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Goddess is said to have emitted flames sway: the Art of Paioting, Sculpof fire from her cge-balls, on being ture, and Architecture, were emiconveyed by the sacrilegious hands of mently protected and encouraged by Diomedes and Ulysses into the Gre. them. cian camp, so the Iinage of our Lady “Then Sculpture and her sisterArt revive, at Halle is reported to have shed co Stones leap'd to form, and rocks began pious floods of tears on the introduc

to live :

[rungtion of the Lutheran Heresy into Bel. With sweeter notes each rising temple gium. There is no place in the Ne

POPE's Essay on Criticism. therlands which has been so much The celebrated Justus Lipsius, whose frequented by Pilgrims as Halle. So pame shines with such splendour in the vereign Princes, in former days, used anoals of Classical and Critical Learnto vie with each other in the value ing, was honoured witb peculiar marks and splendour of their offerings to the of their favour; and their admiration Miraculous Image; nor has the shrine of that great Scholar was, no doubt, of Our Lady been more indebted to any heightened by bis coming forward as royal devotees than to Albert and the champion of the Miraculous Isabella, who governed the Spanish Image of Our Lady at Halle. LipLow Countries during the early part sius, whether from the same superof the seventeenth century with dis stitious weakoess which characterized tinguished equity and benevolence. his Sovereigns, or (which is more Those excellent Sovereigns, who gave probable, from the general course of implicit credit to all the traditionary his life, as related by Bayle and legends of monks and hermits, and others) from courtly adulation, and a whu devoutly swallowed all the won- thirst of popular applause, published ders that had been ascribed to the

a Book, entitled Hallensis Virgo, Image at Halle, were fully persuaded wherein he gravely admits the truth that the patronage of the Holy Vir- of all the wonderful works which had gin was the surest guarantee of what been ascribed to the Image of the They had most sincerely at heart, the Queen of Heaven; a Book, which a prosperity and glory of their country; Topographer of Halle with no less and they dedicated much of their gravity asserts, the Heretics bave retime to the worship of her Image at ver been able to confute. Halle. In the study of human nature Reader will take the trouble of conwe sometimes meet with strange ano sulting Bayle's Life of Lipsius, I am inalies; and the Historian, in the de- inclined to think he will rise from the lineation of character, has often to pèrusal of it with a strong suspicion record inconsistencies that excite the that Lipsius must have been laughing pity of a rational Christian, while in his sleeve while be was descanting ihey draw a smile from the Philoso on the praises of his Goddess, as be pher, or a sneer of contempt from styles her a Copy of Verses which ihe lobdel. This remark bath been he presented to her on the consecrasuggested by a review of the charac- tion of a Silver Pen which he susters of Albert and Isabella, in whom pended before her altar. the weakest superstition was united The Miraculous Image of Our Lady with mental vigour and firmness in is preserved in one of the chapels of the government of their subjects, the parish church of St. Martin; and and with perseverivg application to the Anoiversary of the Kene-Masse, business. It has been remarked by a or, as we should terın it, of the Wake sensible and well-informed Writer*, Sunday, is a great day at Halle. On that " much of the superstition of the that day the Image of the Virgin is Catholic proviuces inay justly be carried about the lown in solemn protraced back to the reigo of Albert cession, attended by the magistrates, and Isabella ;” and yet they were the and by deputies from twelve neighmo unificent patrons of Genius and bouring cities and towns, amidst a Learning. And in no æra of the his vast concourse of people. I have netory of that country did the Arts and ver witnessed a procession at a KeneSciences Aourish with inore lustre Masse without thinking of the learned than during their mild and auspicis us Dr. Middleton's comparison between

Rome Pagan aod Rome Papal, to. * Shaw's Sketches of the History of gether with the following lines from the Austrian Netherlands.

Pope's Dunciad:

If any

“ See Peter's Keys some cliristen’d Jovetions and the vigour of the Church adorn,

Missions which have seconded their And Pan to Moses lends bis Pagan horn; efforts beyond example or buinan See graceless Venus to a virgin turn'd, strength alone, aided by the powers Or Phidias broken, and Apelles burn'd.” of other Societies, have laid the foun. CLERICUS LEICESTRIENSIS.

dation of that grand achievement

wbich is instrumental to the determi. On the Present State of the nate councils of Divine Authority. MAHOMETAN EXPIRE.

Surely the Jews, who are extensively Mr. URBAN,

scattered amongst the Mabometans Me recent affair at Algiers has in the North of Africa, and in the the Mabometan influence and power dered subservient to these efforts. ju that part of Europe and Africa But further, the Heathens are dwell. bordering on the Mediterranean sea : ing in considerable population ainongat the shores of which, to the East, them on the shores of the MediterraSouth, North-eastern, South-eastern,

nean Sea. Among these must be and South - western borders, exhibit reckoned the Druzes of Mount Lebathe power of the false Prophet: pon, who use the worship of AshtaTurkey presents also his unlimited

roth witb deference both to the Pro. sway – which oppresses the fairest pbet and to Mahomet, and are also parts of Europe, and holds Asia minor

found in all parts of Palestive. The in bondage also the birth places of Hordes or Clans which dwellio Syria, Abraham and of the Redeemer of man Judea, and Egypt, are very bumerous; kind; besides Egypt, the cradle and and one of them, inimical to the Turks, perfection of the multifarious springs is found in the vicinity of Bylam, in of Science; besides Tripoli, Tunis, Syria. Many Christiao sects are also Algiers, and Morocco, which, being scattered amongst thein, as the Pauunder bis dominion, form a strong linists of Philippopolis aod Nicopolis, barrier to the recovery of the true and in the Valleys of Mount Hæmus: religion into her African districts.

and sone of the people of Barabra, in The Moors extend his government Nubia, are said to be far froin strict also to the South in the interior of in their Mahometan profession. that Coolinent; 10 the South-east in These, with the Affybans, of whom Arabia, to the East in Persia, and to

some account was given in Volume the North-east round the shores of LXXXV. Part ii. 108, are unfriendly the Caspian Sea. Thus a fifth or

to the present Mahometan profession sixtb part of the human race are of Religion and system of Government; shewn to be Mahometans and there

and it is very possible that they will is free access to all their States by the

become finally instrumental in the Mediterranean Sea.

destruction of the Empire, without, The period of their termination is perhaps, kouwing how steadily their set by Prophecy, and we may now operations coincide with those of its say, the day is approaching. From avowed enemies and conquerors. the date of Mahomet, A.D. 606, the The degraded state of ihe Christian term of 1260 years will bring his in- Religion and its professors, throughposture to a close in the year 1966. out the Ottoman Empire, has conHis government is shaken at this tiine tioued ever since the siege of Conby the increase of enemies nurtured stantinople in the year 1453, by Mawithin its bosom; and their invete homet il. who took that city by rate hatred to the Christians is a leade storm, and in which the last of the ing indication of their conscious jea. Cæsars, Constantine Paleologus, braveJousy of that authority to which they ly fell in the midst of the slain. The must ultimately yield. The waters successful Impostor took example of the Euphrates are drying up. The from the complaints of his conquered extension of the Christian power io Nations in the case of burdeosome all the neighbouriog States, by the taxes, by levying only a small tribute, diffusion of the Scriptures, under the and securing his supplies upon the influence of the two Societies in Loo contributions of the victims. But, don for propagating the Gospel and although this artful measure may be promoting Christian Koowledge, are politically advantageous, yet there is Row enabled to calculate their suc. a root of evil in the Ottoman Code, Cvss. from the extent of their exer which will at last accelerale ils fall


pamely, the recognition of slavery port of Church West African Mission, as lawful against all persous of a dif in Aug. last, says, “ The Mahometans ferent faith, and the abuse of it in have made considerable progress by their authorised cruelty which accom means of schools. The instruction panies it and further, the entire sub- which they give, is not gratuitous ; jection of the female part of the com but many of the natives are so seosible munity to lust and indolence ; thus of the distinction which it confers in the greatest part of that Nation are society, that they pay one or two born to become subservient to the slaves for the maintenance and educa. bad passions of the other. Notwith- tion of each scholar. Yet it is instanding these reprehensible but esta portant to consider that our progress blisbed practices, they are said to pray will necessarily be slower in this mode babitually five times in each day, in of communicating religious truth. which they are expected to entirely The Mahometan has not to encounter, abstract their minds from all worldly like the Christian, temptations to affairs; and beiug fatalists by principle, change his religion, arising from oa. they acquire, in the midst of avarice, tural corruption, or from the oppo. ambitiou, grandeur, and passion, ha- sition of his countrymen. Indeed bits of contemplation, and an indif- every worldly motive and temporal ference, more professed than prac- advantage strengthen his attachment tised, to secular concerns. Upon these to his creed." This may be deemed grounds it is not so much, says Gib the last information which has been bon, ix. 350, the propagation, as the received on this subject, and tends to permanency of his Religion, that de. furnish suitable reflections on the conserves our wonder.

dition of Mahomedism at the preMabometans are said to entertain sent day. great reverence for our Scriptures as From these few sketches of the well as for their own, and to receive, state of Mabomedism, and from the and peruse them with pleasure ; they recollection that its power will expire likewise read with great attention in 50 years from this time, we may our religious Tracts, and strive to readily see the gradual progress of prucure them for their study and at- decline, and the approach of its fall. tention. Hence, it is impossible but Those who have visited any part of our Scriptures and Sacred Writings that extensive Empire bave should have great influence amongst tinually, afforded evidence for this them, and finally cooperate with suggestion; and whoever will take other means for christianizing the the trouble to consult what Historians whole Ottoman Empire.

have recorded, will be convinced, that This influence must even now be the march of Time strides rapidly advancing insensibly, by the inter- over its dominion, and marks, with course subsisting in the islands and the besom of unerring ruiu, the ostenshores of the Adriatic, in the new set- tatious bulwarks of her unprincipled tlement of the Ionian Isles, in Egypt, usurpation.

A. H. and on the Barbary coast, where they are speaking the same language, and ARCHITECTURAL INNOVATION. require only the influence of some

No. CCXI. British Consuls to promote the distri. Progress of Architecture in England bution of Arabic Translations among in the reign of Queen ANNE. them. By these means we may anti. (Continued from last Volume, p. 520.) cipate the rapid march of their con: ST. JOHN S Church, Westminster, version, when every pilgrimage to continued. Crypt. Like all VanJerusalem, Damascus, Aleppo, and brugh's works, the basement has tho, Medioa, shall increase its interest, se- roughly engaged his attention. Excular and religious, by loading its treme length, East aod West, in three extensive caravan with the records of ailes, made by massive piers, with Christian faith, and carrying the same plain plinths and caps. At the narof our Redeemer to the interior wf rowed part of the plan, by sweeps Fezzau and Dersur. The Mabome- (already evinced), ihe ailes lessen, tan pride that would disdaju to accept dimensions being less; three divisions, a present from a Christian, would the centrical aile four ditto: the seeagerly purchase them at a low price. veral arches and groins take oral Mr. Bickersteth, in his special re forms. Froin these particulars it will



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readily be perceived that the effect of tioy were bouod by a second-sight apthe scene is well adapled to carry on prehension to refrain the fearful opethe interest already entertained for the ration, or other cause, or still giving main construction. Materials, to the way to the humble solicitations of Crypt, brick walls and piers, the dress some feeliog Antiquary, to preserve ings stone: above, the wholeelevation and save so much of delightful Archiis stone work. It might be thought tecture, expressive of the domestic these particulars of the Crypt might skill of our ancestors, there being but have preceded that portion of the edi- few traits of such Works left among fice already submitted to notice; but Surely this cry cannot be creopportunity did not afford the means dited ? a mere delusion ! until this very hour.

It must be owned, however, that Vanbrugh, thy honours I now trust by long experieace we fiod many poswill henceforth reinaio uodisturbed, sessors of Antiquities, when rumi. as well as the walls thou hast raised Dating on their overthrow, either to are calculated (with common neces gaiu a trifliog view of further pursary repairs) to last Tine's tablets of chased land, a good look out East and possibility. - Farewell good spirit, West, through some low inhabited our theme is done!

thoroughfare, or from a persuasion Having brought forward such am. that new premises, built on the scite ple documents to guide us through of the old, will let better, take time this reign, selected from the most to consider before they strike the authentic sources, it becomes neces. blow, which never can he recalled. sary to present a general epitome of It becomes a question, who are the collection. when all centered, those that in this day are so intent on and, in in a maoner ceased, in the mock imitations of our old Works, Vanbrugbian school. Thus horizontal that neither the persuasion of friends, rustics, without perpendicular ditto, or ridicule of the publick, can withhold plain or triple key.stones, ditto with them from plunging into the pursuit, masque heads, strings, kneed archi.' expending at the same time princely traves, plain friezes, plain or block, fortunes on the futile undertakings and scroll coroices, balusters, gene and those, maugre the prayers and ral independent scrolls, ditto inverted, intreaties of students versed in hisfestovns of flowers and drapery, gui- toric lore, mark their devastating derons, foliage, compartmeots, gol- track, by tearing down and levelling loches, vases, land and sea monsters, with the earth those family mansions, flying cupids, and all the visionary princely structures, or ecclesiastical catalogue of Gods and Goddesses, piles, owning the taste of departed which have so long ruled the hemi. ininds, and which arc now consigned sphere of sculptural labours, to the to their dominion ? almost total sub version of true cos Could we enamerate a list of the tumc and national instruction. As personages 80 engaged (as readily as the account has been so recently closed set down an Apliquarian Prospectus with Sir John's Works, little more of names ever zralous to further the need be observed; but every particu. wishes of imploring Artists and disJar constituting their chief features tant friends), whai a memorandum were vast, new, and surprising, even to gaze upon, to extol : surely nofrom the masked temple chimney ex to condemn? yes, beyond all double pedients, the castle manifestations, or and cast froni as the roll of perverted the display of attics in porticos, sa taste and heedless dilapidation; hesiloons, forums, and basilicæ, upre tate not, judgment is easily entered strained by any subservient rules or upon. -Here notice on this head terproportious; direct application being ninates.

AN ARCHITECT. vut of the question, either of the Roman or Grecian masters. (Progress of Architecture in the Oldborough, or Oldberrow, wear Henley

W. M. having been informed ibat Reign of George I. in our next.)

in Arden, was once a Roman Station, Again the warning voice sounds in and that several ancient pieces of arour ears, “ The Abbots lop at Glas

mour aud weapons have been occasiontonbury is at last to fall.” For some ally plongbed up there ; asks whether years this fatal hour has beeu put off the informacion is correct, and whether (see Vul. LXXXII. Part Il. p. 540), any gentleman in the neighbourhood is as though the bands holding its des- possessed uf any of thuse antient articles?


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