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The death-knell of the independent medical schools has sounded. Note the rush to cover:

On February 8th, the consolidation of the Bellevue Hospital Medical College and the New York University Medical School was authorized.

It is announced that the College of Physicians and Surgery has become the Medical School of the University of Illinois.

The union of the Medical College of Alabama and the University of Alabama is also announced.


TWENTIETH CENTURY PRACTICE. An International Encyclopedia of Modern Medical Science by leading authorities of Europe and America. Edited by THOMAS L. STEDMAN, M.D., New York City. In twenty volumes. Vol. IX.-Diseases of the Digestive Organs. WILLIAM WOOD & Co., New York: 1897.

As the number of volumes of this stupendous work are added its exhaustiveness and value appears more and more apparent. We can truthfully say that no work of this century can begin to compare with it. The selection of authors has been most judicious. Every article has the impress of a master, and constitutes a treatise within itself. This volume is more than usually interesting. It treats of Diseases of the Digestive Organs. Of the divisions are Local Diseases of the Mouth, Diseases of the Intestines, Hernia, Diseases of the Spleen, Diseases of the Liver, Diseases of the Gall, Bladder and Movable Kidney. Among the contributors may be mentioned Ewald, Gibney, Mikulicz, Murphy, Semmola, and others equally well known. The practitioner who desires an encyclopedia of modern medicine and surgery should subscribe without fail to this grand work.

THE PATHOLOGY AND SURGICAL TREATMENT OF TUMORS. By N. SENN, M.D., PH.D., Professor of Practice of Surgery and Clinical Surgery, Rush Medical College; Professor of Surgery, Chicago Polyclinic; Attending Surgeon to Presbyterian Hospital; Surgeon-in-Chief, St. Joseph's Hospital, Chicago. Illustrated by 515 engravings, including full-page colored plates. For sale by subscription only. Price, cloth, $6.00; One-half Morocco, $7.00. Philadelphia, W. B. SAUNDERS, 925 Walnut Street. 1895.

We think this splendid book one of the very best works of the distinguished author. No work upon the subject will begin to compare with it in fullness, clearness and interest. It is all

it claims to be-a text-book for the student, a work of reference for the busy practitioner, and a reliable and safe guide for the surgeon. We can conscientiously recommend this volume to the profession as the most perfect ever published.

DISEASES OF THE EAR, NOSE AND THROAT AND THEIR ACCESSORY CAVITIES. A Condensed Text-book. By SETH SCOTT BISHOP, M.D., LL.D., Professor in the Chicago Post-Graduate Medical School and Hospital; Surgeon to the Illinois Masonic Orphan's Home and to the Silver Cross Hospital of Joliet; Formerly Surgeon to the South-Side Free Dispensary and to the West-Side Free Dispensary; Member of the International Medical Congress, The Pan-American Medical Congress, The American Medical Association, The State Medical Societies of Illinois and Wisconsin, The Chicago Pathological Society, etc. Illustrated with 100 Colored Lithographs and 168 Additional Illustrations. One Volume, Royal Octavo, pages xvi-496* Extra Cloth, $4.00, net; Sheep or Half-Russia, $5.00 net. THE F. A. DAVIS CO., Publishers, 1914 and 1916 Cherry Street, Philadelphia; 117 W. Forty-Second St., New York; 9 Lakeside Building, Chicago.

A practical, well-arranged, and well-illustrated work. Excellently well adapted for the use of general practitioners and students. It fulfills all the indications announced for it in the author's preface, and should receive the fullest support of the profession.

T. MORRIS, A.M., M.D., Fellow of the New York Academy of Medi-

National History, Etc.
illustrations by HENRY
Publishers, New York.

cine, Society of Alumni of Bellevue Hospital, Linnean Society of
Second edition, revised and enlarged, with

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The name of the author of this work has become recently inseparably associated with the subject of appendicitis, especially in connection with the "inch and a half incision" in the operation for that disease. Many valuable points relating to the surgical management of appendicitis will be found in the book. The author is rather radical in his views as to the treatment of the disease, and advocates operation as the best treatment of appendicitis. The practitioner will find it exceedingly valuable as a guide, although he may not coincide with the writer as to the management of the disease in all ca es. Among the Notes on other Subjects are a number of valuable articles, of which

may be mentioned chapters on clitoris, supra-pubic urethra, mallet finger, transplanted ovarian tissue, and a number of others. This is the second edition thoroughly revised and enlarged. We regard the little volume as a valuable addition to the literature upon the subject of appendicitis, and commend it to the notice of every physician.


ted by FRANK P. FOSTER, M.D., Editor of the New York Medical Journal, and of Foster's Encyclopædic Medical Dictionary. In two volumes, Vol. 1, 8 vo., cloth, pp. 652. D. APPLETON & Co., Publishers, New York. 1896.

This, Vol. I. of a system to consist of two volumes, is a magnificent contribution to the science of medicine. The author is well known as the able editor of the New York Medical Journal, and as a prolific author upon various medical subjects. It is not intended to take the place of treatise on materia medica or pharmacy, such information as is usually fully given it textbooks is condensed in order to give space for clearer elucidation of important practical points. It is the composite work, among the names of contributors being many who are well known to the profession of able medical writers. We quote the following from the preface:

"The therapeutic nihilism' that but a few years ago was justly deplored by Professor Bartholow has been succeeded by a wave of over-activity for which it is not difficult to account. We have now to master the task of judiciously employing remedial agencies many of which are new; for this purpose we require the frequent appearance of trustworthy records of what has been accomplished with these novel agents, for in no other way can the individual practitioner keep pace with the progress of therapeutics. He who presents to the medical profession books purporting, as this does, to contain only such positive statements about remedial agents as rest upon what seems to be a substantial basis-he who does that undertakes a work of no little responsibility. In the present instance the editor has been favored with the collaboration of a number of writers whose teachings are known and respected."

We regard this work as an exceptionally excellent reference


book, and believe when complete it will constitute one of the most valuable works of reference upon the subject in the English language.

THE DISEASES OF THE STOMACH, by DR. C. A. EWALD, Extraordinary Professor of Medicine at the University of Berlin; Director of the Augusta Hospital, Etc., etc.; Translated from the Third German edition and edited, with numerous additions, by MORRIS MANGES, A.M., M.D., Assistant Visiting Physician to Mt. Sinai Hospital; Lecturer on General Medicine at the New York Polyclinic. Second revised edition; 8 vo., pp. 602. D. APPLETON & Co., Publishers, New York.


The second edition of this classical exponent of Diseases of the Stomach will be warmly received by all physicians familiar with the former edition. The work is designed for the use of general practitioners and students. Full attention has been given to the Surgery of the Stomach in which such progress has been made in recent years. The work represents an extensive practical experience, and it will prove an invaluable exposition of the entire subject of diseases of the stomach.

TWENTY-SECOND ANNUAL REPORT of the Secretary of the State Board of Health of the State of Michigan for the Fiscal Year ending June 30, 1894. By authority. ROBERT SMITH & Co., State Printers and Binders, Lansing, Mich. 1896.

We are in receipt of this exhaustive report of the Michigan State Board of Health. It contains a great deal that will prove of great value to all physicians interested in sanitary and preventive medicine.

A TEXT-BOOK UPON THE PATHOGENIC BACTERIA for Students of Medicine and Physicians, by JOSEPH MCFARLAND, M.D., Demonstrator of Pathological Histology and Lecturer on Bacteriology in the Medical Department of the University of Pennsylvania; Fellow of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia; Pathologist to the Rush Hospital for Consumption and Allied Diseases. With 113 illustrations. W. B. SAUNDERS, 925 Walnut Street, Philadelphia: 1896.

This work is devoted to the consideration of Pathogenic Bacteria, omitting parasites, fungi, etc. The author confines himself to the description of such bacteria only as can be proven pathogenic. This book will prove especially useful to those who

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