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Side 1254 - Trans-Himalayans there is never seen any greater advance towards the Teutonic blond complexion than such as consists in occasional ruddy moustaches and grey eyes among the men, and a good deal of occasional bloom upon the cheeks of the children and women. A pure white skin is unknown, and the tint is not much less decided than in the hig-h caste Hindus ; but...
Side 856 - Other suggestions have been thrown out, and instances adduced by different writers as to the possibility of volcanoes, and even fires, originating violent circular motions of the atmosphere ; and that volcanic eruptions are often accompanied by violent storms and heavy falls of rain there is no doubt. I have myself pointed out— though my published researches have...
Side 667 - ... have the pleasure to send specimens of its exudation. In its appearance to the eye, and in its properties as a pigment, I have failed to discover the slightest difference between it and the gamboge of commerce. It serves equally well to colour drawings — the Burmese priests often use it to colour their garments, and the Karens to dye their thread. It is also used by the native doctors in medicine, but I think not extensively. Dr Lindley, in his new work the
Side 817 - Ascent of the same kind ; generally, acclivity 7°, but we pass over small hollows in the snow, caused by its irregular subsiding. A very dangerous place ; the snow stuck full of rubbish, and rocks imbedded in it. Many rents in the snow appear to have been recently made, their sides shrinking and falling in.
Side 630 - When the lizard is at rest, the membranes of the cheeks and the body are kept in close contact with these parts ; in leaping, those of the body are somewhat stretched out, and all the membranes together then act as a parachute. Also, this lizard has in some degree the power of changing the ground colour from a darker to a lighter shade. The apex of the tongue is rounded, with a small notch in the centre. A female while in my possession refused insects and water. She deposited a single egg, of a spherical...
Side 1052 - The venom was carefully obtained, so as to avoid any admixture of saliva, by compressing the venomous glands. It issued from the lower aperture of the fangs in viscid drops of a syrupy consistency, and was received as it fell from the fangs in platina capsules. The serpents operated upon were an adult Cobra di Capello (Naja lutescens), Laurenti, and one of its varieties (Naja kaouthia, apud Belanger), and were supplied by the kindness of JW Grant, Esq., CS...
Side 667 - ... another species of Garcinia that also produces good Gamboge. I have no doubt but it is the tree from which Dr. Griffiths furnished Dr. Wight with specimens, and which the latter says, " I refer doubtfully to Wallich's G. elliptica." We will call it then G. eUiptica, a species which Dr. Wight has on bis list of
Side 817 - ... the mass of snow is perfectly perpendicular, and from the bed of the stream to the summit, we estimate the thickness •at little less than 300 feet of solid frozen snow, probably the accumulation of ages; it is in layers of some feet thick, each seemingly the remains of a fall of a separate year.
Side 646 - The transcendent beauty of the individually varying colours baffles description. Such as are current of this and other species appear to have been taken from preserved specimens. As the lizard lies in the shade along the trunk of a tree, its colours, at a distance, appear like a mixture of brown and grey, and render it scarcely distinguishable from the bark. Thus it remains, with no signs of life except the restless eyes, watching passing insects, which, suddenly expanding the wings, it seizes with...
Side 1052 - In every instance the venom readily changed the blue of litmus to red, and restored the bright yellow to turmeric paper that had been reddened by the application of caustic alkali; an unequivocal proof of acidity. When left to spontaneous evaporation, it dried into a varnish resembling mucilage or the glair of an egg, cracking in all directions ; and on being heated it deposited an abundant coagulum, apparently albuminous. In either instance when redissolved it retained its acid property.

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