The Genuine Poetical Remains of Samuel Butler: With Notes

Joseph Booker, 1827 - 301 sider

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Side 16 - It is a large one, far more great Than e'er was bred in Afric yet, From which we boldly may infer The Moon is much the fruitfuller. And since the mighty Pyrrhus brought...
Side 191 - And now, at length, he's brought Unto fair London city, Where in Fleet-street All those may see't, That will not believe my ditty.
Side 29 - One Syllable of th' Elephant; Avow'd, his Snout could be no Mouse's, But a true Elephant's Proboscis. Others began to doubt, and waver, Uncertain which o' th' two to favour; And knew not whether to espouse The cause of th
Side 21 - This strange memoir o' th' telescope, One, peeping in the tube by chance, Beheld the elephant advance. And, from the west side of the Moon To th
Side 67 - Unhappy man takes pains to find, T" inflict himself upon his mind : And out of his own bowels spins A rack and torture for his sins ; Torments himself, in vain, to know That most which he can never do : And the more strictly 'tis...
Side 21 - Than question what h' had seen with them. 2GO While all were thus resolv'd ; a man, Of great renown there, thus began Tis strange, I grant ! But who can say What cannot be ; what can and may ? Especially at so hugely vast...
Side 32 - That is not huge and over-grown, And explicate appearances, Not as they are, but as they please ; In vain strive Nature to suborn, And, for their pains, are paid with scorn.
Side 72 - For those who heretofore sought private holes, Securely in the dark to damn their souls, Wore vizards of hypocrisy, to steal And slink away in masquerade to hell, Now bring their crimes into the open sun, For all mankind to gaze their worst upon...
Side 28 - That those who've purchased of the college A share, or half a share of knowledge, And brought in none, but spent repute, Should not b...
Side 20 - To draw an exact Narrative Of what we every one can swear Our eyes themselves have seen appear, That, when we publish the Account, We all may take our oaths upon 't. 240 This said, they all with one consent Agreed to draw up th...

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