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The LIBRARY of Queen's College is coeval with the erection of the College itself. In the year 1448, when the buildings were commenced, Marmaduke LUMLEY, Bishop of Lincoln and Chancellor of the University, gave a manuscript of the Holy Scriptures in three - volumes, (the loss of which the College has had to deplore for ages,) besides many other books. In the course of the three following centuries, and the former part of the present century, numerous other benefactors have enriched the Library, by donations or bequests of books, or by endowments for its augmentation by purchase. Among these, the following may justly claim to be noticed for the value or the extent of their contributions, viz. : 1577. Sir Thomas Smith, LL. D. bequeathed all his

Latin and Greek books, and also his great globe

made by himself. 1589. William CHADERTON, D.D. President of Queen's

College and Bishop of Lincoln, gave the very fine copy of the Antwerp Polyglott, now in the Library, and frequently called Montanus's Bible,

in eight volumes folio. 1613. Henry HASTINGS, Earl of Huntingdon, Student

of Queen's College, gave one hundred and two

volumes. 1613. Roger MANNERS, Earl of Rutland, Student of

Queen's College, gave about sixty volumes. 1614. Humphrey TINDAL, D.D., President of Queen's

College and Dean of Ely, left fifty-eight volumes in folio.

1625. Edward DAVENANT, Fellow, gave forty-two

volumes. 1626. John DAVENANT, D. D., President of Queen's Col

lege and Bishop of Salisbury, gave a benefaction, with which one hundred and thirty volumes were purchased: and in 1637 he gave an an

nuity for increasing the Library. 1646. Henry PALMER, B. D., who occupied the Presi

dency of Queen's College during the Civil War,

gave thirty volumes. 1652. John SMITH,M. A., Fellow of Queen's College, and

one of its most learned and distinguished mem

bers, bequeathed about six hundred volumes. 1662. Edward MARTYN, D.D., President of Queen's Col

lege and Dean of Ely, gave about thirty volumes. 1665? ... THOMPSON, Clerk, Student of Queen's Col

lege, gave thirteen Persian and Turkish manu

scripts. 1674. Thomas CLARKE, M. A.,Fellow of Queen's College,

and Rector of Manningford Abbots, Wiltshire, gave an estate for the increase of the Library, and for a Librarian, who is to be one of his

Scholars. 1717. Henry James, D. D., left all his books and fifty

pounds. 1777. David Hughes, B. D., Fellow and Vice-President

of Queen's College, bequeathed more than two thousand volumes, including a very valuable

collection of tracts. 1820. Isaac MILNER, D.D., President of Queen's College, Dean of Carlisle, and Lucasian Professor in the University of Cambridge, bequeathed upwards of three thousand volumes. This collection is particularly rich in works on the History of the Reformation, and in modern Mathematical

Treatises. A detailed specification of the Donations made by these individuals may be seen in a MS. on vellum, in the Library, intituled :

" Nomina eorum qui Bibliothecam hanc suis donariis locupletarunt, ne per ingratam oblivionem intercidere sinant memoriam tanti beneficii Musae Reginales."

The same MS. contains an account of contributions by the following persons : 1562. Thomas Yale, LL.D., Fellow. 1583. Lawrence Pordage, Student. 1585. Lawrence Holenden, Clerk. 1592. Miles Sole, Student. 1595. Florimund Pereaux, Lecturer in Hebrew in

Queen's College. 1605. John Pakenham.

Robert Tounson, D.D., Fellow. 1606. Thomas Church, Tutor of Henry, Earl of Hun

Nicholas Wood, Student.
Sir John Tyndall, Knt.

Hon. Spencer Compton, Student.
1615. John More, M. A., Student.
1621. William Bullard, Student.
1622. Henry Lukin, Student.

1622. Thomas Hall, M. A., Fellow.

Isaac Wincall, Esq. 1625. Giles Bury, Fellow.

James Betton, D.D., Fellow.
Anne, widow of Richard Larfeeld, Student.
Thomas Paramore, Esq. Student.
John Turner, B. D., Vice-President. .

William Buckby, D. D., Fellow. 1631. John Furtho, M. D.

Henry Featherstone, Student. 1632. Edward Bigland, B. D., Fellow.

George Porter, Fellow.

John Caburne, Student. 1636. Thomas Cantrell, Fellow. 1637. Thomas Walley, D. D., Vice-Master of Trinity

William Beale, D. D., Master of St. John's College.

John St. George, Fellow Commoner. 1638. Thomas D’Engayne, B. D., Fellow.

Michael Stanhope, Esq. 1639. John Pleiis, B. D., Fellow. 1640. Richard Neville, Fellow Commoner. 1647. John Wallis, Fellow, Savilian Professor at Oxford.

Anthony Rudd, Fellow Commoner. 1649. Nathaniel Ingelo, Fellow. 1650. Samuel Sillesby, B. D., Vice-President. 1651. William Ames, Fellow. 1652. William Whitaker, M. A., Fellow. 1653. Samuel Reyner, M. A., Fellow.

John Jackson, M. A., Fellow.

1655. Thomas Hunt, M. A., Fellow.
1658. William Forth, D. C. L.

George Griffith, M. A., Fellow.
John Nitingal, M. D., Fellow.

Jeremiah Bonnel. 1659. Simon Patrick, B. D., Fellow, Bishop of Ely. 1664. Edmund Bohun, Fellow Commoner.

James Cade, Fellow,
Edward Kemp, Fellow.
Robert Gell, D. D.

Oliver Gell, B. D., Vice-President. 1671. Richard King, Fellow.

Sir John Bankes, Bart. 1673. Peregrine Newbery, B.D., Fellow. 1674. Francis Bramston.

Matthew Andrews, M. A., Fellow.

William Atwood, Esq. Student. 1675. Caleb Bankes, Fellow Commoner.

Samuel Crowbrow, D. D., Fellow,

Robert Sayer, B.D., Fellow. 1676. Robert Kirkby, Student. 1680. Edward Leigh, Fellow Commoner. 1685. Hon. Robert and James Bruce, Students. 1688. John Harwood, LL.D., Fellow Commoner. 1690. Robert Powell, M. A., Fellow. 1699. Samuel Shaw, Student. 1713. Nathaniel Shute, B. D., Fellow. 1717. Henry James, D. D. 1719. Cornelius Crownfield, University Printer.

William Smith, B. D., Fellow.

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