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Treby (Sir George) bis Speech to the Prince of

Orange, p. 298 Tyrconnel. See Talbot.


Wales, (Titular Prince of) born, p. 164. His

Birth folemniz'd, p. 186. He is named James, Francis, Edward, p. 211. Extraordinary Council held about him, p. 212. Depositions in bis Favour, p. 213. Is convey'd into France, p. 265. Writs for the Meeting of a Parliament stopt, p. 206.

The Appendix.

HE Earl of Sunderland's Letter in Justifias-

tion of himself. A List of such Members of the Convention as wers

against making the Prince of Orange King, to the

Prejudice of our present Grácious Queen A NNE. King James's Commission for Ecclesiastical Causes. A Speech made by the Earl of Arran to the Scotch

Nobility and Gentry, A Speech made by a Member of the Convention in


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Black Boy in Fleet-Street.

1. HE Works of the Learned and

Valiant Josephus epitomiz'd from the Greek Original, and the History preserved in what is material and fubstantial, only by contracting Things of lefser Moment, digesting the Matter closer, and avoiding useless Repetitions. To which is added Josephus Two Books against Appion; his Rule of Reason, or the Martyrdom of the Macchabees; and the Embas. fie of Philo Judaus to the Emperor Caligula. The Second Edition.

2. The Second Edition of the History of England faithfully extracted from Authentick Records, approved Manuscripts, and the most celebrated Histories of this Kingdom in all Languages, whether Ecclesiastical or Civil. With the Effigies of all the Kings and Queens of England, from the Norman Race, to the present time ; curioully engraven on Copper Plates, from Original Medals and Pictures. In Two Volums. The whole corrected, with the Addition of the Foundation and Order of the several Religious Houses in England, as they hapned in each King's Reign

3. The Turkish History, comprehending the Origin of that Nation, and the Growth of the Ottoman Empire. With the Lives and Conquests of their several Kings and Emperors. Written by Mr. Knowles, and continued by Sir Paul Rycaut to 1699. by Mr. Savage. Revised and Approved by the late Sir Paul Rycant, adorned with Copper Plates.

4. A Compleat History of the Empire of Germany, from its Origin to this Time, Comprehending the Lives aad Reigns of all its Emperors, the respective Histories of the Electorates, &c. and the Ancient and Present State both of the Empire, and all its Dependencies. Extracted fron; the best Authors, and private Memoirs by Mr. Savage. To which are added, A new and exact Map of Germany, by Mr. Moll, and the Effigies of the Emperors, curiously engraven on Copper Plates from Original Medals. In Two Volumes, the like not Extant in any Language: London.

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