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These people are depressed beyond all conception, and what may appear astonishing, they bear their degradation without murmuring or complaint."1130

'The inhabitants are poor, and their cabins are wretched huts, with a wattled door lined with a straw mat in the inside.":1131

They have scarcely any clothing but rags, and in general wear neither shoes nor stockings."1139

The poor throughout Connaught live in a state of great wretchedness ; oatmeal is a luxury which they seldom taste."1133

Meat is no part of the food of these people. Whatever animals they rear and fatten, they sell, according to their own expressions, to the northerns.' "1184

“ The country round the Arigna iron works, is inhabited by a people, who, according to every appearance, are in a most wretched condition. They are badly clothed, and reside in dirty mud cabins, continually filled with smoke."1133

6. The lower orders are in general very poor. Their usual food is potatoes and milk."1136

“ Their food is the same as this class of persons in most other parts of Ireland, make use of: viz. potatoes, and occasionally fish; they are seldom so circumstanced, as to be able to obtain a constant and sufficient supply of milk."1137

Potatoes and milk form the general food, to which is often added, fish procured from the Shannon and the lake."1138

“The general food of the inhabitants is potatoes, meal, and milk; some of the wealthier farmers occasionally eat animal food."1189

Their food is potatoes, with milk or fish. The rich farmers eat pork sometimes, "1140

“ Their dwellings are usually very indifferent and dirty, and even devoid of necessaries. Many sleep on the damp floor. Their clothing for day or night is often very scanty."1141

“ The general food of the peasantry is potatoes. During the lent season, and a little betore and after, salted herrings make an addition to their daily food. Flesh meat is seldom used in their cottages, except on remarkable occasions, as at Christmas and Easter, and even then, the only kind used is pork or bacon."

The greater part of the inhabitants of this rich and populous district live upon potatoes and milk."'1143

could go on with the harrowing detail to fill a volume-but I trust I have given enough to prove the abject state to which the lower orders of society are reduced in one of the most highly-gifted portions of the globe, owing to the blighting policy under which they groaned for centuries.


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Act of attainder against one hundred | Carte, gross obliquity of, 233, 249.
and two persons, 88.

Carte, inconsistency and errors of, 39,
Act of indemnity, deceptious, 194. 48.
Acts of attainder, iniquity of, 88. Cashel, cathedral of, massacre in, 428.
Ambassadors' houses watched to pre. Catelin chosen member for Dublin,

vent Roman Catholics from hearing 234.
mass, 29.

Catholic archbishops, bishops, &c. lia-
Analogy between the conduct of the ble to be hanged, 461.

Long parliament and the leaders of Catholic chapels seized, and one razed
the French Revolution, 281.

to the ground, 42.
Analysis of the sham conspiracy in Catholics charged with fabricating the
1641, 318, 325.

solemn league and covenant, 291.
Anniversary sermons in Ireland, per- Catholics, confederate, orders given
nicious tendency of, 22.

by, 368.
Antrim, earl, perfidiously taken pri. Catholics excluded from parish ves-
soner, 344.

tries, 482.
Antrim's estate bestowed on sir John Catholics of Ireland, plan for the ex-

Clotworthy for a mere trifle, 450. termination of the, 329, 30, 31.
Archbishop of Dublin, a mitred ruf- Catholics forbidden to purchase any
fian, 40.

of the forfeited estates, 466.
Barlow, Mary, testimony of, 404. Catholics not allowed to possess horses
Barnewall, sir Christopher, put to the above five pounds value, 463.
rack, 347.

Catholics not allowed to lend money
Barrymore, earl of, oruel execution by, on mortgage, 464.

Catholics, numerous existing disqua-
Baskerville, E. deposition of, 408. lifications of, 477, 8, 9.
Beal's sham plot for the destruction Catholics obliged to contribute double

of 108 members of parliament, 286. to the support of the militia, 466.
Bedlow, William, character of, 295. Catholics precluded from education,
Bedlow, flagrant perjury of, 299. 469.
Betagh, Francis, case of, 451. Catholic priests, cruel regulations re-
Birne, John, deposition of, 402. specting, 461.
Boroughs, fraudulent erection of, 228, Catholic priests liable to be transport-

ed, if officiating out of their proper
Bourke, Richard, deposition of, 399. parishes, 462.
Bribery of Judges by Charles I. and Catholic priests liable to be hanged
Wentworth, 242.

for marrying a Protestant and Ca.
Bribery and corruption, 447.

tholic, or two Protestants, 462,
Burglary, sacrilegious, at a Catholic 477.
chapel, 34.

Catholic priests liable to imprisonment
Butler, dame, deposition of, 399. for not revealing secrets of the con.
Byrne, Pheagh Mac Hugh, depreda fessional, 477.
tion on, 207.

Catholics prohibited from burying
Camden, absurd accusation by, 103. their dead in' the grave yards of
Cannibalism in Ireland, 127, 8.

suppressed convents, 465.
Carew, sir George, forgery of, 139. Catholics prohibited from serving on
Carew, sir George, hires a murderer juries in cases under the popery

to assassinate Fitzthomas, 1.38. laws, 465.
Carleton's, bishop, narrative of the dis Catholics prohibited from acting as

covery of the sham plot of Tyrone guardians, 466.
and Tyrconne!, 176.

Catholics prohibited from acting as
Carmick, John, deposition of, 403. magistrates, 467.
Carte, partiality and injustice of, 190.! Catholics robbed of their arms, 468.

Catholic soldiers and sailors, oppres. Conquered countries, view of the state
sion of, 481.

of, 62.
Cattle rarely housed in Munster, 488. Conspiracy, sham, in 1641, full account
Cessation of hostilities, clamour against of, 311, 12, 13, 14.
the, 370, 1, 2, 3.

Constable, Joan, deposition of, 392.
Champion, Elizabeth, deposition of, Cooke, Catherine, deposition of, 391.

Coote, Charles, a ferocious monster,
Chapel, Roman Catholic, sacrilegious 324, 345.

outrage perpetrated at, 34. Coote, Charles, deposition of, 405.
Chappel, Charity, deposition of, 403. Cole, sir William, starves 7000 “of
Character of the Irish, favourable, 167, the vulgar sort," 429.
8, 9.

Counterfeit letters an engine of state
Charles I.'s contract with the Irish 45, in the reign of Elizabeth, 104.
48, 54

Courcye, an Irish nobleman, assassin-
Charles I. obduracy of, 265.

ated, 140.
Charles I. perfidy of, 55, 217, 18. Court of Wards, oppression of, 213,
Charles I.'s attempt to force his reli- 14, 15.
gion on the Scotch, 278.

Courts martial, bloody operations of,
Charles I. remarks on the character 344.
of, 274.

Court martial, sentence of, against
Charles II. ingratitude and perfidy of, lord Mountnorris, 260.
442, 3, 4.

Cox, Richard, slaughters by, 430.
Chesterfield, lord, character of his ad. Creighton, Alexander, deposition of,
ministration, 468.

China, conquest of, by the Tartars, 62. Creighton, George, deposition of, 391.
Chichester, lord, rapacity of, 110. Cromwell, an unprincipled hypocrite,
Civil wars in Scotland, Ireland, and 281.

England, view of the, 278. Cromwell, hypocrisy of, 426.
Clanrickarde, letter from, respecting Cromwell, Oliver, horrible massacre

the Connaught gentlemen, 253. by, 425.
Clanrickarde, loyalty and energy of, Cromwell's tribunals for the trial of

the Irish, 440.
Clarendon, gross errors of, 47, 48, 192. Cromwellians, rapacity and injustice
Clerk, John, deposition of, 400.

of, 439.
Climate of Ireland, mildness of the, Crosby, sir Piers, hard case of, 236.

Cruelties of the Irish, enquiry respect-
Clontarfe, depredations and slaughter ing the, 381.

Culm, Arthur, deposition of, 403.
Cobler of Aggavvam in America, 435. Curry's application to Hume, 386.
Coin basely adulterated by queen Eli- Dangerfield, Hume's character of, 301.
zabeth, 131.

Davies, sir John, his testimony in fa-
Common Prayer Book proscribed by vour of the Irish, 167.

the English parliament, 29. Davies, sir Jobn, scandalous chicanery
Conditions of Limerick, perfidious vio. of, 183, 4.
lation of the, 459.

Davies, sir John, chicanery of, 229.
Confiscations, enormous, of the Irish Defective titles, act for remedying, 55.
estates, 449.

De la Hide, Walter, and wife, cruel
Confiscation of millions of acres in Ire. treatment of, 137.
land, 32.

Depositions of impossibilities, 391.
Confiscation of ten millions of acres, Depredation and rapine perpetrated
plan for the, 332, 3.

by the government forces in Ire.
Connaught, landed proprietors in, land, 117, 18, 19, 20.

hard case of the, 241, 252, 3. Depredations on the Irish, 192, 204-7.
Connaught, iniquitous claims to, 240. Desmond's estate, confiscation of, 88.
Connaught in tranquillity till Dec. Desmond, case of Gerald Fitzgerald,
1641, 323.

earl of, 93–9.
Connaught, plantation of, planned by Desmond, case of James, earl of, 89.
James L. 189.

Desmond, lamentable death of, 105.
Connaught, Strafford's project for the Desmond, case of Thomas, earl of, 90.
plantation of, 240.

Desolation and slaughter perpetrated
Connaught, nefarious attempts to in Scotland by the earl of Susses,

spread the insurrection in, 340-3. 170.

at, 352


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Desolation of the Desmond estates, English, in France, Spain, and
98, 101.

Flanders, 171.
Desolation perpetrated in Ireland by Hearsay evidence, 394.

the government forces, 117, 18, 19, Higgins, Fr. perfidious murder of, 345.

Historical writing, advantages of, 21.
Discord fomented among the Irish, 76. Historical writing, abuses of, 21.
Divide et impera, the English policy History of Ireland, corruption and
in Ireland, 109.

falsehood of, 22.
Dogs attack passengers to devour Hollis, Jervase, expelled the house of
them, 417.

commons, 280.
Drogheda, massacre at, 425.

House of lords in Ireland, how ma-
Ecclesiastical despotism of Strafford, naged in former times, 147.
257, 258, 259.

Hume deserving of severe censure,
Ecclesiastical courts in Ireland, gross 385.
oppression of, 47.

Hume, evasive letter of, 386.
English rapine in Ireland, stated to Hume, gross misrepresentation of,
pope John XXII. 85.

Essex, earl of, massacre perpetrated Hume, sound maxim of, 238.
by, 141.

Hypocrisy and canting of Oliver Croin-
Exaggeration, extravagant, 57.

well, 426.
Exaggerations, horrible, 381, 2, 3. Inchiquin a sanguinary ruffian, 420.
Extermination of the Catholics of Ire. Indictment, above 1000 bills of, found
land, plan for the, 329.

in two days, 362.
Falsehoods, gross, of Temple, Claren. Indictments, definition of, 363.
don, &c. 34.

Indictments, 1100 bills of, found in
Famine, horrible, in Ireland, 128, 9. Cork and Waterford, 364.
Faulkland, lord, base trick of, 217. Informers, malediction on, 474.
Faulkland, persecuting proclamation Inquisitors, proper punishment of,
of, 36.

Fermeny, Margaret, deposition of, Insurgents, submissions of, rejected,

Fines, enormous, levied on the Irish Insurrection confined to Ulster, 59.
recusants, 52.

Insurrection in 1641, view of the, 310.
Fines, ruinous, imposed by Strafford, Ireland, conquest of, fatal to the hap-

piness of the natives, 62.
Fitzgeralds, six, basely entrapped and Ireland devoured by swarms of hun.
betrayed, 135.

gry adventurers, 69.
Fitzwilliam, deputy, perfidy and cruel Ireland, dreadful state of, 21, 68.
ty of, 136.

Ireland, excellent soil of, 485,6,7.
Fleetwood, T. deposition of, 399. Ireland, fisheries of, 494.
Forbes, lord, ferocious and brutal con- Ireland, great national advantages of,
duct of, 343.

Forgery, plots, perjury, and impos. Ireland, harbours, rivers, and lakes of,
ture, age of, 284.

Frankland, Owen, deposition of, 400. Ireland, horrible grievances of, 49, 50,
Fullerton, E. deposition of, 408. 51, 53. 505, 6.
Geare, James, deposition of, 391. Ireland, mines and minerals of, 491.
Ghosts standing in a river for six weeks Ireland, final subjugation of, by Crom-

screaming for revenge, 391, 2, 3, 4. well, 438.
Gold mine in Ireland, account of, 493. Ireland, picture of the oppression of,
Governmental depredations on the 458.
Irish, 247, 251.

Ireland, soil of, more cultivated than
Graces, solemn contract for the, 216. that of France, 436,
Graces, details of the, 218, 19, 20. Ireland, sufferings of, 80.
Green, Elizabeth, deposition of, 407. Irish administrations, detestable policy
Grenville, Richard, a barbarous ruf- of, 62, 63.
fian, 425.

Irish character, scandalous, libels on
Grey, lord, a ruthless destroyer, 108. the, 166, 7.
Grey, lord, base perfidy of, 135. Irish character, honourable testimo-
Gurmond, king of Great Britain, fa- nies of the, 167.
bulous tales of, 148.

Irish, defence of the, 282, 283.
Havoc, horrible, perpetrated by the Irish driven into Connaught, 438.


Irish deputies, arbitrary power of the, Limerick, siege of, 453.

Limerick, surrender and conditions of,
Irish, execrable treatment of the, 443, 453.
4, 5.

Loftus, Adam, lord Ely, hard case of,
Irish, from 5 to 8000, debarred of all 265, 266.

opportunity of proving their inno. Lords justices, nefarious views of the,
cence, 446, 7.

Irish history, difficulty of writing, 24–6. Lords justices, wicked proceedings of
Irish legislation, horrible, sketch of, the, 346, 7, 8, 9, 350, 1, 2, 361 365.

Lords of the pale, banished from Dub-
Irishman, murder of, punishable only lin, 347, 8.
by fine, 63.

Louis XIV. detested for the desolation
Irish ordered to return to Connaught, of the Palatinate, 117.

Lucas, William, deposition of, 402.
Irish, outrageous tyranny exercised Ludlow, general, barbarity of, 422.
upon the, 281.

Mac Mahon, cruel murder of, 136.
Irish parliament, horrible injustice of, Mac Mahon, Hugh, put to the rack,

Irish rivers and harbours, superior to Macauley, Mrs. monstrous exaggera-
those of England, 490.

tions of, 385.
Irish supplicate for the benefit of the Magee, slaughter at the island of, 433.
English law, 71.

Manures abundant in Ireland, 487.
Irish, horrible destruction of the, 70. Man's belly ripped out without bleed-
Irish wars, cost of, to queen Elizabeth,

ing, 391.

Marriages of Protestants celebrated by
Ireton, barbarous order of, 427. a Catholic priest declared null and
Italians and Spaniards, seven hundred void, 46.

perfidiously slaughtered at Smer- Martial law in force in Ireland in time

wick, by order of lord Gray, 122. of peace, 74, 76.
James 1. courts the friendship of the Massacre of 1641, fabulous account of
Catholic princes, 43.

the, 56.
James I. Alagrant injusice of, 232. Massacre of the Irish, 141. 413.
James l. pedantic and ridiculous Massacre of 1641, pretended, state-
speech of, 231.

ments of the, 375, 377.
James l. perfidy of, 44.

Massacre pretended, investigation of
James I. predatory system of, 174, 189 the, 378, 9.
James 1. rapacity and depredation of, Maxwell

, dean Robert, deposition of,

393, 4, 5.
James II. abdication of, did not extend Maxwell, dean Robert, a perjurer,
to Ireland, 452.

393. 396.
James of Hacketstown, deposition of, Men, women, and children put to the

sword, 421.
Jones, Jane, deposition of, 399. Millions of acres, ten, plan for the
Judges, bribery of, by Charles I. and confiscation of, 333,
Wentworth, 242,

Milton, gross exaggeration of, 23.
Juries, corruption of, 243.

Milton's works, extract from, 23.
Juries, perjured, proceedings of, 480 Mines and minerals of Ireland, list of,
Kelly, Dennis, deposition of, 400. 491.
Lauderdale and archbishop Sharpe, Misery of the Irish after the Munster
persecutions by, 152.

war, 127.
League and covenant for extirpation of Money, change in the value of, 155.

popery, prelacy and superstition, 27. Montgomery, John, deposition of, 402.
Leitrim and Longford, James I.'s ra- Montross, barbarous exploits of, 431.
pine in, 189,

Moor, Francis, plot of, 287.
Leland, Dr. inconsistency and errors Mountjoy, lord, a mail robber, 133.
of, 38, 39, 52.

Mountnorris, lord, hard case of, 259,
Leland, gross misrepresentation, and 260, 261. 263.
partiality of, 182, 190.

Mountnorris, lady, affecting letter of,
Leland, miserable folly of, 409.

Letters dropped in the streets, 307. Munchausen stories, 404, 5, 6, 7.
Letters forged, to terrify the Protest Munster, commencement of the insur-
ants, 306.

rection in, 336.

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