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vernment in opposition to vague theories Captain therefore left town on Friday, to and innovation. His powers as a com- perform the last act of humanity, as he panion were particularly distinguished ihought, to one whose views through life both for intelligence and humour, as far he had always promoted.

· Alas! that as the unassuming nature of his disposition such a man, in the evening of his valu. allowed it to appear.-With such qualities, able life, should meet with such a cruel. it is not surprizing that he should bave bad fate for his too great anxiety for an old among his friends and admirers persons companion in arms, is indeed a shock.conspicuous for their rank, taste, and love jug reflection for his relations and friends ; of whatever is estimable and meritorious, but they must bear it, and say, with pious by whom his memory will be long held resignation to the wisdom of Heaven, The in respect and veneration,

ways of the Lord are inscrutable, and past

finding out. Some exemplary punish. CAPTAIN MILLER.

ment ought to be inflicted on the conducMost Horrible Event.

tors of a private receptacle for the care of

- The Murder of maniacks, for having suffered one in their Capt. Miller, late Paymaster and Agent house to entertain a friend as above stated, to the Stafrond Militia, and Suicide of without having a proper guard to watch Lieutenant Fleming.

his motions; and moreover to have loaded Extract of a Letter from the Rev. Mr. pistols and a sword in his possession.

Gale, April 13, 1817.
Pray call immediately on the friends of
Capt. Milier, and inform them of the fatal

accident hereunder related. Poor Capt.
Miller, it seems, arrived yesterday by the

1816, IN the prime of life, Capt. Chas.

Jan. 18. Dudley, of H. M. 22d Light subscription coach, at the Heathfield Arms, near the Madbouse, at Five head, Dragoons, sincerely and deeply regretted; where I visit as a Magistrate. This morn

one in whom were centered all those qua

lities that at once adorn human nature, ing he visited his old friend, Lieut. Fieming, at Fivehead-house, where they dined

aod bind man to mana true Christian, together in the most friendly manner, re

a firm Patriot, a brave aud intelligent Of. tired soon after to Mr. Fieniog's bed.

ficer, and a warm, sincere, and affec

tionate friend. His remains were attended roou, and in less thau a quarter of an hour the explosion of pistols were heard,

to the grave on the following day by all and those two old friends were immedia

the military officers, and inany other of ately found lifeless. This is a brief rela

his late friends, under the usual cere. tion of this horrid business. I have seen

mony. the bodies, the place, &c. this afternoon,

Tho' deep the wound thy cruel loss has and, after every examination of the cir.

given, cumstances, have no doubt Lieut. Flem. · And o'er us all a cloud of sorrow shed; ing first inurdered his friend, partly by a

Thy well-known virtues-sure the gift of sword, anu lastly by a pistol-shot, and


[Aed. then murdered himself. J. GALE.

Raise all our hopes to where thy spirit's Captain Milei, (eldest son of the

For ah! if truth we here are taught t'aplate Henry Miller, esq. many years agent

plaud, victualler at Gibraltar, and of Topsham, Celestial grace is now thy soul's reward. Devon; and brother of the Rev. John [Java Government Gazette, Balavia, Miller, of Blackheath, Kent.) was an Offi

Jan. 20, 1816.] cer in the 69th Regiment of Foot upwards of Oct. 29. At Sierra Leone, of a fever 20 years; served at the memorable battle of (the effect of the climate), iv bis 42d year, Bunker's Hill, and throughout the greatest R. G. Hogan, esq. L. L. D. Chief Juspart of the Ainerican war, until himself tice and Adiniralty Judge of that colony. and the skeleton of the corps returned to He had been appointed to that situation England to raise a new regiment; and in in the month of March last, and during the year 1790 left the regular army, and the short period in which he fulfilled its purchased the Adjutancy of the Stafford- duties, he secured the universal esteem sbire Militia of the late Earl of Uxbridge, and admiration of all classes of society. by whom and the whole Regiinent he was As an enlightened friend of humanity, he most justly appreciated as an excellent uniformly encouraged every attempt to officer, a most honourable man, and, above correct the enormities arising froin the all, a most exemplary Christian, which traffick in slaves; but the prudence the whole tenor of his life amply testified. that tempered his zeal, prevented it from

Capt. Miller received, on the 9th instant, hurrying him into rash or injurious mea. a very pressing letter from Lieut. Fleming,

He was possessed of very cousi. entreating him to go down, stating he derable literary acquirements; and his could not live long, and wished much to excellent taste, united with an enlarged see his old friend before he died. Tbe and comprehensive mind, caused bis sociory to be generally courted. Mr. Ho- into the world her Poems and Miscellagan was descended from a respectable fa- veous Essays, in a thin royal octavo, mily in Rathcormack, in the county of consisting of 80 pages. This little Work Cork, Ireland.


she published by subscription : the subOct. 31. At Cambay, aged 34, Byrom scribers were numerous, consisting of Rowles, esq. of the East India Company's many of the first nobility and gentry of Bombay civil service.

the land; such a profusion of illustrious Dec. 18. At Barbadoes, aged 22, Lieut. pampes is rarely to be seen, being princiAndrew Richmond, of his Majesty's 2d or pally obtained through the interest and Queen's own regiment.

connexions of a few particular friends in Dec. 24. Daniel P. Bernard, esq. late the higher circles, who were much devoled of Jamaica.

to her welfare. These Poems cannot be Dec. 31. In the West Indies, Lieut. said to exceed mediocrity; but those in George Thomas, of his Majesty's ship Ti. imitation of Bp. Percy's “O Nanny wilt gris. Though but arrived at the age of thou gang with me," and the answer, with manhood, he displayed an example for that on the word Romantic, are not withthe Christian, the son, the officer, and out their merits. The account of Stonethe friend. His father was formerly a henge is curious, ingenious, and interestLieutenant-colonel in the army.

ing. The detail of the Druidical remains 1817, Jan. 19. At Grenada, of the yel- at Burcote was a newly-dressed-up perlow fever, Jeremiah-Jellicoe 'Tompson, esq. formance from the original account drawn attorney general of that island,

up by a person on the spot, who presented Feb. 8. At Antigua, in his 77th year, Hon. her with a perusal thereof. She shone Edward Byam, Judge of the Court of forth in animated zeal for her Naval Friend Vice-admiralty, President of his Majesty's at the contested election for the borough Council, and a Brigadier-general in the of Bridgnorth in 1784; but he was the West Indies. More than 50 years of his unsuccessful candidate. Several families valuable life were devoted to public duties, of distinction in that neighbourhood alwhich were uniformly discharged with dis- ways shewed her great kindness and attinguished disinterestedness, intelligence, tention; and though she resided in the and assiduity. His public and private midst of benevolent and respectable neighvirtues endeared him to all ranks of peo- bours, she lived a recluse and solitary ple in the colony over which he had so being in a great measure, owing to her long presided; and have rendered his loss unhappy and changeable disposition, a to them, his family, and friends, irrepara temper unforgiving and relentless, with a ble. He is succeeded by the Hon. T. mind possessed of sirong and violent Norman Kerby.

prejudices. Feb. 10. At Malta, John Erskine, esq. Feb. ... At Grenada, Lieut. Humphrey comptroller of army accompts.

Grey, of the Royal York Rangers, son of Feb. 11. At Antigua, in her 22d year, Mr. B. Grey, of Kilkenny. Louisa-Jane, wife of Lieut. Morgan, Ist March 2. At Low Mill, near Egremont, West India regiment, and eldest daughter aged 75, Thomas Birley, esq. late of of the late Mr. F. Hobson, of Wordsley, Kirkham, Cumberland. Staffordshire.

March 3. At Northallerton, aged 100, Feb, 26. Mr. Robert Wilkinson, of Mrs. Dorothy Dodds, formerly of Yofforth. Grosvenor-street,

March 5. At Morley, Watson Scatcbard, Feb, 28. Io the East Castle-street, esq. one of his Majesty's Justices of the Bridgnorth, co. Salop, aged 61, Mrs. Peace for the West riding of the county of Henrietta Rhodes, a single lady, only York. daughter of Nathanael Rhodes, gent. for- March 8. At Doncaster, in her 80th merly of Cann-hall in that town.

She at year, Mrs. Dunbill, relict of the late John all times assumed an air of gaiety and Dunhill, esq. cheerfulness till near the close of life; March 11. At Hull, Miss Newton, and possessed a comprehensive mind, en- dau. of Wm. Newton, esq. of Stagwooddowed with considerable literary attain- bill, Huddersfield,

In early life she was author of At Tickbill, aged 76, Geo. Bates, esq. several small poetical pieces, which were March 12. Aged 73, Captain James presented to some of her select friends. Kempthorne. Bristol Paper. She translated a small Work written by In his 82d year, Philip Sandys, esq. of her nephew, which she edited, with a No- Azerley, near Ripon, Yorkshire. vel. In 1811 she published the novel of The wife of Dr. Jarrold, of Manchester. " Rosalie, or the Castle of Montala. March 13. At Edinburgh, Lto-col. John breui," in four small volumes, with the Ainslie, of the East India Company's service. following extract in the title-page :

" Led

At Kirbyinoorside, aged 50, Mr. Wm. through a sad variety of woes :"--of the Lister, attorney at law, son of the late merits of this work the publick were di- Wm. Lisier, esq. of Ayton, near Scarvided in opinion. In 1814 she ushered borough.



Cox, esq.

Aged 87, Mrs Eggiuton, relict of Gar- Rebecca, wife of William Powell, esq. diner Egginton, esq. of Hull,

of Highfields, near Halesowen, Salop. March 14. At Wrexham, Mrs. Fryer, Aged 56, the wife of Mr. George Daw. relict of John Fryer, esq. of Alderman- son, of Bridlington, surgeon. bury, and Taplow, Bucks.

At Langbarne, Carmarthenshire, in her lo his 35th year (a very awful instance 28th year, Jessie, wife of P. Kelly, esq. of the uncertainty of human life), Mr. M.D. R.N. James Gibson, printer and bookseller of March 18. In Coleman-street, in his Malton. He went to York assizes as a 53d yeár, Henry Cohen, esq. witness, in apparently perfect health, was At bis house, in Vernon-place, Bloomssuddenly seized at his ing during the bury.square, in his 74th year, Charles evening, and died the following morning. Combe, M. D. F. R. S. and S. A, of whom He was most exact and punctual in all his some account will appear in our next transactions as a tradesman, and in all his Number. public duties: a cheerful companion; a Awfully sudden, whilst at tea with his warm, sincere friend ; never forgetful of family, Rev. Thomas Barley, recior of benefits received ; and exemplary in all King-Stanley, co. Gloucester, and formerly the relative duties of life.

fellow of Jesus college. He proceeded B. A. At Greenock, in his 43d year, Jobu 1782, and M.A. 1785. Colquhoun, M.D.

In his 18th year, William, eldest son Ai Riverford, Hugh Ross, esq.

of Mr. Thomas Mecklethwaite, of Iverage At Exeter, on a visit to an intimate ac- Hall, near Leeds. quaintance, aged 79, Mrs. Mary Barnard At Docking, Norfolk, Mary, wife of Barclay, of Lympslon, Devon. She was Rev. H. J. Hare. related to the ancient family of Barclay, At Bristol, aged so, Mrs. Sterne, relict of Urie Castle in Scotland ; and after ex- of William Sterne, esq. late of Salisbury. periencing various vicissitudes in life, March 19. George Wood, esq. of which she bore with great fortitude, she Broad-street buildings, resided for many years in the village of At Topsham, Mary, wife of Henry Lympston, highly respected for the urbanity of her mauders, and mild disposition, Mrs. White, of the Hermitage, near which procured her the affectionate es- Woking, Surrey, relict of Joseph White, esq. teem and regard of all her acquaintance. late solicitor of the Treasury, and eldest

March 15. In Bolton-street, Piccadilly, sister of Wm. Chamberlayve, ésq. of of an inflammation in the bowels, aged 71, Weston Grove, near Southampton. John Nesbitt, esq.

March 20. Aged 65, the wife of J. Fielding Wallis, esq. father of the wife Cooper, esq. of Park house, Highgate. of Captain Campbell, R.N.

At his brother's house, in London, Mr. lo Totteubam-court-road, in his 64th Wm. Chrishop, npwards of 20 years a year, Mr. Arthur Freake, apothecary. master in bis majesty's navy.

At Bath, Sir Richard Hankey, formerly In Upper Wimpole-street, Mrs. Boyce, of Fenchurch-street.

widow of the late Lieut.-col. Boyce, and At Chelsfield, Kent, aged 74, Rev. Pe. eldest daughter of the late Sir Abraham ter Coryton, D.D. fate fellow of All Souls, Pitches, of Sireatham, Surrey. Oxford, prebendary of Peterborough, and In Berkeley-square, in his 75th year, rector of Chelsfield, and St.Dunstan's East. Mr. John Walker.

In Richmond Barracks, near Dublin, Near Kingsbridge, J. Torring, jun, esq. Ellen, Lady Dunboyne, wife of Lord Dun- At Hitchin, Herts, aged 53, Rev. Mr. boyne, second cousin to the Earls of West- Williams, a Dissenting minister at that meath and Clare, and to the Countess of place. Glengall and Lady Dunally, &c.

In her 76th year, the Right. Hon. Lady March 16. At Colchester, aged 31, Carteret, of Haynes House, co. Bedford. Amy, wife of Lieut. James Lugar, of the At Uxbridge, at a very advanced age, East India Company's Service.

Mrs. Darby, relict of the late Rev. S. At Stanwix, aged 73, W. Woolmar, esq. Darby, rector of Whitfield and Breadfield, of the General Post Office, London, super- Suffolk, and the only daughter of the Rev. intendant of mail coaches, Carlisle, and Dr. Jortin. surveyor for that district, which office he At Colchester, in the prime of life, Stur. had held for upwards of 30 years,

geon Smith, esq. In returning from West March 17. James Birch, esq. of the Mersey the preceding Friday evening, his Middle Temple.

horse threw him with such violence as to Charles Streater Ellis, esq. an eminent procluce a Contusion of the brain. solicitor, of North-street, Westminster. at Chedder, in the prime of life, Mr.

Aged $6, Mr. Jos. Lazarus, upwards James Siar, surgeon ; whose open man. of 50 years an iohabitant of Cree Church

ners, generous disposition, and friendly Lane, Leadenhall-street,

kindness, will leave a lasting regret upon At Bampton, co. Oxford, aged 44, Mr. the minds of all with whom he was acJoseph Stecde.



At Wisbech (at the house of his uncle In, John Dunbar, esq. Robert Hardwieke, esq.) aged 22, William late of Penang. Hardwicke, only son of Col. Hardwicke, March 25. In Caroline-street, Bedfordcommanding the Bengal Artillery.

square, aged 50, Richard Harding, esq. Aged 66, Mr. Marmaduke Mallison, for late Purser in the East India Company's the last 30 years overseer and constable Service. of the township of Norland near Halifax. Capt. Martin Demay, of Colkins, Kent.

March 21. Wm. Jackson, esq. of Bar- At Newbold Pacy, Warwickshire, Sarah bican, spice-merchant.

Wightwick, wife of Wm. Little, esq. lo Thayer-street, at an advanced age, daughter of the late Thomas, and sister Barbara, widow of Thomas Taylor, esq. of of the late John Wightwick Knightley, esq. Consay-house, Durham, and daughter of of Otfchurchbury in the same county. Sir Thomas Tancred, bart. of Brampton, March 26. At Barnes-green, Surrey, Yorkshire.

aged 88, Mrs. Mary Athawes, a maiden At Islington, Mrs. Underwood, widow of lady, in whom the poor have lost a kind Robert Underwood, esq. late of Tottenham. benefactor.

Elizabeth, wife of Rev. Wm. Bolland, AtTrowse-ball, Norfolk, in bis 78th year, Vicar of Swineshead, Lincolnshire,

Gen. Money, Colonel of the East Norfolk At Greenhill, the residence of her bro. Yeomanry Cavalry. ther J. Lane, esq. Mrs. Manby, widow of At Cononly-hall, near Skipton, YorkAaron Manby, esq. formerly of Kingston, shire, in his 78th year, Johnson Atkinson Jamaica.

Busfeild, esq. formerly of Queen's college, March 22. At Clapham, in his 67th Cambridge, where he took a high degree. year, R. Hudson, esq. formerly Captain of He was Register of the West Riding, and the Houghton East Indiaman.

the oldest magistrate and Deputy Lieut. lo his 82d year, John Wheatley, esq. of. of it; and the respect in which he was Broughton Castle, Oxfordshire.

held by the freeholders of 100l. per annun. Aged 105 years, Mary Nightingale, of in that large and opulent divisiou of York. Hare-street, Heris ; she retained her fa. shire, may be estimated by the mapner in culties to the last.

which he was chosen to fill the valuable At Cullumpton, Devon, on his way from and honourable office of Register. He Sidmouth to Clifton, Wm. Cbisholm, esq. has left three sons and one daughter, to of Chisholm.

remember the virtues, and mourn the loss, At Aberdeen, Mary Christian, eldest of the best of fathers and the most upright daughter of Sir Harry Niven Lumsden, of

of men. Auchindoir.

Aged 63, George Barbor, esq. of Church March 23. At Brompton, where she Stilehouse, Fremington, Devon. had gone for the recovery of her health, At Worksop, Mrs. Alderson, relict of in her 22d year, Miss Rboda Auther. the Rev. Christopher Alderson, rector of

In New Norfolk-street, Mrs. Prooke, re- Eckington and Aston. lict of F. Brouke, esq. late of Ufford, At Salisbury, aged 10, Mrs. Bradley, Suffolk.

widow of the Rev. John Bradley, vicar of At his father's house, in Upper Seymour. Faringdon, Berks. street, in his 28th year, G. l'aterson, esq. lo his 79th year, Thomas Hamilton, of the East India Company's Service. esq. of Muloagore lodge, county Tyrone,

At Woolwicb, in his 44th year, Lieut.- Ireland. col. Foy, of the Royal Artillery, who mar- March 27. At Hallifard, Middlesex, ried a sister of Lord Courtenay.

Josiah Boydell, esq. well known as an At Clapham, in her 69ıb year, Mrs. eminent encourager of the Arts, and bimCrompton, widow of the late Sam. Cromp- self a very superior artist. He was a man ton, esq. of that place.

of mild and unassuming manners, strict Aged 94, Francis Macfarlane, esq. of integrity, and great benevolence. On the Cowley-place, Dublin ; also on the 25th, establishment of the Corps of Hampstead Mary his widow.

Volunteers in 1803, Mr. Boydell, who At South Shields, aged 67, Chas. Cock. had been the first in commaod of the erill, esq. Attorney at Law. To strong Hampshire Association (disbanded about vatural abilities, he added a perfect koow- a twelvemonth before), and had been exledge of his profession ; and the consci- tremely active in the formation of the new entious manner in which he discharged all corps, was unanimously elected Lieuteits duties, added to the liberality and be. nant Commandant.. After having been nevolence of his diposition, ensured him many years a partner with his truly pa. the confidence and esteem of all who triotic uncle, Mr. Alderman Jobo Boy. knew him.

dell, he succeeded not only to the extenMarch 24. At Brighton, aged 67, Ro- sive business, but to the civic gown vabert Robinson, esq. late of Sution, Surrey. cant by his uncle's death in 1805. His

Mis. Langlord, of Haydon-square, Mi- health being considerably impaired, he wories.

resigned the office of Alderman in 1809. In 1811 he was elected Master of the Mr. Hamilton Green Parslow, solicitor, Stationers' Company; but since the ex- Thornbury.' piration of that year, his strength and Lately – - In Maddox-street, Hanoverspirits have been gradually and visibly square, Rev. Roe King, 38 years rector of declining.

Witchampton, Dorsetshire. In York-place, aged 39, Harriet Sarah, In his 61st year, Rev. Alexander Suter, wife of John Stracey, esq.

of the Wesleyan connexion. At Gillingham, Dorsetshire, in his 57th In consequence of a slight prick on the year, Rev. Christopher Erle.

finger, which was followed by the formáBetty Caroline, wife of Wilson Ayles. tion of abscesses, producing so much conbury Roberts, esq. of Bewdley.

stitutional irritation as to destroy life, Mr. At Newport-street, Southsea, Caroline, Thomas Archer, of Guy's Hospital, son daughter of Lieut. Edward De Montmo- of the late W. Archer, esq. of Walden. rency, R. N.

He was indefatigable in the prosecution Mrs. Saville, relict of Mr. Saville, vicar of his studies; and in bim the profession choral of Lichfield Cathedral.

has to lament the loss of one who proAt Barnstaple, aged 67, Mrs. Marshall, mised to be a valuable member. relict of Charles Marshall, esq. of that Aged 76, Mrs. Saure, relict of the late place.

Dr. Saure, of High-street, Marylebone. March 28. At Kew, aged 59, Mrs. In Vauxhall-road, aged 72, the widow Longcroft, widow of the late Thomas of the late Capt. Gooding, R. N. Longcroft, esq. of Havant, Hants.

Mr. Thorne, one of the partners in the In his 84th year, the venerable John Freemasous' tavern, Turner, A. M. Archdeacon of Taunton, Bedfordshire --Suddenly, aged 56, Rev. Canon Residentiary and Prebendary of R. Buston, rector of Great and Little BarMilverton, the first in the Cathedral ford, and twenty years Master of the LaChurch of Wells.

tin School at Wymondham, Norfolk, from March 29. In her 41st year, Mrs. which he had not long retired. He was Sarah Hawes Dowley, of Plaistow Green, a man of profound erudition. Kent, eldest daughter of the late Robert At Toddington, Mary, relict of Mr. Nicholson, esq. of Loam Pit Hill, Kent. Hicks, late surgeon of that place.

In his 72d year, T. Atkins, esq. of Walt- Berks — At Pangbourn, Rev. Mr. Lonhamstow.

guet, a Roman Catholic priest, and teacher At Broxbourn, Herts, aged 54, John of the French language at Reading. He

had been to visit the family of T. Morton, At Éton College, in her 68th year, Mrs. esq. a few miles from that town, and Tew, wife of the Rev. Edward Tew, Vice though pressed to pass the night at the Provost of Eton College.

house of that gentleman, he set out on Mr. Joseph Long, surgeon, of Broad- his return between eight and nine o'clock stairs.

in the evening. His body was found next In London-street, Fenchurch - street, morning lifeless, and shockingly mangled. aged 69, Henry Marshall, esq. of Quarry One man is in custody on suspicion of Hill, near Wigton, Cumberland, and of having been concerned in this atrocious Byndley's estate, St.Thomas's in the Vale, murder: Jamaica.

At Scarletts, James L. Perrott, esq. March 30. At her nephew's, (Mr. D’Eg- Bucks - Mr. Summerfield, the favourite ville, Great Marlborough-street), aged 76, pupil of Bartolozzi, and the engraver of Mrs. Samuel, relict of the late Dr. Samuel, « Rubens and his Wife” from the picture of High-street, Marylebone.

by that master in the possession of the At Brompton Crescent, Robert Robert- Earl of Aylesford. Like many other son, esq.

children of Genius, he was unfortunate. Aged 68, William Townend, esq. of At Newport Pagnel, George Pitt Hurst, Tanshelf, Pontefract.

esq. an eminent solicitor, March 31. In Cumberland-place, Rt. At Langley House, aged 81, Thomas Hon, Lady Frances Douglas, wife of Hon.

Stone, esq. John Douglas.

Cambridgeshire -- At Dallingham, the In his 46th year, Thomas Reeve, of relict of Rev. Mr. Symonds, late rector Serle's-place, Carey-street, solicitor. of Sketchworth.

Suddenly, by the bursting of a blood- Cornwall -- Aged 25, Rev. Thomas vessel, Dennis de Berdt, esq. of Clapton, Phillips, LL.B. son of Rev. Nicholas Middlesex.

Phillips, of Bodmin. In Panton-square, in his 79th year, Col. At Penryn, Christopher Robinson, esq. B. Fish.

At Govena House, aged 72, Edward At Charing Cross, aged 82, John Le Fox, esq. a distinguished member of the roux, esq.

Society of Friends. Gent, Mag, April, 1817,


Smith, esg.

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