Chindia Rising: How China and India Will Benefit Your Business

Tata McGraw-Hill Education, 2008 - 205 sider

Advance Praise

Eye opener! Shifted my thinking about China and India's global impact.

Philip Kotler, Ph D

S. C. Johnson Distinguished Professor of International Marketing
Marketing Department
Kellogg School of Management
Northwestern University

Prof. Jagdish Sheth does it again. He distills the implications of thegrowth of China and India through a wide ranging and thoughtfulinterpretation in Chindia Rising and its implications to global growth,prosperity, security and culture. A must read for all managers, politiciansand security experts.

C.K. Prahalad

Paul and Ruth McCracken Distinguished University Professor,
Ross School of Business
The University of Michigan

Business leaders in East and West will surely read with interest JagdishSheth's thought provoking assessment of how the rise of China and India(Chindia) will prove to be an enormous boon to the worldwide economy.With his profound insight into global business trends, Prof. Sheth showshow Chindia's rise will not only stimulate the mature economies ofthe West but will also help birth economies in Asia, Africa, and LatinAmerica.

Azim Premji

Chairman and Managing Director
Wipro, Ltd.

The rise of China and India will have a profound effect on businesses inthe developed as well as the developing world. Any businessman whowants to be ready to benefi t from these dramatic changes should read Dr Sheth's insightful book.

Patrick J. McGovern

Founder and Chairman
International Data Group

With detailed analyses of companies, economic trends, and historicalpatterns, the noted business management scholar, Prof. Sheth convincinglysuggests that the rise of China and India as 21st century global powerscan be as benefi cial to the world as was the rise of the US in the early 20thcentury. This is a useful source for not only business leaders but anyoneinterested in this tectonic shift that is underway in the world today.

Dr Vishakha N. Desai

Asia Society

Jag Sheth has produced a thought provoking treatise on contemporaryevents involving China and India, which will have a major impact in theforeseeable future. India and China are the key players in globalization,that is changing the face of Asia, while transforming trade and commercein the rest of the world. Sheth propounds an extremely well reasonedpoint of view of these developments, which will appeal to a wide crosssection of readers around the world.

Ashok Ganguly

Firstsource Solutions & ABP Group

While there have been many paens sung to the phenomenal rise ofChindia (and BRIC's), by relating this rise contextually to USand European Economic and Commercial history, Jagdish Sheth hasdone us all a favor. This book not only makes it easier for us contextually,but also gives us insights into the huge challenges and excitingopportunities for the world. Finally, how Chindia affects the world willdepend upon the qualities of the institutions they build. These will refl ecttheir society, culture, aspirations and impact they wish to have on theworld. This book gives us the fi rst insights into some of the thinking inthat direction.

Gautam Thapar

Chairman and CEO
Avantha Group

Many articles and books have been written in the recent past on Chinaand India, and their economic models and future. I fi nd Prof. JagdishSheth's book Chindia Rising as a brilliant analysis of not only how Chinaand India will occupy the prime position as two great economies in thefuture, but how they are different from economies that became successstories. Indeed in the 19th and 20th Century, Europe and U.S. were themain players, and later Japan and Korea, each followed a model based ontheir culture, resources, and markets. Both India and China are operatingin a new environment, where capital is not scarce, entrepreneurshipis a winner, globalization and communications is a reality for futuregrowth, and we have abundance of bright human resources and hugedomestic markets. These observations, and particularly the analysisof the differences between Western economies and Chindia, withenumerable examples, reads like a well researched case study; andcertainly makes Prof. Sheth's book a 'Must Read' for all professionalmanagers, entrepreneurs, economists, policy makers, and public at large.I thoroughly enjoyed reading the manuscript, and am grateful to Prof.Sheth for honoring me by sending me the manuscript before publicationof this future best seller.

Suman Sinha

Bata India Ltd.

Chindia Rising is a visionary work encompassing multiplicity ofdimensions of the unprecedented impact and infl uence of the two greatnations, India and China, on the world's industrial, business and alsopolitical future of few hundred years. The book is destined to becomea milestone and extensively studied by scholars, infl uencers of theinternational industrial scene and general public. Dr Sheth remindsthe global business community of the fundamental signifi cance of theeconomic rise of China and India. With his typical acuity, he sees beyondthe temporary dislocations caused by outsourcing or trade imbalancesand discovers a future of worldwide economic growth, job creation, andexpanding opportunity. I strongly recommend this book to scholars,students, international business leaders and general readers.

Dr KRS Murthy

CEO and Vice Chairman of the Board
SUNrgi--Power of 1000 Suns

The Chindia phenomena is at its nascent stage. The world hasn't seenanything like it. The book comes at an appropriate time and evaluatesthe subject holistically. The large domestic market, the huge, youngand growing population, the realization of the future imperatives by therespective governments, the compulsions of multinationals and the riseof private enterprise all are working in favor of China and India. Thebook will enable both governments and enterprises to think about thechallenges of becoming a dominant global force, employability of the youth,issues preventing the rural-urban divide, sustainability, collaborativeenergy, security, patents and IPR issues. Every citizen of the world mustread it.

Rajeev Karwal

Founder Director

What indeed jumps out is the new fi rst generation companies emergingfrom China and India who are now global players. The sheer scale ofBrownian movement of entrepreneurs in both the countries is moving thetwo global economies to operate globally; reading Chindia Rising is likereading a business thriller.

Sudhir Sethi

Founding Chairman & Managing Director
IDG Ventures India
Bangalore, India

So appropriate is the name of this book, Chindia Rising. I have focusedand worked within the Indian and Chinese business communities forthree decades, and I have personally seen the growth and the positioningof "Chindia" to accelerate far beyond the expectations of the globalcommunity. Dr Sheth continues to identify trends in the global economiclandscape and so astutely explains how those trends impact our dailylives. I predict that this book will become a best seller and will continuethe signifi cant success that Dr Sheth has had within the global economicspectrum. Dr Sheth so clearly explains this trend of Chindia Rising thata reader can grasp the enormity of this trend while reading his book.

Kenneth A. Cutshaw

Honorary Consul of India
Business Executive and Global Attorney

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