A Woman Killed with Kindness: A Play

J.M. Dent, 1897 - 106 sider

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Side 70 - Thy name's recorded in the book of life, I charge thee, never, after this sad day, To see me, or to meet me ; or to send, By word or writing, gift or otherwise, To move me, by thyself, or by thy friends, Nor challenge any part in my two children.
Side 70 - tis thine ; I freely give it thee. My tenants by shall furnish thee with wains To carry all thy stuff within two hours : No longer will I limit thee my sight.
Side 60 - Oh ! what a clog unto the soul is sin. We pale offenders are still full of fear ; Every suspicious eye brings danger near, When they, whose clear hearts from offence are free, Despite report, base scandals do outface, And stand at mere defiance with disgrace.
Side 74 - Well, Master Frankford, well ; but shall be better, I hope, within this hour. Will you vouchsafe, Out of your grace and your humanity, 40 To take a spotted strumpet by the hand ? Frank.
Side 65 - God! O God! that it were possible To undo things done; to call back yesterday! That Time could turn up his swift sandy glass, To untell the days, and to redeem these hours ! Or that the sun Could, rising from the west, draw his coach backward, Take from th...
Side 68 - The blemish of my house, nor my dear love, Could have withheld thee from so lewd a fact, Yet for these infants, these young harmless souls, On whose white brows thy shame is character'd, And grows in greatness as they wax in years ; Look but on them, and melt away in tears.
Side 18 - Frank. To dinner ! Come, sir, from this present day, Welcome to me for ever ! Come, away ! [Exeunt Frankford, Mistress Frankford, and Wendoll.
Side 13 - You, sister, are my friend ; And flying you, I shall pursue my end. Susan. Your company is as my eyeball dear ; Being far from you, no comfort can be near. Yet fly to save your life : what would I care, To spend my future age in black despair, So you were safe ? And yet to live one week Without my brother Charles, through every cheek My streaming tears would downwards run so rank...
Side 17 - Francis lost, and yet was loth to yield : At length the two knights grew to difference, From words to blows, and so to banding...
Side 3 - Lord, sir, in what a happy state live you ! This morning, which to many seems a burden, Too heavy to bear, is unto you a pleasure. This lady is no clog, as many are ; She doth become you like a well-made...

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