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3. Nell gave chase across the garden, in among the tangle of rose-bushes, where the kitten fled with her booty.


4. She found it hard to follow, though she could see the bright eyes of the chipmonk. They were full of pain and pleading, as if he begged her to take his side.

5. At last puss was caught and shaken till she dropped the chipmonk. Poor little thing! He

! could only limp away and hide himself.

6. Nell hoped his friends would take care of him. But at night the poor, hurt fellow hobbled towards the piazza, and seemed to want comfort. IIe was too feeble to keep himself from the cat's paw,

if she had come near. 7. Nell made a little house for him in the garden, of a small box. She raised it upon four stones at the four corners, so as to give him air. She slipped water and chestnuts underneath for

his supper.

8. A good doctor came to the house, the next day, and Nell asked him to look at his wounds. He said the chipmonk would get well, with


Thanks to Nell, he would soon have been able to leave his hospital, and be a resident of the old hollow tree. 9. But somebody, passing through the garden

, after dark, overturned the box. When Nell went to feed her squirrel in the morning, she found nothing but some empty nutshells. Nell never knew whether puss got him after all, or whether he ran away to find a safer home.

Another little girl had a kitty who caught a squirrel. Would you like to read about it?


Use the words at the head of the lesson in some ways that are all your own; that is, not like the use in this story.

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HEN Jimmy was seven

years old, his father gave
him six pretty doves for
a birthday gift. Jimmy
put them in a large box
in the yard, and sent for
all the boys he knew to
come and see them.
2. For a time the doves had

very good care. Jimmy fed them every day, and they would eat corn from his hand. But he soon grew tired of caring for his pets. Winter came on, and he did not like to go out in the cold to give the doves food and water.

3. One day he did not go to feed them because it snowed. The next day he went to a snowball fight, and did not get home until dark. IIe ate his supper and went to bed, thinking he would feed his doves early the next morning. But he forgot all about it until nearly noon. Then the cook said she had no stale bread to spare.

4. Jimmy went to his mother and asked her for five cents to buy some corn for them. His mother gave him the money,

him the money, and he ran off to buy the corn. But on his way he passed a candy store, and the candy looked so nice he felt that he must have some of it. So he spent the five cents for gum-drops.

5. Then he went to play with another boy, and did not go home until dark. He was afraid his mother would ask him if he had bought the corn; so he went to bed as soon as he could. The next morning he got some bread from the cook, and went to feed his doves. He opened the door of the box, but the doves did not come out. He looked in, and saw two of them lying dead on the floor of the box.

6. They had starved to death, and were quite cold and stiff. The other four doves were too weak to eat the bread, and they all died that night. Oh, how sorry Jimmy was that he had spent the five cents on candy for himself!

7. His mother was not sure his sorrow would cure him of his fault. She told him it was a

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very grave thing to think so little of the needs and sufferings of others. She sent him to bed without any supper, that he might know what it was to be hungry. Jimmy cried until he fell asleep. But he learned a good lesson; for he never neglected another pet.


Use the word stale to describe some other food than bread. Use another word to tell about the bread. Find other words for neglected.

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