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It is not practicable for him to provide the transport ships, the equipment, the military stores, the commissariat, supplies, and also to fight his country's battles. It devolves on the Christian community to supply these ;-to supply liberally an adequate number of men;-a competent provision of all the necessary materiel for carrying on the war with vigour, and a steady perseverance, till a glorious peace be established, by the complete overthrow of Satan's kingdom. There are spiritual supplies, to communicate which is beyond your power: they must come from the "Captain of Salvation." But there are physical supplies, to raise which devolves on you. And in a qualified sense, these, constitute the "sinews" of this war. Your department, therefore, is one of high importance to the success of the cause. In proportion as you fulfil or neglect your duty, the Christian army will be weakly or ably manned and officered; will pine and die through fatigue and want in distant lands; or go onward with spirit and vigour in their benevolent conflict.

I hope you will be more and more convinced that your department of the King's service is a duty, not a “charity :" And whatever is done to aid the brave men who fear not the worldly man's scorn, nor the oppressor's frown, nor exile, nor dangers, nor death, in His service, deserve all the support that it is possible for you to afford them.

Women are renowned for loyalty to their King and attachment to their Country's defenders; and in the Church also, since the day they appeared at the foot of the cross, and at the sepulchre of Jesus, they have maintained their character for efficient aid to "The Good Cause." To them we look to fan the flame of missionary zeal in their husbands', and brothers', and lovers' breasts; and to instil the "True Spirit of Missions" into their children's docile minds.


To all the subjects of Zion's King, throughout the British Isles, and the rest of Christendom, I would suggest certain arrangements, such as they may see fit, to bring the concerns of Foreign Missions more efficiently into the domes

tic and social circle; that Families may sympathise more completely with the circumstances of solitary Missionaries, or new formed churches abroad.

It has occurred to me, that zealous Christians, in the same neighbourhood, might with great advantage meet occasionally, without any of the formalities of an association, to inform themselves fully concerning foreign churches and missionary stations generally; whilst the members of each association, attach themselves to one or two missions, for the purpose of interesting themselves especially in their behalf; and writing out an occasional letter of Christian sympathy or congratulation, in the united names of the persons so assembling. An autograph communication from a faithful soldier in the field, in return, would interest the hearts of the disciples more than a printed despatch ever can. All the Missionaries I have known have felt the want of private expressions of Christian sympathy, and tokens of friendship, in contradistinction from merely official correspondence. Friendship and love are, of all human supports, the most powerful to the heart of man. Adieu !


Dennett, Printer, Leather, Lane London.

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