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of you.

the ropes of the boat, and let where two seas met, they ran her fall off.

the ship aground : and the fore33 And, while the day was part stuck fast, and remained coming on, Paul besought them unmoveable, but the hinder part all to take meat, saying, This was broken with the violence of day is the fourteenth day that the waves. ye have tarried, and continu- 42 And the soldiers' counsel ed fasting, having taken noth- was to kill the prisoners, lest ing.


of them should swim out, 34 Wherefore I pray you to and escape. take some meat; for this is for 43 But the centurion, willing your health : for there shall not to save Paul, kept them from an hair fall from the head of

any their purpose, and commanded

that they which could swim, 35 And when he had thus should cast themselves first into spoken, he took bread, and the sea, and get to land : gave thanks to God in presence

44 And the rest, some on of them all : and when he had boards, and some on broken broken it, he began to eat. pieces of the ship: and so it

36 Then were they all of good came to pass, that they escaped cheer, and they also took some all safe to land. meat. 37 And we were in all in the

CHAP. XXVIII: ship, two hundred threescore and sixteen souls.

PAUL'S HAND. 38 And when they had eaten enough, they lightened the ship, AND when they were escapand cast out the wheat into the ed, then they knew that the

island was called Melita. 39 And when it was day, they 2 And the barbarous people knew not the land : but they shewed us no little kindness : discovered a certain creek with for they kindled a fire, and rea shore, into the which they ceived us every one, because of were minded, if it were possi- the present rain, and because ble, to thrust in the ship.


of the cold. 40 And when they had taken 3 And when Paul had gaup the anchors, they committed thered a bundle of sticks, and themsclves unto the sea, and laid them on the fire, there came loosed the rudder-bands, and a viper out of the heat, and fasthoised up the main-sail to the ened on his hand. wind, and made toward shore. 4 And, when the barbarians 41 And, falling into a place saw the venomous beast hang on


his hand, they said among them- || 13 And from thence we fetchselves, No doubt this man is ed a compass, and came to a murderer, whom, though he Rhegium : and after one day hath escaped the sea, yet ven the south wind blew, and we geance suffereth not to live.

came the next day to Puteoli ; 5 And he shook off the beast 14 Where we found brethinto the fire, and felt no harm. ren, and were desired to tarry

6 Howbeit, they looked when with them seven days : and so he should have swollen, or fall- we went toward Rome. en down dead suddenly : but 15 And from thence, when after they had looked a great the brethren heard of us, they while, and saw no harm come came to meet us as far as Appii to him, they changed their Forum, and the Three Taverns; minds, and said, that he was a whom, when Paul saw, he thankgod.

ed God, and took courage. 7 In the same quarters were 16 And, when we came to possessions of the chief man of Rome, the centurion delivered the island, whose name was the prisoners to the captain of Publius, who received us, and the guard; but Paul was suflodged us three days courteous fered to dwell by himself with ly.

a soldier that kept him. 8 And it came to pass, that 17 And it came to pass, that, the father of Publius lay sick after three days, Paul called the of a fever, and of a bloody flux: chief of the Jews together : and, to whom Paul entered in and when they were come together, prayed, and laid his hands on he said unto them, Men and him, and healed him.

brethren, though I have com9 So when this was done, mitted nothing against the peoothers also which had diseases ple, or customs of our fathers, in the island, came, and were yet was I delivered prisoner healed;

from Jerusalem into the hands 10 Who also honoured us of the Romans ; with many honours; and, when 18 Who, when they had exwe departed, they laded us with amined me, would have let me such things as were necessary. go, because there was no cause

11 And after three months we of death in me. departed in a ship of Alexan- 19 But when the Jews spake dria, which had wintered in the against it, I was constrained to isle, whose sign was Castor and appeal unto Cesar ; not that I Pollux.

had aught to accuse my nation 12 And landing at Syracuse, of. we tarried there three days. 20 For this cause therefore

have I called for you, to see 26 Saying, Go unto this peoyou, and to speak with you ; be- ple, and say, Hearing ye shall cause that for the hope of Isra- | hear, and shall not understand ; el, I am bound with this chain. and seeing ye shall see, and not

21 And they said unto him, perceive : We neither received letters out 27 For the heart of this peoof Judea concerning thee, nei- | ple is waxed gross, and their ther any of the brethren that ears are dull of hearing, and came shewed or spake any harm their eyes have they closed; of thee.

lest they should see with their 22 But we desire to hear of eyes, and hear with their ears, thee what thou thinkest: for and understand with their heart, as concerning this sect, we and should be converted, and I know that every where it is should heal them. spoken against.

28 Be it known, therefore, un23 And when they had ap- to you, that the salvation of pointed him a day, there came God is sent unto the Genmany to him into his lodging ; tiles, and that they will hear to whom he expounded and tes. it. tified the kingdom of God, per- 29 And when he had said these suading them concerning Jesus, words, the Jews departed, and both out of the law of Moses, had great reasoning among and out of the prophets, from themselves. morning till evening.

30 And Paul dwelt two whole 24 And some believed the years in his own hired house, things which were spoken, and and received all that came in some believed not.

unto him, 25 And when they agreed not 31 Preaching the kingdom of among themselves, they depart. God, and teaching those things ed, after that Paul had spoken which concern the Lord Jesus one word, Well spake the Holy Christ, with all confidence, no Ghost by Esaias the prophet I man forbidding him. anto our fathers,

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whom I serve with my spirit in

the gospel of his Son, that withPAUL GREETETH THE

out ceasing I make mention of

you always in my prayers ; PAUL, a servant of Jesus 10 Making request, (if by any Christ, called to be an apostle, means now at length I might separated unto the gospel of have a prosperous journey by God,

the will of God,) to come unto 2 (Which he had promised you : afore by his prophets in the ho. 11 For I long to see you, that ly scriptures,)

I may impart unto you some 3 Concerning his Son Jesus spiritual gift, to the end ye may Christ our Lord, which was be established ; made of the sced of David ac- 12 That is, that I may

be com. cording to the flesh,

forted together with you, by the 4. And declared to be the Son mutual faith both of you and of God with power, according me. to the Spirit of holiness, by the 13 Now, I would not have you resurrection from the dead; ignorant, brethren, that often

5 By whom we have received times I purposed to come unto grace and apostleship, for obe- you, (but was let hitherto,) that dience to the faith, among all I might have some fruit among nations for his name;

you also, even as among other 6 Among whom are ye also Gentiles. the called of Jesus Christ :

14 I am debtor both to the 7 To all that be in Rome, be- Greeks and to the Barbarians, loved of God, called to be saints: l both to the wise and to the unGrace to you, and peace, from wise. God our Father, and the Lord 15 So, as much as in me is, I Jesus Christ.

am ready to preach the gospel 8 First, I thank my God to you that are at Rome also. through Jesus Christ for you

16 For I am not ashamed of all, that your faith is spoken of the gospel of Christ : for it is throughout the whole world. the power of God unto salva9 For God is my witness, lltion, to every one that believeth ; to the Jew first, and also God into a lie, and worshipped to the Greek.

and served the creature more 17 For therein is the righteo | than the Creator, who is blessed ousness of God revealed from for ever. Amen. faith to faith : as it is writ.

26 For this cause God gave ten, The just shall live by them up unto vile affections : faith.

for even their womendid change 18 For the wrath of God is the natural use into that which revealed from heaven, against is against nature : all ungodliness and unrighte- 27 And likewise also the men, ousness of men, who hold the leaving the natural use of the truth in unrighteousness : woman, burned in their lust one

19 Because that which may toward another; men with men, be known of God, is manifest working that which is unseemly, in them: for God hath shewed and receiving in themselves that it unto them.

recompence of their error,which 20 For the invisible things of was meet. him from the creation of the 28 And even as they did not world are clearly seen, being like to retain God in their knowunderstood by the things that ledge, God gave them over to a are made, even his eternal pow. reprobate mind, to do those er and Godhead; so that they things which are not conveni. are without excuse :

21 Because that, when they | 29 Being filled with all unrightknew God, they glorified him eousness, fornication, wickednotes God, neither

ness, covetousness, maliciousthankful; but became vain in ness; full of envy, murder, detheir imaginations, and their bate, deceit, malignity : whisfoolish heart was darkened.

perers, 22 Professing themselves to 30 Backbiters, haters of God, be wise, they became fools; despiteful, proud, boasters, in

23 And changed the glory of ventors of evil things, disobethe incorruptible God, into an dient to parents, image made like to corruptible 31 Without understanding, man, and to birds, and four foot covenant-breakers, without naed beasts, and creeping things. tural affection, implacable, un

24 Wherefore God also gave merciful : them up to uncleanness through 32 Who knowing the judgment the lusts of their own hearts, to of God, that they which conimit dishonour their own bodies be- such things are worthy of death, tween themselves :

not only do the same, but have 25 Who changed the truth of pleasure in them that do them.

ent :


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