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SER M. Saviour, that is, a Rock; and upon this IV. Rack will I build my Church, and the gates

of Hell, i. e. Perfecution and even Death itself, (for fo the words properly fignify, ) fhall not be able to prevail against it; Matt. xvi. 18. And what is meant by St Peter's being a Rock, or Stone, upon which the Church is built, is explained, Eph. ii. 20; where the Church is compared to a Building, the Apostles to Foundation-ftones, and our Saviour himself to the Head of the Building Ye are built, faith St Paul, upon the Foundation of the Apostles and Prophets, Jefus Chrift himself being the chief Corner-ftone; In whom all the Building fitly framed together, groweth unto a Holy Temple in the Lord; In whom you also are builded together, for an habitation of God through the Spirit.



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Of the different Gifts of the Spirit.

[Preached on Trinity-Sunday.]


I COR. xii. 4, 5, 4, 5, 6. Now there are Diverfities of Gifts, but the Same Spirit; And there are differences of Adminiftrations, but the fame Lord; And there are diverfities of Operations, but it is the fame God, which worketh all in all.

N thefe Words we have a dif-SER M tinct Account of three Divine V. Perfons, concerned in bringing about the Salvation of Men ; and a brief Declaration of the nature of their feveral Offices, in accomplishing that



SER M. great and merciful Defign. There are in V. the first place Gifts of Miracles, of Signs and Wonders, for the Conviction of Infidels; and there are Gifts of Grace, of virtuous and holy Difpofitions, for the Sanctification and Improvement of Believers; and these are conftantly afcribed in Scripture to the Spirit of God, the Holy Ghoft, the Comforter: There are diverfities of Gifts; but the fame Spirit. There is in the 2d place a wonderful Oeconomy in the establishment and Government of the Church Mankind was to be redeemed from the Power of Satan, and the Repentance of Sinners made acceptable before God, and available to the obtaining of Pardon, confiftently with the Juftice and Wisdom and Honour of the Laws of God; by the offering up of a fufficient Sacrifice, Oblation and Satisfaction, for the Sins of the Whole World: This Doctrine was to be revealed unto Men; and a Church gathered out of the whole World, of fuch as fhould embrace and obey this Revelation: An Order and Government was to be established, for the propagating this Church and conveying down


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this Doctrine by a perpetual Succeffion, S ER M.. even unto the End of the World: Perpetual Interceffion was to be made to God by a Sinlefs High Prieft, to make the Prayers of frail and finful men acceptable in the Sight of Him, who is of purer Eyes than to behold Iniquity: A Refurrection of the Dead was to be appointed, a final Judgment paffed, and a juft and impartial Retribution made to every man according to his Works: And These things are all afcribed in Scripture to the Son of God, even our Lord Jefus Chrift; who, before his Incarnation, was the Word of the Father, the Angel of his Prefence, the Brightness of his Glory, the express Image of his Perfon; and after his Incarnation, was the Redeemer and Saviour, the Mediator and Interceffor, the Lord and Judge of Mankind: There are Differences of Adminiftrations, fays the Apostle, but the fame Lord. There is in the 3d and last place a Supreme and Abfolute, a felf-original, underived and independent Authority, from whence all these things primarily and originally proceed, and to which the Glory of them muft finally and ultimately be referred:


SERM.referred: And this is in Scripture con V. ftantly afcribed to God, even the Father of our Lord Jefus Chrift; who is the Firft and Supreme Author of every good Gift; by whofe good pleafure, our Lord himself was fent forth to redeem us; and the Holy Spirit given, to fanctify us; There are Diverfities of Operations, but it is the fame God, which worketh all in all: Or,. as the fame Apostle elsewhere expreffes it; Of bim and through him and to him are all things, to whom be Glory and Dominion for ever. This is the Account the Scripture gives us, of the feveral Offices of thefe three Divine Perfons. There are Diverfities of Gifts, but the fame Spirit; and there are differences of Administrations, but the fame Lord; and there are Diverfities of Operations, but 'tis the fame God, that worketh all in all. 'Tis God, by whose Supreme Authority every thing in the Univerfe is directed; 'tis the Son of God, by whom the Government of the Church in particular is adminiftred; 'tis the Spirit of God, by whom all Gifts and Graces," for the conviction of Infidels, and for the Sanctification of Believers, are difpenfed.


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