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He began to think he would have to spend the night in the ditch, when he heard steps on

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Looking up, he saw the ragged boy he had driven from the gate.

6. “Please help me out,” said Tom, crying. “I will give you a dollar."

“I don't want the dollar,” said the boy, lying


flat on the grass. He held out both his hands to Tom, and drew him out of the ditch.

7. Tom was covered with mud, his hat was gone, and one shoe was lost in the ditch. He looked very miserable.

Who is dirty now?” asked the boy. “I am,” said poor Tom; “but I thank you very much for helping me out of the mire. And I am sorry I sent you away from the




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8. The next time I come, perhaps you will treat me better," said the boy. “I am not rich, but I am stronger than you are, and I think I have better manners.'

“I think so too,” said Tom.

9. The next day, when Tom saw the boy going by the gate, he called him in, showed him his rabbits, doves, and little ducks, and gave him a ride on his pony. "Thank you," said the boy; "you have good

” manners now." Yes," said Tom; “I found them yesterday.”


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Write, in such a form as to keep, examples of acts of courtesy. Add one to the list each day, if possible, till you have a large number.

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What an amount of preserved sunshine there is in those little fragments!” said Cousin Ben, as we sat by the open grate. 2. “Is it preserved sunshine, Ben, that makes the coal burn?" asked

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Ralph. “Could sunshine get down into a deep coal mine?"

3. “Yes; the heat comes to us because the sunshine of a time long past was laid up for our

It is one of the best gifts our good Father has given us. It keeps our houses warm, and gives us the light we burn. All kinds of machinery are worked by it, from the steam engines that take us to town, to the factories where all our goods are made.”

4. “I don't see how it was done,” added Ralph, whose second question had not been answered. Have

you never been told that coal is made from plants? Well, not one child of your age in a hundred knows that. The heat of the coal is what plants first took in from the sun.

5. “I have been in coal mines where I could see shapes of ferns and other leaves. It has taken many whole forests to make a single mine.

Peat is the beginning of a coal mine before it grows hard. In it you would see the stems of plants plainly.”

6. “Is coke coal not quite finished ?" asked Ralph.

“No. Coke is what remains of coal when the gas that we burn has been driven out of it.

Tar oozes out of lumps of coal, making little black bubbles. This is what paraffine and benzoline come from.

“Most of our beautiful dyes that we see in silks and woollens, and the flavors in our candies, come from coal tar also.

“Think of having heat, light, colors, and flavors stored up for our use deep down in the earth. Isn't it wonderful?

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1. An old man and a boy were once walking through a wood.

The boy was a careless, good-natured little fellow, full of mischief and fun. The old man was wise and thoughtful.

2. It was a delightful day for a walk, and both the old man and the boy enjoyed the cool shade of the wood.

The man listened to the music of the pinetrees, while the boy was wondering why, in a wood where there were so many things to be

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