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Mundi, or Year

of the


No. III.



Abridged from Archbishop Usher and Calmet.

The true date of the Birth of Christ is FOUR YEARS before the
common æra or A. D.


From the Creation to the Deluge, 1656 years.

1 THE creation.

Eve, tempted by the serpent, disobeys God, and persuades her
husband Adam to disobedience also. God drives them out
of paradise.

2 Cain born, Adam's eldest son.

3 Abel born, Adam's second son. 129 Cain kills his brother Abel. 130 Seth born, son of Adam and Eve. 235 Enos born, son of Seth.

325 Cainan born, son of Enos.
395 Mahalaleel born, son of Cainan.
460 Jared born, son of Mahalaleel.
622 Enoch born, son of Jared.
687 Methuselah born, son of Enoch.
874 Lamech born, son of Methuselah.
930 Adam dies, aged 930 years.

987 Enoch translated: he had lived 365 years.

1042 Seth dies, aged 912 years.
1056 Noah born, son of Lamech.
1140 Enos dies, aged 905 years.
1235 Cainan dies, aged 910 years.
1290 Mahalaleel dies, aged 895 years.
1422 Jared dies, aged 962 years.

1536 God informs Noah of the future deluge, and commissions him to
preach repentance to mankind, 120 years before the deluge.

1556 Japhet born, the eldest son of Noah. 1558 Shem born, the second son of Noah.

1551 Lamech dies, the father of Noah, aged 777 years.






A. D. 4004
























A. M.

B. C.

4656 Methuselah dies, the oldest of men, aged 969 years, in the year of 2349
the deluge.

The same year, Noah, being 600 years old, by divine command enters
the ark.


From the Deluge to the First Call of Abraham, 420 years

and six months.

1657 Noah, being now 601 years old, takes off the roof of the ark on the 2347

first day of the first month; and on the twenty-seventh day of the
second month Noah quits the ark. He offers sacrifices of thanks-
giving. God appoints the rainbow as a pledge that he would send
no more a universal deluge.
1658 Arphaxad born, the son of Shem.
1693 Salah born, son of Arphaxad.

1723 Heber born, son of Salah.
1757 Phaleg born, son of Heber.


1770 The building of the tower of Babel; the confusion of languages, and 2230

dispersion of the nations.



1771 The beginning of the Babylonian or Assyrian monarchy by Nimrod; 2234
and of the Egyptian empire by Ham the father of Mizraim.
1787 Reu born, the son of Phaleg.
1819 Serug born, son of Reu.
1824 The trial of Job.










1849 Nahor born, son of Serug.
1878 Terah born, the son of Nahor.
1948 Haran born, the son of Terah.
2006 Noah dies, aged 950 years.
2008 Abram born, the son of Terah.
2018 Sarai born, wife of Abram.

2083 The call of Abram from Ur of the Chaldees to Haran in Mesopota-1921)
mia, where his father Terah died, aged 205.


From the second Call of Abraham to the Departure of the
Israelites out of Egypt, 430 years.


2083 The second call of Aram from Haran.

He comes into Canaan with Sarai his wife, and Lot his nephew;
and dwells at Sichem.

2084 Abram goes into Egypt; Pharaoh takes his wife, but soon restores 1220
her again. Abram returns from Egypt; he and Lot separate.
2092 Abram's victory over the five kings, and rescue of Lot.
2093 Sarai gives her maid Hagar, for a wife, to her husband Abram.
2094 Ishmael born, the son of Abram and Hagar. Abram was 86 years 1910


old. Gen. xvi. 16.

Sodom, Gomorrah, Admah, and Zeboim, burnt by fire from heaven.
Lot is preserved retires to Zoar; commits incest with his

2107 The new covenant of the Lord with Abram: God promises him a 1897
numerous posterity: his name changed to Abraham, and that of
Sarai to Sarah. Gen. xvii. Circumcision instituted. Abraham
entertains three angels, under the appearance of travellers; they
promise him Isaac.

2108 Abraham departs from the plain of Mamre to Beer-sheba. Isaac 1896


A. M

2133 Abraham offers his son Isaac to God for a burnt-offering.

2145 Sarah dies, aged 127 years.

2148 Isaac marries Rebekah.

B. C.







2245 Isaac blesses Jacob, who withdraws into Mesopotamia, to his uncle 1759
Laban; and marries first Leah, and then Rachel.
2246 Reuben born, son of Jacob and Leah.


2247 Simeon born, son of Leah.



2248 Levi born, son of Leah.
2249 Judah born, son of Leah.


2259 Joseph born, son of Jacob and Rachel, Jacob being 90 years old. 1745
2265 Jacob returus to Canaan. Esau comes to meet him, and receives 1739
him, with much affection. Jacob arrives at Shrechem.
2270 The rape of Dinah-Benjamin born, son of Rachel.
2276 Joseph, being 17 year old, tells his father Jacob his brothers' faults; 1734
they hate him, and sell him to strangers, who take him into Egypt. 1728
Joseph sold again as a slave to Potiphar.

2286 Joseph, tempted by the wife of Potiphar, refuses her, and is put in 1718

2168 Jacob and Esau born, Isaac being 60 years old.

2184 Abraham dies, aged 175 years.

2200 Isaac covenants with Abimelech king of Gerar.
2208 Esau marries Canaanitish women.



2287 Joseph explains the dreams of the two officers of Pharaoh.
2289 Pharaoh's dreams explained by Joseph, who is made governor of 1715
Egypt. The beginning of the seven years of plenty foretold by

2296 The beginning of the seven years of scarcity foretold by Joseph. 1708
2297 Joseph's ten brethren come into Egypt to buy corn. Joseph impri-1707

sons Simeon.

2298 Joseph's brethren return into Egypt, with their brother Benjamin. 1706
Joseph discovers himself, and engages them to come into Egypt
with their father Jacob, then 130 years old.

2300 Joseph gets all the money of Egypt into the royal treasury.
2301 Joseph gets all the cattle of Egypt for the king.

2302 The Egyptians sell their lands and liberties to Pharaoh.

2302 The end of the seven years of scarcity. Joseph returns the Egyp-1702

tians their cattle and their lands.



2385 Levi dies, aged 137 years.
2427 A revolution in Egypt.

2315 Jacob's last sickness: he adopts and blesses Ephraim and Manasseh; 1689
foretels the characters of all his sons; and dies, aged 147 years.
2369 Joseph dies, aged 110 years. He foretels the departure of the Israel-1635
ites from Egypt, and desires that his bones may be taken with them
into Canaan.


Rameses Miamun, the king, who knew 1577
neither Joseph nor his services, persecutes the Israelites.
About this time, according to Calmet, lived Job, famous for his wis-
dom, virtue, and patience.

2430 Aaron born, son of Amram and Jochebed.


2433 Moses born; exposed on the banks of the Nile; and found by Pha-1571
raoh's daughter, who adopts him.

2473 Moses kills an Egyptian: flees into Midian: marries Zipporah, the 1531
daughter of Jethro: has two sons by her, Gershom and Eliezer.
2513 Moses, commissied by God, returns into Egypt. Pharaoh refuses 1491
to set the Israelites at liberty. Moses inflicts ten plagues on
Egypt; after which the Israelites are liberated.


From the Departure of the Israelites out of Egypt to their
Entrance into the Land of Canaan, 40 years.

A. M.

B. C.

2513 Pharaoh pursues the Israelites with his army, and overtakes them 1491
at Pi-hahiroth. The waters divided. Israel goes through on dry
ground. The Egyptians drowned; 21st of the first month.
2514 After the delivery of the law, with various circunstances of terror, 1490

the covenant of the Israelites with God, their gross idolatry, and
many other events, the tabernacle is erected on the first day of the
first month of the second year after the Exodus. The priesthood
is established on the arrival of the Israelites at Kadesh-barnea ;|
whence they send twelve chosen men, one out of each tribe, to
examine the land of Canaan. After forty days these men return
to Kadesh-barnea, and exasperate the people, saying that this
country devoured its inhabitants, and that they were not able to
conquer it. Caleb and Joshua withstand them; the people mu-
tiny: God swears that none of the murmurers should enter the
land, but be consumed in the desert. The people resolve on
entering Canaan, but are repulsed by the Amalekites and the Ca-


2515 The people continue a considerable time at Kadesh-barnea, whence 1489

they go toward the Red Sea.

The sedition of Korah, Dathan, and Abiram, is supposed to have
happened at the encampment of Kadesh-barnea.

2552 After wandering in the deserts of Arabia Petræa and Idumæa thirty-1452
seven years, they return to Mozeroth, near Kadesh-barnea, in
the thirty-ninth year after the Exodus.

Moses sends ambassadors to the king of Edom, who refuses a
passage through his territories.

The Israelites arrive at Kadesh. Miriam dies, aged 130 years.
The Israelites murmur for want of water. Moses brings it from
the rock; but he, as well as Aaron, having shown some distrust,
God forbids their entrance into the land of promise.

From Kadesh they go to mount Hor, where Aaron dies, aged 123


The king of Arad attacks Israel, and takes several captives.

From mount Hor they come to Zalmonah, where Moses raises the
brazen serpent. Others think this happened at Punon.

2553 Sihon king of the Amorites refuses the Israelites a passage through 1451
his dominions. Moses attacks him and takes his country.
Og king of Bashan attacks Israel, but is defeated.
Distribution of the countries of Sihon and Og to the tribes of Reu-

ben and Gad, and to the half tribe of Manasseh.
Moses renews the covenant of Israel with the Lord.
The death of Moses, who is succeeded by Joshua.
Joshua sends spies to Jericho.


From the Entrance of the Israelites into the Land of Canaan
to the Building of Solomon's Temple, 447 years.

The people pass the river Jordan.
Joshua restores circumcision.

Manna ceases. The first passover after the passing over Jordan.
Jericho taken. The Gibeonites make a league with Joshua.

War of the five kings against Gibeon, whom Joshua defeats; the
sun and moon stand still.


A. M.

B. C.

2554 War of Joshua against the kings of Canaan.
2559 Joshua divides the conquered country among Judah, Ephraim, and 1445
the half tribe of Manasseh.

2560 The ark and the tabernacle fixed at Shiloh in the tribe of Ephraim. 1444
Joshua finishes the division of the country.

2561 Joshua renews the covenant between the Lord and the Israelites. 1443

Joshua dies, aged 110 years.

After his death the elders govern about eighteen or twenty years,
during which time happen the wars of Judah with Adoni-bezek.
During the succeeding anarchy happened the idolatry of Micah,
and the war of the twelve tribes against Benjamin, to revenge
the outrage committed on the wife of a Levite."

God sends his prophets in vain to reclaim the Hebrews. He per-
mits therefore, that they should fall into slavery under their

2591 1. Servitude of the eastern Israelites under Cushanrishathaim, king 1413
of Mesopotamia, eight years.

2599 Othniel delivers them: conquers Cushanrishathaim: judges the 1405

people forty years.

2661 II. Servitude of the eastern Israelites under Eglon, king of Moab, 1343
about sixty-two years after the peace of Othniel.
2679 Ehud delivers them, after about twenty years.


2699 III. Servitude of the Israelites under the Philistines. Shamgar de-1305

livers them.

2719 IV. Servitude of the northern Israelites under Jabin king of Hazor. 1285
Deborah and Barak deliver them after twenty years. From
2699 to 2719.

2752 V. Servitude of the eastern and northern Israelites under the Mi-1252


2759 Gideon delivers Israel. He governs them nine years.


2768 Abimelech son of Gideon procures himself to be made king of 1236


2771 Abimelech killed after three years.


2772 Tola judge of Israel after Abimelech; governs twenty-three years. 1232
2795 Jair judges Israel, chiefly beyond Jordan; governs twenty-two years. 1210
2799 VI. Servitude under the Philistines and the Ammonites.


2817 Jephthah delivers the Israelites beyond Jordan.

2823 Jephthah dies, and is succeeded by Ibzan.

2830 Ibzan dies, and Elon succeeds him.

2840 Elon dies: Abdon succeeds him.

2848 Abdon dies. The high priest Eli succeeds as judge of Israel.
VII. Servitude under the Philistines forty years. Judges xiii. 1.
2849 Samuel born.

Under his judicature God raises Samson, born 2849.
2867 Samson marries at Timnath.








2868 Samson burns the ripe corn of the Philistines.

2887 Samson delivered to the Philistines by Delilah; kills himself under 1117
the ruins of the temple of Dagon, with a great multitude of
Philistines. He defended Israel twenty years, from 2867 to 2887.
2888 War between the Philistines and the Israelites. The ark taken by 1116
the Philistines. Death of the high priest Eli: he governed Israel
forty years.


The Philistines send back the ark with presents. It is deposited
at Kirjath-jearim.

Samuel is acknowledged chief and judge of Israel thirty-nine or
forty years. Victory of the Israelites over the Philistines.

2908 The Israelites ask a king of Samuel.


2909 Saul is appointed, and consecrated king.


2911 War of the Philistines against Saul, who, having disobeyed Samuel's 1093

orders, is rejected by God.

Jonathan's victory over the Philistines.

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