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the room on their hind legs. Some had fiddles, some had. flutes, and others had books of music. They sat down before some desks and began a concert, some playing, while the others mewed in different tones.

14. They made such a dreadful noise that Prince Beryl put his fingers to his ears; but the cats seemed very well pleased with themselves. Presently the door opened again, and some very fine large cats came walking gravely in on their hind legs, two and two.

15. Among them walked a very funny little figure, covered all over with a large black veil. It came close up to the Prince, and threw back the veil. Then he could see that it was the very prettiest little white kitten that ever was seen.

16. “Prince Beryl,” she said, “you are welcome to Cat Castle. My purring majesty is glad to see you. Sit down to the table; we will have supper together.”

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Precious stones are such as are seen in jewelry, such as pins and finger rings. Among them are the ruby, the emerald, the diamond. Pearls are found on shells in the deep sea.

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west'ern | breathe | dy'ing | moon | babe | sails

Sweet and low, sweet and low,

Wind of the western sea;
Low, low, breathe and blow,

Wind of the western sea!
Over the rolling waters go,
Come from the dying moon, and blow,

Blow him again to me;
While my little one, while my pretty one,


Sleep and rest, sleep and rest,

Father will come to thee soon;
Rest, rest, on mother's breast,

Father will come to thee soon;
Father will come to his babe in the nest,
Silver sails all out of the west,

Under the silver moon;
Sleep, my little one, sleep, my pretty one,



LANGUAGE.— The teacher will need to explain “rolling waters,” “dying moon,” and “Blow him again to me.”

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pig'eons a mus'ing cov'ered al read'y mon'key squall'ing to geth'er

ar rive' 1. Prince Beryl did as he was told; but he was very much surprised. Some soup made of white mice was brought to the little cat. When a plate was put before the Prince, he did not like to begin'to eat.

2. The White Cat said to him, “Do not be afraid, Prince; your soup is made of pigeons." The soup was very good, and so was the rest of the supper; but the White Cat had dishes for herself, made of rats and mice and fish, and other things that cats like, with plenty of milk.

3. She talked all the time to the Prince, and he found that she knew all that was going on in the world, and had read a great many books.

. 4. After supper some cats and monkeys danced to amuse them, while a kitten played the fiddle. When it grew late, the Prince was led by the hands to a bedroom, all covered with most beautiful wings of butterflies.

5. Next day there was a great hunt. The cats ran after rabbits and hares, and caught them; kittens climbed trees for birds; and White Cat herself rode a monkey, which went very fast, and carried her even to the tops of the trees, or wherever she wished to go.

6. After the hunt White Cat took out a little horn and blew it. As soon as the sound was

heard, cats began to arrive from all parts of the country. Some flew through the air on bats; some came by water in boats. So many cats had never been seen together before.

7. They were all dressed in their best (for these were pet cats), and the whole troop went back to the White Cat's castle, where there was a

splendid feast. This was very amusing; but Prince Beryl would have liked it better if there had been a little less mewing and squalling.

8. The days passed so gayly that Prince Beryl

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forgot all about his father and his brothers, and even forgot the little dog he had come to seek. There were parties for hunting and fishing each day. Indoors there were games and dances.

9. At last, one day the White Cat said to him, “Prince, do you know that you have only three days left in which to find your dog and go home, and that your brothers are on their way back already, each with a most lovely dog?"

10. Prince Beryl was in great trouble when he found he had so little time left. “What shall I do ?” he said. “I can never get home in time, much less find a dog." He began to feel very sad.

11. “Do not be sad, Prince,” said the White Cat. Come to the door with me."

He went, and saw a horse made of wood, standing outside.

12. “There,” said the White Cat; only to wind this horse up, and he will. go faster than any horse, or any thing in the world. He will never be tired, nor want food.” Then she gave him an acorn.

13. “There is a little dog in this,” she said, more beautiful than you can fancy, and very clever." “O Madam Cat, you are making fun


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