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Maeftricht befiegʻd and taken by the French, p. 32.

Maurice of Nallau, Prince of Orange, p.6.
Mons blockd up by the French, p. 112.
Munster, the Bishop of that place befieges Gronin-

guen without Success, p. 22, Makes Peace witly
the Emperor, pó 44.


Naerden taken hy the Prince of Orange, p. 33;

Nassau, Considerableness of that House, and Antis

quity of its Name, p. 1.

Nimeguen chosen for the Place of Treaty, p. 67.

St. Omer taken by the French, p. 89.

Orange, Princes of, their Pedigree, P. 2. See Wil-


Senef, the Battle fought there, p. 49.
States of Holland, therr. Answer to the King of

France's Letter, p. 108. They order their Pleni-

potentiaries to sign the Peace, p. 109,

Steps made by King Charles II. for the Restoration

of the Prince of Orange, p. 11.






Second Part .


A Ddress from the Middle-Temple to King James,

p. 8. From the Cuakers to the fame, p. 10.

From the House of Commons, p. 45. Of Thanks

for Liberty of Conscience, p.92.' of the Papists, p.

95. Of Glocelter and Scarborough, p. 132. Of

Carlisle, p. 166. Of the Clergy of Chelter, p.
184. Of the Commons to the Prince of Orange,
p. 397. Of the City of London, p. 207.
Afairs of Scotland, p. 47: Of Ireland, p. 153.
Of Europe, p. 193. Administration of Affairs gi-

ven to the Prince of Orange, p. 305.
Alarm (false) throughout all England, p. 290.
Albyville (Marquis of) bis Memorial to the States,

p. 203,

Argile, bis Rising and Defeat in Scotland, p. 13,

14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20.

Army modell’d, p. 166. Refuses to forward the

Popish Designs, p. 185. New modell’d, p. 309.
Aflizes in the ivest, p. 32.

Arguments against a Standing Army, p. 42.

Affociation at Exeter, p. 251,

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Bishop of London, bis Character, p. 76. Proceedings

against him, p. 77. King James's Letter to him,

ibid. His Letter to the Earl of Sunderland, po

78. He is suspended, p. 83.

Bishop of Chefter bis Speech, p. 115, 121. Ibe Ses

ven Bishops Petition the King, p. 160. dre
fummond before the Council, p. 161. Committed
to the lower, p. 162. Tried, p. 166. Set at Li-

berty, p.171. And acyuittod, p. 182.
Bishop of Rochester refuses to in the Eeclefiaftical

Commision, p. 185. The Bithops Advice to the

King, p. 207.
Bishops expostulared with about the Prince of 0.-

range's Declaration, p. 229.
Bishop of Exeter made Archbishop of York, p. 240.
Bonrepos arrives at London, p. 196. His Negotia-

tion is cross’d, p. 197.


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