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Review: The Future Of Nostalgia

Redaktionel anmeldelse - - Jana Siciliano

Svetlana Boym calls it "hypochondria of the heart," the human ability to mourn the passing of times and events of which they were never a part to begin with. It's an odd way to look at nostalgia, which I have always associated with the need to recreate vividly experiences of one's own past. In THE FUTURE OF NOSTALGIA, author Boym, a professor of Slavic literature at Harvard, explores the ravages ... Læs hele anmeldelsen

The future of nostalgia

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The current U.S. craze for nostalgia runs from automobiles (the PT Cruiser) to fashion (the return of bell-bottoms) to television (TV Land reruns). Despite modern technology and conveniences, we enjoy ... Læs hele anmeldelsen

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