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Poor little Daisy! the March winds are rude!
Too free with the darling are they;
And she and her doggie are having hard times
To battle the breezes at play.


I'm most blown to pieces!” cries Daisy, “oh,

She clutches her hat with a will;
And Fido agrees that a real blowy day
Isn't pleasant on top of a hill.

For old Mr. March, one can very well see,
In a frolicsome mood is to-day,

* The Word Study should include studying out the words for pronunciation, pronouncing the syllables, sounding the vowels, and reading the spelling. It will be well for the teacher to use the words in ways easy to be understood.

And cares not a pin for whoever may dare
To venture across in his way.

Oh, many a kiss have they left on her cheeks,
Till she has grown rosy at last;
And, run as she may, she can hardly get rid
Of the breezes which chase her so fast.


Who is Mr. March? How will Daisy win the battle with him? What do Daisy and Fido agree?

[blocks in formation]

1. Abby's mother made some little cookie boys. They had heads, bodies, legs, and arms. And she made two little places for eyes.

2. Abby watched her all the time she did it. She put them in the oven side by side and baked them to a pretty brown color.

I will tell you the story of one of them.

3. He was taken out of the oven and laid on a plate on the table. It had been dark in the oven, but now it was light. He looked about and saw Abby and her brother and sister playing.

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