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9. Prince Beryl went off by himself. He took no servants, no luggage, no horses or carriages, but walked along whistling, dressed in very plain clothes.

10. Whenever he came to a town he gave out word that he wanted to buy a dog. So that each morning, when the people heard of the high price he offered, they came around the door of his inn, leading dozens and hundreds of dogs.

11. Fat dogs, lean dogs, big dogs, small dogs, black dogs and white dogs, old dogs and puppies, they brought. Dogs that could do tricks, watch dogs, sporting dogs, and dogs so delicate and pretty that they were only fit to lie on a silk pillow; dogs of every sort and size the prince saw, till at last he must have wished there were no such things as dogs in the world.

12. Each day he bought a fresh dog and got rid of the last one. Then he went on his way, leading the new dog by a string. At last, one evening, he came, footsore and very weary, to a great forest.

13. Night overtook him in this lonely place, and, worse still, bright flashes of lightning and heavy peals of thunder came quickly one after the other; and then the rain began to rush down as if some one in the clouds were pouring water out of buckets.


Count the different kinds of dogs. Tell what words are used to describe them.

[blocks in formation]

I counted ten cows in the cornfield to-day,
And nine black squirrels on the brush-fence at


Eight black rabbits were hopping about;
Seven black beetles from the brown earth looked


Six black spiders were weaving a shroud
For the five black flies that were buzzing so loud.

Four black bees gathered honey from flowers; Three little black ants improved the bright


Two black kittens just over the way,
Chased one black chicken in frolicsome play.

How many black creatures did I see the whole


How many at work, and how many at play?




10 + 9 + 8 + 7 + 6 + 5+4 +3 + 2 + 1 = 10 + 6 + 4 + 3 = 9 + 8 + 7 + 5 + 2 + 1 =

Practise writing both letters and figures.

[blocks in formation]

1. Prince Beryl was wet to the skin in a few moments. He hurried on, not knowing which way to go, but at last, to his great joy, he saw a bright light shining through the trees. He hurried still more, dragging his dog after him by a piece of string, and soon reached the spot from whence the bright light came.

2. As he came nearer, the dog which he led began to bark, and would not be still, but

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pulled at his string, and tried to go on as fast as he could.

3. It was not an inn, nor a woodman's house, as Prince Beryl supposed, but the grandest castle you can think of, from which the light came.

4. The walls were of china, painted all over with pictures out of fairy tales, and the light shone through, so that they could be seen as well by night as by day. In every window hung lamps, by whose light Prince Beryl could see great gate made of precious stones.

5. Beside it hung a kid's foot, on a chain of diamonds. This seemed to be meant for a bell, so Prince Beryl gave it a pull.

6. At once the castle gate flew open, though Prince Beryl could not see that any one was there; only in the air he saw a great many pairs of hands, holding lamps of silver.

7. As he stood looking at them in surprise, the hands took him by the shoulders, and gently pushed him into the castle, leaving the barking dog outside.


8. The Prince was made to walk on through one fine room after another, gently pushed by these strange hands. All the rooms were very splendid, and very brightly lighted by thousands of lamps and candles. At last he came to a dressing-room, where there was a bright fire.

9. The Prince was glad to see a fire, after his cold, wet journey. The hands made him stay in this room. Then they helped him to take off his wet clothes, and dressed him in a very fine velvet suit, worked with pearls and gold thread.

10. This was very nice. The only thing Prince Beryl did not quite like was to have these strange hands so busy about him.

11. Next they led him into a great hall, or dining-room. The walls of this room were painted all over with cats and their doings. There was all the story of Puss in Boots; there was a cat looking at a king, and many more pictures. In all of them the cats seemed to be very clever indeed.

12. A table was laid ready for supper, with places for two people, and Prince Beryl wondered very much who the people were to be.

13. Soon a good many cats came walking into

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