Dawning: The Next Great Move of God: Bringing the Church to -- Spiritual Awakening-Spiritual Power-Spiritual Victory

AuthorHouse, 2003 - 268 sider

It is a horror story. It takes place in a town in Idaho called Evansville. In 1869, during the last vestiges of slavery, the slaves having been emancipated had angered many former slaveholders. Some though angry acquiesced to the proclamation and some were bitter that their way of life had come to an end.

Mr. Hyams, a former slaveholder hires a sorcerer to place a spell on the few remaining slaves who are about to make their exodus from the plantation. The sorcerer, Mr. Windham, chants a strange incantation, some in Greek and some in Latin, and points into the direction of the slaves' quarters. What neither Mr. Hyams nor Mr. Windham knows is that the slaves had left the quarters an hour earlier. Mrs. Hyams entered the quarters to clean up the mess that had been created by the former slaves, in their attempt to leave. The curse falls upon Mrs. Hyams.

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