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Our own Divines, however, as they justly may contend with them for genius; in soundness of true Christian doctrine, are indisputably superiour.

It is hoped, therefore, that an attempt to adapt some of their compositions to what may be deemed, perhaps, the present style of preaching, may bring them into more general notice. At any rate, if the following short Discourses, in which, it is presumed, the spirit of their great originals must in some degree exist, shall meet the eye of those who may have no other means of knowing them ; or shall induce those who niore fortunately circumstanced, not only to consult but to study them; the design of the present publication will be fully answered.


Some Discourses from Authors of a more recent date are admitted, not only for the

hesitate to assert that “ the second class” of French Preachers would " incontestibly form the first among all • the other nations of Europe.”

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sake of variety, but to prove that the latter must have familiarized themselves with the writings of the former.

And, perhaps, till they thus can rival their illustrious Predecessors, the younger Clergy, by this selection of their beauties, as specimens of Pulpit Eloquence, may be prevailed on to adopt a similar plan, before they venture on original composition.

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