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I Have pleasure in offering my testimony to the virtue of Cáctina, (in pillet form), in cases of inordinate cardiac action, and I consider it a val. uable adjunct to the Materia Medica.


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provede uçoessful. Qpe, .lady swbp bad been afflictedd foryyears with the most?obstinate constipation, took one eight onnoe battle ag mm: Suggestion, this occurred four months ago, and since that time she has been filee sidom any symptoms of her former malady, and is to-day in the best of health -dua vlore 20 of hised * HTPAGE, M. ty.zidu29dT -ei PortiSatniasOtsiem ludz29902 901 99012 $119111560U. 81 Consulate. aidT .Noisemminozib qmony_zti mogu zbunqgh yli 70-299901 9289 (1 his olios 91: i Iy> >>li+1 =i />;) aloi/lo LISTOL 18 a new chemical compound of thymal and iodine; perfect

: substitute for iodoform, with the great advantage of being free from


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, t?th41a6fwsdef of parked antiseptic properties; tudefullas paressing for, wubieg, saladrations and all erosions of the catapeeds primecous suifacesive It is f , guperior t9iiodoform, and we lekpengiyesi Samples and literature mailed free 99 application to Listol Chemical Co., 34 Orchard St., ChiMI E10W VIBU NI NOMA

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) six grains hypophosphites of'lime; three grains hypophosphites of Soda 'to the Auth Elinde. bis 19131211117 ydoii ei hoh 5111o.VI9Visija to low B 26 bus dood-jz9) B 26 djod , 100129991 9Ideiovet Jeon CONTINUED USE and repeated trial of Febriline only confirms my former

9909191 WH opibiot' of 448 merito alla substitute for the ultichana kikandiár! itt is agreftiçacious asfanyzof kherbebesides ibeing, palatable and torkigreut extedt dereid, of, the unpleasant beaplexmpWms. For children it has been moet yaluable in my practice. rargir '10 Body Svit odo 91 to youda yot boyolqare abod


fotomoq ovitu d'YSANDER & SONS - Bucalyptit Extract (Eucalyptoly.bob Apply tol Dis Sanders, Dllteny Iowa, for gratis-supplied samplebui Eucal Hyptollund reports of oures offeoted at the dlinics of the Uniwersitiesiofi Boila andi@riefswald! Meyer Byog? Drug 06.) St.Eolaris and Kansas City, Mo., Dallas, Texas, and NewYork, sble'agen't«




Beviews and Book Notices.


cians. By John H. MUSSER, M.D., Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine in the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia; President of the Pathological Society of Philadelphia, etc., etc. Octavo, 873 pages, 162 engravings and two colored plates. Cloth, $5.00; leather, $6.00. LEA BROTHERS & Co., Philadelphia. 1894.

The subject of diagnosis can be said to be scarcely second in importance to treatment, since the successful management of a disease necessarily depends upon its prompt discrimination. This obvious fact is reflected in the increased attention now paid to diagnosis in the c-llege curricula. Modern instruments, new methods of thought and new collateral sciences, such as acteriology, have placed the determination of disease upon a basis of scientific certainty, have secured for it an honored place among the medical sciences, and have created a rich and growing literature. Among the many works in the field, Musser's will take a foremost place. The author's rich experience, both as a physician and teacher, has enabled him to select such knowl. edge as is essential to a thorough medical education and to subsequent successful practice, and to present it clearly and attractively. The work is richly illustrated and is assured of a most favorable reception, both as a text-book and as a work of reference.

It will prove a valuable aid to the student, and at the same time furnish the practitioner with a reliable guide to diagnosis for use in his daily work. We find contained in the work a study of the objective phenomena or signs of disease, the subjective phenomena or symptoms, and the methods employed for their determination. Special attention has been paid to research for objective phenomena appearing in physical, chemical and biological changes in the tissues and secretions. The Symptomatology of Morbid Processes and Bacteriological Diagnosis are prominent features.



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pared by experts of acknowledged authority, both medical and legal, under the supervision and editorship of R. A. WITTHAUS, M.D., of New York, Professor of Chemistry, Physics and Hygiene in the University of fhe City of New York, etc., etc., and TRACY C. BECKER, Esq., of Buffalo, N. Y., Counsellor at Law; Professor of Criminal Law and Medical Jurisprudence in the University of Buffalo, etc. Vol. I., 8 vo. cloth, pp. 845. Price in cloth, $5.00, leather, $6.00. Sold by subscription only. Wm. Wood & Co., Publishers, New York, N. Y. 1894.

This very important publication will consist of four large octavo volumes (of from 700 to 800 pages each), the first volume having been issued, the remaining three will be published as rapidly as they can be issued from the press. In paper, presswork and binding they will be examples of the very best workmanship of the day, and will be illustrated wherever necessary by line and balf-tone engravings. We herewith submit a brief synopsis of tho contents of Vol. I., with the names of the various authors:

1. The legal relations of physicians and surgeons, iucluding their acquirements of the right to practice medicine and surgery; their legal duties and obligations; the right to compensation; their privileges and duties when summoned as witnesses in courts of justice, and their liability for mal-practice, by Tracy C. Becker, A.B., L.L.B.

2. The law of evidence concerning confidential communications between physician and patient, by Charles A. Boston, Esq.

3: A synopsis of the laws of the several States and Territo. ries of the United States of America, and of Great Britian and Ireland, and of the North American Provinces of Great Britain, relating to the practice of medicine and surgery, from the latest statutes, by Wm. A. Poste, late First Deputy Attorney-General of the State of New York, and Chas. A Boston, Esq., of the New York City bar.

4. The Legal Status of the Dead Body, by Tracy C. Becker.

5. The Power and Duties of Coroners and Medical Examiners, by August Becker, Esq.

6. Autopsies, by H. P. Loomis, M.D.

7. Personal Identity, including the methods used for its determination in the dead and the living, by Irving C. Rosse, M.D.

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-578. Medico-Legal. Determikative nof the Time of Death by HP. 'Loothis:"M.Dod Vitortus boyba/wondoa 10 1929 vd 19784 * 1999. The "ineluding (

ha punctured made Blunt, instruments; other than gunshot wounds by. Gen., Wooley, M.D. 4. 11.10V The mediod legalieonsidération of gun shot. Iwoundsbrby Kloswelb Park,'MD:00091,00.62 , solo ni 90171 12.499,11tolo.ov 8 .183. Deathby heat and cond, indiuding'inisolation, and its medY "

. ico-legallaspectsłoby. Đhochlib. 8tidaddru',IM!Doqmi yiov zidT 9118!ov Thelmedico-legal-relaţibhs of electricity, by-Williant N: Ballard Idny od lliw out riniams 9:1 bolleri mod givel ---49 Tke medico-legal relations to death bylwechdhroatistan's gülatiox;by D.78? Lalubs, MID9 od lliw poult onbuid bus ellow 1118.99Thë'inediév-legal relational dfi ddath byIdrottninggi by po! Cli"Roddi M. D.stimo VI.Eyniyety9 0101-Ind breeuil yd

Roge - 616901 Death from startition In lits medido legal aspect,ziby E. B. Stoddard, M.D.

:21odus avoI'I 20. biographical sketch of the cdiftributorgitbother workTis also eibended in: Vo2119111 A ti turpduétisü comprisiliy neaily #welivery page is the work of Dr! R:Aid Witthæus, which embračėsolat foryo satisfactory definition of the terms bybehsie Medicine, Lej gal Medicine and Medical Jurisprudente, aind' ta brief "büt donio prehensive historical sketch.

...J... A ,194998 - sThe entire work will constitute w mosth invaluable répertory for: Satisfwofdryl reference.vd Juoiteq brisasiyevlq 1199235d enoit -001119T bus odota Istov92 9111 to 2061 odt to zieqonya A E DISEASES DI WOMøn. HBH HENRJOGARRIGUES ADM3,0 M.DI) Profesa sobrioFPbstetricain thai Now! Ypski Past/Graduěte, Medical Schbele bnd Hospital; Gypeecologist, to Bhr Mark's Hospital,. New York City. Stypen

Dispensary in the City of New York; Consulting to the new plik de wil York Midterhite Hospitat; Pellow of the Artérícantorstidorogiche Society; Fellow of the New York Academy of Medicine President the German Medical Society of New York, etg.teje, in ghe xéty hạndsome actaydi Mokymą, pf about 700 pages, profusely, illustrated by wood

, , cuts and colored plates. Price, cloth, $4.00j1.sheep$5:

$5.00 W. Bu SAUNDERS, 925 Walnut St., Philadelphia. Publisher. "1894.

vd 2191 .A.M ,eimool .I.H yd 291eqotu A A practical workcoh Gynaecology, Ifor the use) bfsstadefits and practitioners written inga teise, andhroonleise männer.sofheicima portance of a thorough knowledge of the anatomy of the female


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pelvic organs has been fully recognized by the author, and considerable space has been devoved to the subject. The chapters on operations and treatment will be thoroughly modern, and are based upon the large hospital and private practice of the author. The text is elucidated by a large number of illustrations and colored plates, many of them being original.

The articles on operations and treatment are thoroughly modern, and are based upon the large hospital and private practice of the author, who ranks with the ablest and most progressive men of the day. It is eminently a practical work, reference to the historical development of gynæcology has been omitted, as well as a multiplicity of methods of treatment, the author limiting himself to a clear and succint description of the best modes of treatment. The anatomical features are full and most excel. lent, and the illustrations form a complete atlas of the embryology and anatomy of the female genitalia, and the numerous operations thereon, together with pathological conditions. AN AMERICAN TEXT-BOOK OF THE DISEASES OF CHILDREN, Including

Special Chapters on Essential Surgical Subjects; Diseases of the Eye,' Ear, Nose and Throat; Diseases of the Skin; and on the Diet, Hygiene, and General Management of Children. By American Teachers. Edited by Louis STARR, M.D., Physician to the Children's Hospital, and Consulting President to the Maternity Hospital; late Clinical Professor of Diseases of Children in the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. etc., etc. Assisted by THOMAS S. WESCOTT, M.D., Attending Physician to the Dispensary for Diseases of Children, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania; Physician to Out-Patient Department, Episcopal Hospital; Fellow of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, etc., etc. In one handsome royal 8vo. volume of 1180 pages, profusely illustrated with wood-cuts, half-tone and colored plates. Price, Cloth, $7.00; Sheep, $8.00; Half-Russia, $9.00. Sold by Subscription only. W. B. SAUNDERS, 925 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Publisher, 1894.

The American Text-book of the Diseases of Children, is a handsome imperial octavo volume of 1190 pages, uniform with the American Text-book of Surgery, contains numerous woodcuts, half-tone plates, and colored illustrations. The plan embraces a series of original articles written by some sixty wellknown pædiatrists, representing collectively the teachings of the most prominent medical schools and colleges of America. The work is intended to be a practical book, suitable for constant and handy reference by the practitioner and the advanced student.

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