Report Upon the Condition and Progress of the U.S. National Museum During the Year Ending June 30 ...

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1891
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Side 12 - Promote, then, as an object of primary importance, institutions for the general diffusion of knowledge. In proportion as the structure of a government gives force to public opinion, it is essential that public opinion should be enlightened.
Side 3 - ... specimens and objects of natural history and of elegant art, and the gradual formation of a library of valuable works pertaining to all departments of human knowledge, to the end that a copious storehouse of materials of science, literature, and art may be provided, which shall excite and diffuse the love of learning among men, and shall assist the original investigations and efforts of those who may devote themselves to the pursuit of any branch of knowledge.
Side 138 - And all the city was moved, and the people ran together: and they took Paul, and drew him out of the temple: and forthwith the doors were shut.
Side 144 - The Regents of the Smithsonian Institution are authorized to permit said Association to deposit its collections, manuscripts, books, pamphlets, and other material for history...
Side 613 - A, may be introduced a wheel with inclined Fans, or Wings, similar to the fly of a smoke-jack, or the vertical sails of a windmill...
Side 592 - ... the painter, — and the country from which he hails is unquestionably the best study or school of the arts in the world : such I am sure, from the models I have seen, is the wilderness of North America. And the history and customs of such a people, preserved by pictorial illustrations, are themes worthy the life-time of one man, and nothing short of the loss of my life, shall prevent me from visiting their country, and of becoming their historian.
Side 62 - For continuing preservation, exhibition, and increase of collections from the surveying and exploring expeditions of the Government...
Side 274 - Sphinx among moths; but whilst hovering over a flower, it flaps its wings with a very slow and powerful movement, totally different from that vibratory one common to most of the species, which produces the humming noise. I never saw any other bird, where the force of its wings appeared (as in a butterfly) so powerful in proportion to the weight of its body. When hovering by a flower, its tail is constantly expanded and shut like a fan, the body being kept in a nearly vertical position.
Side 13 - ... of the actual progress of the world in all that pertains to the mental and physical development of the human family, and affording the means of tracing the history of at least every branch of positive science since the days of revival of letters until the present time.* These books, in many cases presents from old European libraries, and not to be obtained by purchase, formed even then one of the best collections of the kind in the world. The danger incurred from the fire...
Side 17 - Goode, the Assistant Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, in charge of the National Museum.

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