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nothing to help it down; and that was why she was crying

3. “The doll wept, too; it stretched out its arms among the green branches, and looked quite miserable. Yes, here were some of the things which mamma spoke about-the hard things of life.

4. “Poor doll! The evening was already beginning to grow dark, and night would come on while it was still up in the tree. Was it to be left sitting there alone the whole night through ?

5. “No, no; the little girl's heart could not bear that. 'I will stay with you,' said she, though she was not very stout-hearted.

6. “She fancied she already saw quite plainly little ugly fairy men, with their tall sugar-loaf caps peeping from among the bushes, and that down in the dark walk long goblin-shapes were dancing.

7. These, she fancied, came nearer and nearer, stretched out their hands towards the tree where the doll was sitting, and laughed and pointed their fingers at her. Ah! how frightened the little lass was!

But if one has not done anything wrong, thought she, “nobody can do one any harm. I wonder whether I have done anything wrong.'


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And she remembered: 'Ah, yes!' said she, 'I laughed at the poor duck with the red rag about its leg, which hobbles along in such a funny way; that is why I laughed at it; but it is wrong to laugh at the animals.'

Then she looked up at the doll. 'Did you laugh at the animals?' she asked; and it seemed as if the doll shook its head."



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The Bear that Played at Soldiers. It was in a little country town,” said the moon; “I saw it last year. Down in the inn parlor sat a man who was travelling about with a bear.

2. “IIe was eating his supper. Bruin, poor fellow, who never did any harm to anybody, grim enough though he looked, -poor bruin stood outside, tied up behind the stack of firewood.

3. “Up in the garret, in the light of my clear rays, three little children were playing: the eldest might be six years old, the youngest not

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more than two. 'Stump! stump!' was a step coming up stairs. Who could it be? The door flew open; it was bruin, - great shaggy bruin.

4. "He had got tired of standing down there in the yard, and had now found his way up stairs. I saw it all,” said the moon.

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“The children were frightened at the great shaggy beast. They crept each of them into a corner; but he found them all out, and touched them all over with his nose, but he did them no harm whatever.

6. “This is surely a big dog,' they thought,




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and so they began to stroke him. Then he laid himself down on the floor, and the youngest boy threw himself above him, and hid his head, with its golden curls, in the beast's thick black fur, playing at hide-and-seek.

7. “The eldest boy took his drum, and beat upon it till it thundered again. Then the bear rose up on his hind legs and began to dance. It was very charming, indeed.

8. “Next, each boy took his gun, and the bear must have one also, and he held it quite properly; this was a splendid comrade that they had got. Then they marched, -'one, two; one, two.?"

9. “Presently some one came to the door, and it opened. This was the mother of the children. You should have seen her, - seen her dumb terror, her face as white as chalk, her mouth half open, her eyes fixed and staring.

10. " But the youngest boy nodded ever so joyfully, and shouted at the top of his voice and said, “We are just playing at soldiers!' And at this moment the bear's keeper came in."

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Tell what made the mother so afraid. How had the bear learned so much ?

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Chi nese 1. Tong Wing is a little Chinese boy. He has long, narrow eyes and a round face. His hair is shaved off his head, except on the crown, where

it grows long, and is braided with red silk into a long queue.

2. Tommy's mother keeps Tong to wash dishes, and help her about the house. He is only eight years old, and so small that he has to stand up on a box to reach the dishpan; but he is very quick and handy,

and hardly ever breaks anything or does any harm.

3. He says he has a dear mother away off in China, and he hopes to save enough money some time to go back and see her.

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