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David Neagle. Patrick Nolan. Laurence Nowlan. Miles Nowland. Terence Neal. William O'Neal. James ('Neal. John O'Neal. Henry O'Neal. John O'Neal. Thomas O'Mara Francis O'Brian. Edward O'Brien. Peter O'Brien. Malachy O'Brien. Michael O'Brien. Jeffery Power. Stephen Pigott. William N. Price. John Powers. Maurice Patton. Jonathan C. Peverelly. John Quinlan. Michael Quin. James Ryan. Michael Ryan. John Ryan. Joseph Ryan. Patrick Ryan. Michael Reilly. Thoinas Rowlands. William Sheridan. John Sinnott, Eschil Scoville. Bernard Swift. Bernard Sarahan. James Scollan. Michael Smith. John Smith. John William Smith. Dennis Sullivan, James Sullivan, Michael Sullivan. Timothy Sullivan. Rev. William Taylor. Patrick Tighe. Dennis Timony. Patrick Trainor. Patrick Tracey. James Tobin. Richard Walsh. William Walsh. Thomas Walsh. 'Jaines Walsh. Benjamin Wheldon. Thomas Williams. Patrick Williams. Micbael Williams. M. Williams. John Ward. Gregory White. Martin Wall. Charles Waugh.

John Waugh.
T. White.

Marville Connor.

Charleston, S. C.
Miles Burke.

Charlestown, Mass.
Hugh Cummisky.
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Halifax, N.S.
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Liverpool, N. S.
Patrick Gough.

Lechmere Point.
Mary Gardiner.
P. Keran.

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Newcastle, Maine.
Rev. Denis Ryan.

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Newport, N.H.
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Northampton, Mass.
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Reading, Mass.
Thomas Haly Forrester.

Miles Burke.
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Mathew Foley:
Malachy Gately
Patrick Glynn.
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Erastus Hinman,
Edward M‘Elroy:
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William Cotterell,
Finnegan & Maguire.
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Michael Hartigan. B

Thomas Kenelly.

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George Pardow. Right Rev. Dr. Connolly, bishop of Rev. John Power. New York.

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Lansingburg. Thomas Addis Emmet.

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Baltimore. R. Emmet.

Luke Tiernan, four copies. John Flack.

Petersburg. Doctor J. W. Frances.

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Colonel O'Maddin, Chili. Mathew Hunt.

Eugene Cassidy, Patterson. Owen Ivers.

John Nowlan, do. Thomas Joy.

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To enable any reader, who may feel so disposeil, to verify the facts and quotations

in this work, I annex a List of the Authors, with the dates of the several editions. Having, to avoid encumbering the bottoms of the pages with tedious repe. titions of the titles of works, gener referred to the authors names, this list fur.

nishes a key to the references. Baker. Chronicles of the Kings of England. Folio. Title wanting. Borlace. History of the Execrable Irish Rebellion. Folio. London, 1680. Burke. Works of the Right Hon. Edmund Burke. 6 vols. 8vo. Boston, 1807. Burnet. Burnet's History of His Own Times. 2 vols. folio. London, 1724. Burton. History of the Kingdom of Ireland. By R. Burton. Westminster, 1811. Bernard. Whole Proceedings of the Siege of Drogheda. By Nicholas Bernard,

dean of Ardagh. Dublin, 1736. Carleton. A Thankful Remembrance of God's Mercy. By George, Bishop of

Chichester. 8vo. London, 1630. Cabala. Cabala : Sive Scrinia Sacra, Mysteries of State and Government. Folio.

London, 1683. Curry. An Historical and Critical Review of the Civil Wars in Ireland. By

John Curry, M. D. 2 rols. 8vo. Dublin, 1786. Crawford. History of Ireland, from the Earliest Period to the Present Time.

By William Crawford. 2 vols. 8vo. Strabane, 1783. Cox. Hibernia Anglicana: or the History of Ireland. By Richard Cox, Esqr.

London, 1689. Clarendon. History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars in England. By the Earl

of Clarendon, 3 vols. folio. Oxford, 1704. Clarendon's S. P. State Papers. By the Earl of Clarendon. 2 vols. folio. Ox

ford, 1773. Clarendon': I. History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars of Ireland. By the

Earl of Clarendon. 8vo. London, 1720. Clarendon's Life, The Life of Edward, earl of Clarendon. 3 vols. 8vo. Ox.

ford 1761. Carte. Life of James, Duke of Ormond. 3 vols, folio. London, 1736. Davies. Historical Tracts. By Sir John Davies, Attorney-General of Ireland.

8ro. Dublin, 1787. Daniel. The Collection of the History of England. By Samuel Daniel. Folio.

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Lieutenant of Ireland. 4to. London, 1770. Frankland. Annals of King James, and Charles I. Folio. London, 1681. Gordon. History of Ireland, from the earliest Accounts to the Union. By the

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lin, 1756. King. State of the Protestants in Ireland, under the late King James's Go.

vernment. By Archbishop King. 8vo. London, 1692. Lelund. History of Ireland. By T. Leland. 4 vols. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1774. Ludlow. Memoirs of Edward Ludlow, Esqr. 3 vols. 8vo. Vevay, 1698. May. History of the Parliament of England, which began Nov..., 1640. By

Thomas May. 4to. London, 1812.

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Memoirs. Memoirs of the History of Ireland, from the Restoration. 8vo. Lon

don, 1774. Mountmorres. History of the Principal Transactions of the Irish Parliament.

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vols. 4to. Dublin, 1810. Plowden. Historical View of the State of Ireland, from the Invasion to the Uni

on. 6 vols. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1805. Parliamentary History. Parliamentary or Constitutional History of England. 24

vols. 8vo. London, 1762. Pickering. Statutes at Large, from Magna Charta to the End of the Eleventh

Parliament of Great Britain. By Darby Pickering. London, 1762. Perrot. Government of Ireland under Sir John Perrot. 12mo. London, 1626. Petty. Political Anatomy of Ireland. By William Petty. 12mo. Lond. 1691. Parnell. History of the Penal Laws. By Henry Parnell. 8vo. Dublin, 1808. Picture of Dublin, 1821. Robbins. An Exact Abridgment of all the Irish Statutes. 4to. Dublin, 1736. Rapin. History of England. By Mr. Rapin. 21 vols. 8vo. London, 1760. Rushworth. Historical Collection of Private Passages of State. 8 vols, folio. Remarks on Burnet. Historical and critical remarks on bishop Burnet's bistory.

8vo. London, 1727.
Statutes. Collection of all the Statutes now in Use. Folio. Dublin, 1678.
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Strafford. State Letters of the Earl of Strafford. 2 vols. folio. Dublin, 1740.

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State Trials. Cobbet's complete Collection of State Trials. 1809.
Smith. Ancient and present State of the City and County of Cork. By

Charles Smith. 2 vols. 8vo. Dublin, 1774.
Sydney Papers. Letters and Memorials of State, in the Reigns of Queen Mary,

Queen Elizabeth, King James, &c. commonly called Sydney Papers. 2

vols. folio. London, 1746. Statement of the Penal Laws against the Catholics of Ireland. 8vo. Dublin,

1812. Temple. The Irish Rebellion. By sir Jolin Temple. Dublin, 1724. Thurloe. Collection of State Papers, from 1638 to the Restoration. 7 vols.

folio. London, 1742. Tichbourne. Letter of sir Henry Tichbourne to his Lady on the Siege of Tre

dagh. Appended to Temple's History, Dublin, 1724. Warner. Tistory of the Rebellion and Civil War of Ireland. By Ferdinando

Warner. 410. London, 1768. Whitelock. Memorials of English Affairs. Folio. London, 1682 & 1724. Warrick. Memoirs of the Reign of King Charles 1. By Sir Philip Warwick,

8vo. London, 1703. Ware. Antiquities and History of Ireland. By Sir J. Ware. 1 vol. folio, Dublin,

1705. 2 vols. Dublin, 1764. Wakefield. Account of Ireland, statistical and political. By E. Wakefield. 2 vols.

4to. London, 1812. Young. Tour in Ireland, with observations on the state of that kingdom. 2 vols.

8vo. Dublin, 1780.

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TO most readers it will probably appear a work of supererogation, in a country and an age so remote from the scene and the era of the events which are discussed in this Vindication, to investigate the subjects it embraces. The reasons, however, are powerful, and fully justify the undertaking,

The history of Ireland is almost one solid mass of falsehood and imposture, erected, particularly during the seventeenth century, on the basis of fraud and perjury ;-—fraud and perjury so obvious, so stupid, and so flagitious, that, to the most superficial observer, it must be a subject of inexpressible astonishment how it ever gained currency:

Nevertheless, from such foul and polluted sources alone, the knowledge of that history is derived by nine-tenths of those who have condescended to study it: and, however extravagant it may appear, it is nevertheless a serious truth, that a large portion even of those who pride themselves on their literary acquirements, are almost as ignorant of the affairs of Ireland, from the twelfth to the eighteenth century, as of those of Arabia or Japan. They are, in fact, in a worse state. With respect to the details of the history of the latter nations, they are barely ignorant: but, with respect to Ireland, almost all they know is wholly untrue. They give full faith and confidence to some of the most extravagant and spurious stories that ever were ushered on the world, to delude and deceive mankind, under the prostituted name of histories.

The terrific tales that are recorded of the events of the civil war of 1641, have sowed, and still continue to sow, a copious seed of the most vulgar and rancorous prejudices in the mind of man against his fellow man, which have sprouted forth with most pernicious luxuriance, and soured in the breasts of

many the sweet milk of human kirdress towards those with whom they are in daily, habits of asscciation. These prejudices are too generally prevalent in the British domi

In Ireland, they have produced the most baleful consequences, and still afford some sort of countenance to the continuance of the remnant of the laws “to prevent the growth of popery”—an odious code, by which rapice, cruelty, and demoralization have been legally systematížed, and every principle of honour, honesty, good faith, justice, and sound. policy, violated.

Many of these prejudices have been transplanted from their



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