Journeys from the Centre of the Earth

Century, 2005 - 239 sider
The history of the Mediterranean world from a geologistAEs point of view.

Weaving a lively narrative through history, geography and archaeology, Hot Rocks explores the Mediterranean - the cradle of western civilization - and discovers alongside its tranquil, sun-lapped shores, one of the most volatile places on an ever-changing earth.

The Mediterranean we know today has been forged in a violent crucible of clashing continents, rising mountains, restless seas and a turbulent climate. Every year, millions of tourists are drawn to its beautiful scenery and relaxing beaches as well as the rich mix of culture, architecture and food. Yet none of it would be there were it not for geology. Geologist and television presenter Dr Iain Stewart uncovers the hidden Mediterranean, bringing a fresh and dramatic eye to the physical history of the region to show just why it is that geology be restored to its rightful place as the grandfather of sciences.

From earthquakes and volcanoes to Roman architecture and cuisine, Iain Stewart discovers just how geology has shaped our lives and how we can expect it to affect us in the future.

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