Maurice and Berghetta: Or, The Priest of Rahery. A Tale

Wells and Lilly, 1820 - 213 sider

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Side 61 - Built in the eclipse, and rigged with curses dark, That sunk so low that sacred head of thine.
Side 29 - I (he says) who knew how all our self-sufficient boobies would set their heads against any thing new, shook my head, and could not help telling him of our Sir Phelimy French, who brought over an English waggon and horses, but forgot to bring a driver, and when he ordered it out, it came round with eight drivers, one to every horse, and the horses not knowing what was meant by hup and hough, and the drivers as little understanding what they called the humours of the waggon, it was overturned into...
Side xxiv - Jf arty reader should feel disappointed in the want of dramatic interest in the following Tale, let him consider, that the Author's object is not to write a novel, but to place such observations cm the Banners of the Irish peasantry, as have occurred to him, in a less formal shape than that of a regular dissertation
Side 152 - We need not mourn for thee, here laid to rest, Earth is thy bed, and not thy grave ; the skies Are for thy soul the cradle and the nest, There live, for here thy glory never dies : For like a Christian knight and champion blest, Thou didst both live and die ; now feed thine eyes With thy Redeemer's sight, where crown'd with bliss Thy faith, zeal, merit, well deserving is.
Side 33 - ... business to any extent, from the perpetual wrangles he is engaged in to avoid imposition; but in an English fair, words are binding oaths, and business passes on quietly and speedily. Another great and pure feature they (the English) possess, which it grieves my heart to know how sadly we (the Irish) want, — THEIR women never drink. Almost every vice of our character I could confess here, but I should have died with shame to have allowed this.
Side 176 - Sullivan for the honour she does our court" and seemed as if she would have said more, but was restrained by the forms of this most formal court; but these few words were accompanied by a smile of great sweetness.
Side 17 - ... save the labourer's family a world of time and pains. A poor girl who can earn two-pence a-day is diverted, he says, from her work in carrying potatoes to the workman in the field ; this waste of time would be prevented by the labourer's carrying a sandwich in his pocket ! ' Maurice works task-work, and as he is so well fed, he says he is able to work better than many grown up men. Indeed, he says eating meat is the cheapest and best, for besides being able to earn so much more, he can take his...

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