You shall be black, because your minds are bad, and shall be destitute; you shall not be wise in useful things, neither shall you go to the great land of your brothers; how can you go with your bad canoes? But your brothers shall come to Tonga, and trade with you as they please.
Side 66 - ... compelled to sit upon the ground, with their feet drawn under their thighs, and their arms placed close before them. In this posture they are bound so tightly that they cannot stir, or move a joint. They are then placed in the usual oven, upon hot stones, and covered with leaves and earth, where they are roasted alive. When the body is cooked, it is taken from the oven, and the face painted black, as is done by the natives on festal occasions. It is then carried to the mbure, where it is offered...
Side 285 - Bolotoo, but of an inferior quality, and subject to decay and death. Being now willing that Tonga should also be inhabited by intelligent beings, he commanded his two sons thus : * " Go, and take with you your wives, and dwell in the world at Tonga : divide the land into two portions, and dwell separately from each other.
Side 78 - ... head. The following ceremonies were confused and boisterous. Companies of young men danced, shouted, and made perfect uproar for several successive nights. The blindfolded lads tried to hit the hanging water-vessel, and, if successful, were to become great warriors. The common women, at this time, are not allowed to eat flesh or fish ; and the chief wife, for three months following, may not touch her own food with her hands. The coast for four miles was made tabu, so that no one might fish there...
Side 142 - ... a single bud or shoot, of a white colour but hard texture, forces its way through one of the holes in the shell,, perforates the tough fibrous husk, and, after rising some inches, begins to unfold its pale green leaves to the light and the air; at this time, also, two thick white fibres, originating in the same point, push away the stoppers or coverings from the other two holes in the shell, pierce the husk in an opposite direction, and finally penetrate the ground. If allowed to...
Side 279 - With this intention, every man armed himself with an axe, and at a signal given they all struck his head at the same moment. Up started the giant with a tremendous roar, and recovering his feet, he stood aloft on the island of Lotooma, but being stunned with the blows, he staggered and fell again, with his head and body in the sea ; and being unable to recover himself, he was drowned, his feet remaining upon dry land, and thus the great enemy was destroyed.
Side 273 - These speeches were accompanied with a wild and frantic agitation of the body, whilst the parties cut and bruised their heads every two or three words with the knife or club they held in their hands. Others, somewhat more calm and moderate in their grief, would parade up and down with rather a wild and agitated step, spinning and whirling the club about, striking themselves with the edge of it two or three times violently upon the top or back of the head, and then suddenly stopping and looking...

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