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Side 25 - But the distant finishing which nature has given to the picture, is of a very different character. It is a true contrast to the foreground. It is as placid and delightful, as that is wild and tremendous.
Side 24 - The passage of the Potomac through the Blue Ridge is, perhaps, one of the most stupendous scenes in nature. You stand on a very high point of land. On your right comes up the Shenandoah, having ranged along the foot of the mountain an hundred miles to seek a vent.
Side 25 - ... infinite distance in the plain country, inviting you, as it were, from the riot and tumult roaring around, to pass through the breach and participate of the calm below. Here the eye ultimately composes itself; and that Way, too, the road happens actually to lead.
Side 25 - For, the mountain being cloven asunder, she presents to your eye, through the cleft, a small catch of smooth blue horizon, at an infinite distance in the plain country, inviting you, as it were, from the riot and tumult roaring around, to pass through the breach, and participate of the calm below.
Side 14 - Berkeley ( ounty and it is surveyed to Martinsburg. GENERAL DESCRIPTION. MORGAN COUNTY. Morgan County, forming the western portion of the eastern Panhandle, has an area of 231.26 square miles. It is bounded on the north and west by the Potomac River, separating it from Allcgany and Washington Counties, Maryland ; on the east by Berkeley County ; on the south by Hampshire County, West Virginia, and Frederick County, Virginia. It was named in honor of General Daniel Morgan. The county was formed from...
Side 25 - ... that in this place particularly they have been dammed up by the Blue ridge of mountains, and have formed an ocean which filled the whole valley; that continuing to rise they have at length broken over at this spot, and have torn the mountain down from its summit to its base.
Side 6 - ... depth than usual, to permit the exit of the water. The impetus of this water, forced through the square channel against the exterior water, acted as an impelling power upon the vessel. The reaction of the effluent water propelled her at the rate above mentioned, when loaded with three tons in addition to the weight of her engine of about a third of a ton.
Side 5 - ... years from date.* In January, 1785, he obtained a patent from the General Assembly of Maryland, for navigating their waters. Through the whole of this year he was engaged in working at his boat, but was not ready for a public trial until 1786, the year following. In this experiment he was eminently successful. He succeeded in propelling his boat, by steam alone, at Shepherdstown, against the current of the Potomac, at the rate of four or tire miles an hour.
Side 351 - The proving shaft was about eight feet square, 50 or 60 feet deep, and sunk in the coal outcrop on the east margin of the basin. The writer was lowered into the shaft by means of a bucket and rope attached to the hoisting engine, and found the coal bed — which was supposed to be about 10 feet thick — much crushed and faulty, as has before been mentioned, and practically worthless. Near the bottom of the shaft, the bed seemed to be parted by layers of fire clay and slate, and in worse condition...
Side 26 - There is said to be a wonderful likeness of Washington in the stupendous rocks which overhang the Potomac. The nose, lips, and chin are admirably formed and bear the semblance of studied art. The forehead is obscure; yet there is sufficient to give the mind a just idea of the noble form and dignified carriage, with its mildness of feature, which the original possessed so pre-eminently as to inspire all men with a profound reverence towards this august personage.

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