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The title of the paper was "Further Experience in the Antiseptic Treatment of Typhoid Fever."

A paper on "The Treatment of Typhoid Fever After the Method of Brandt," by Dr. W. F. Clary, of Bellbuckle, who was suffering from hoarseness, was read by Dr. Deering J. Roberts.

The two papers were discussed by Drs. J. S. Nowlin, of Shelbyville; J. A. Witherspoon, of Nashville; T. J. Happel, of Trenton; Deering J. Roberts, of Nashville; J. S. Cain, of Nashville.



Dr. T. J. Happel was called to the chair and called the meeting to order.

A paper on "Bovine Tuberculosis" was read by Dr. J. S. Cain, of Nashville; and discussed by Drs. W. K. Sheddan, of Williamsport; T. J. Happel, of Trenton; S. T. Hardison, of Lewisburg; G. M. Burdette, of Lenoir City.

Dr. A. B. Ramsey, of McMinnville, read a paper on "Obstetric Antisepsis.”

The next paper on the programme, "The Pregnant, Parturient and Puerperal Woman," by Dr. I. A. McSwain, was read, and the two papers were discussed together. The discussion was participated in by Drs. J. S. Cain, of Nashville; J. S. Nowlin, of Shelbyville; J. B. Stephens, of Nashville.

The Chairman of the Auditing Committee rendered the following report:

Your committee announce with pleasure that the Treasurer's report for the year (April, 1896, to May, 1897,) is correct, and shows a most healthy state of the Society's finances.

G. C. SAVAGE, Ch'm'n.

Dr. F. S. McRady, of Petersburg, read a paper on “Eclampsia," which was discussed by Drs. Thomas Menees, of Nashville; S. T. Hardison, of Lewisburg; T. J. Happel, of Trenton; Thomas L. Maddin, of Nashville. Adjourned till 1.30 P. M.


Dr. Hazel Padgett, of Columbia, read a paper on "Headaches," which was discussed by Drs. S. T. Hardison, Lewisburg; T. H. Marable, Clarksville.

The election of officers took place next.

Dr. T. K. Powell, of Dancyville, was nominated for President, and elected by acclamation.

Dr. J. A. Crook, of Jackson, was elected Vice-President for West Tennessee by acclamation.

Dr. S. R. Miller, of Knoxville, was elected Vice-President for East Tennessee.

Dr. D. J. Roberts, of Nashville, was elected Vice-President for Middle Tennessee.

Drs. W. D. Haggard, Jr., and A. B. Cooke were nominated for Secretary. The first ballot resulted in seventy-seven votes for Dr. Haggard and forty for Dr. Cooke.

Dr. D. E. Nelson was re-elected Treasurer by a unanimous


The special committee reported as follows:

We, the undersigned, the committee appointed to consider the resoJution of Dr. Thornton regarding the collection and preservation of the Transactions of the State Medical Society, do recommend that the same be done, and that the following gentlemen be selected as the members of a committee to perform that duty: Drs. J. Berrien Lindsley, of Nashville; B. B. Lenoir, of Lenoir City; G. B. Thornton, of Memphis.

W. K. SHEDDAN, Ch'm'n.



"Gall-stone Surgery" was the subject of a paper by Dr. Davis, of Chattanooga.

"The X Rays in Medicine and Surgery, with a Practical Demonstation," was read by Dr. M. Goltman, of Memphis.

Dr. T. J. Crofford, of Memphis, read a paper on "ExtraUterine Pregnancy," and presented specimens.

Dr. G. C. Savage, of Nashville, read a paper on "Facts and Theories Pertaining to the Law of Direction." The paper was discussed by Drs. J. B. Cowan and F. T. Smith.


The Society was called to order at 9 o'clock A. M.

"Drifting Away," a paper by Dr. T. A. Atchison, was read. Discussed by Drs. G. M. Burdett, T. J. Happel and G. C. Savage.

A paper on "The Treatment of Puerperal Ophthalmia with Argonin" was read by Dr. F. T. Smith, and discussed by Drs. G. C. Savage, T. J. Happel, J. G. Sinclair, E. B. Sangree, George Price, I. A. McSwain, N. C. Steele, William Krauss and J. W. Brandon.

A paper on "Constipation and Rectal Disease" was read by Dr. A. B. Cooke.

Dr. B. W. Stone read a paper on "Duty to the Insane.”

Dr. Drake offered an amendment to the Constitution, as follows: "That article iv, section 2, after the word 'quorum,' be amended as follows: The annual election of officers and the selection of the place of meeting shall be held on the morning of the third day at 11 o'clock.


Dr. G. P. Edwards read a paper entitled "Some Observations in Electro-Therapy."

On motion of Dr. W. K. Sheddan, the Society voted $50 apiece to the retiring Secretary and Treasurer for their efficient services.

Dr. D. E. Nelson moved that Dr. Malsbary be appointed official stenographer; which was seconded and carried.

Dr. William Krauss, of Memphis, read a paper on "The Pathology of Malarial Hematuria." Discussed by Drs. Larkin Smith, M. Goltman, Heber Jones, J. B. Cowan and E. B. Sangree.

A paper on "The Correction of Refractory Defects of the Eye a Branch of the Practice of Medicine," by Dr. A. G. Sinclair, of Memphis, was read. Discussed by Drs. F. T. Smith, George H. Price and G. C. Savage.

Two papers on "The Antitoxin Treatment of Diphtheria," one by Dr. R. E. Fort and the other by Dr. Y. L. Abernathy,

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were read. Discussed by Drs. Heber Jones, Paul F. Eve, F. T. Smith and J. A. Witherspoon.

The Society adjourned to meet in Jackson on the second Tuesday of April, 1898.

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"ROBINSON'S LIME JUICE AND PEPSIN is an excellent remedy in the gastric derangements particularly prevalent at this season. It is superior as a digestive agent to many other similar goods. (See advertisement in this issue of the JourNAL.) See remarks on their Arom. Fluid Pepsin also.



Edited by HOBART AMORY HARE, M.D., Professor of Therapeutics and Materia Medica in the Jefferson Medical College of Philadelphia; Physician to the Jefferson Medical College Hospital. Vol. IV. With illustrations. LEA BROTHERS & Co. Philadelphia and New York. 1897.

Volume IV. of this System of Therapeutics appears some years after the publication of the first three volumes of the work, during which time great advances have been made in this department, rendering an additional volume necessary to embody the present views of the most experienced men in all branches of medicine. This volume is so arranged as to be regarded as a supplement to preceding volumes or as an entirely separate work. It will prove of exceedingly great value in elaborating the practice of the most eminent men in the profession in their favorite lines of therapeutics. The contributors have been carefully chosen by the editor with a view of equalizing the value of the various monographs. The names appended to the various sections are all well known. The subjects selected are all of such a character as to prove interesting to all. We take great pleasure in commending the work as one of the most universally valuable books recently issued from the medical press.

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