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hunt often lasts two or three days, and even then the birds would not be caught but for one little thing

When the ostrich gets tired, it runs from .side to side, or in a curve, and not straight on; so that in time the Arab and his horse gain upon it, and at last come up with it.

The easiest way of hunting is for a great many to go out together to the place where a flock are feeding

The hunters surround the flock, and form a circle, then come closer and closer till the frightened birds dash madly about. Then the Arabs can either hit them with sticks or shoot them.

The Arab wants the beautiful feathers of the ostrich to sell; he wants the flesh of the young ones to eat; and he can sell the great eggs for as much apiece as we pay for a dozen of the eggs that we use. They are so large that one egg is the same for food as two dozen of our eggs.

But he must be very careful not to put his hand into the nest to get the eggs.

If he does, the mother bird will find out that he has been there, and will not lay any more eggs in the nest. So if he finds a nest he pushes out the eggs with a stick. The mother sits upon her eggs at night, but leaves them for the sun to keep warm in the day time.

The ostrich lives in the hottest countries, and the fox in the coldest.

The white fox is found in Iceland and on the shores of Hudson's Bay. It is taken in a trap.



The fur is pure white, but only in the winter. In summer it is brownish or bluish.

It is a pretty little creature, with its big, bright eyes, its pointed nose, and its thick, bushy tail.

The fur is soft and woolly. It covers every part of the body, even to the soles of the feet.

There are foxes in mild and even hot countries, but their fur is red, gray, or silvery.


“You said we might write boys' names when we had gone through the alphabet with the girls'. May we begin to-day?" asked Arthur Sanford, one of a group of Miss Hill's boys. “I am the only one for A, but there are a great many

Chithur Berwick Charles
Davy Eugene Tank
George Herbert

Kent Souis
Martin Mat Oswald

Patrick Robert Samuel Thomas Kinant Wilfred

nice names that begin with A. We have thought of some under all the letters except Q, V, and X. Do you know any for those letters ?”

Yes,” said Miss Hill; “I know a few. I will tell them when we come to them, if you do not find them out first."




a lack'

waist' coat be thought' | scent'ing gauz'y


burnished bot'tle green

paus'ing gob'ble re past' Little Dame Gad-about, once upon a time, Started to the seashore with her children nine.

. Nine little Gad-abouts, dressed in their best, Bottle-green waistcoat, brownish striped vest; Keeping step together, left foot, then the right, Like a band of soldiers, - what a pretty sight!

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Mistress Quack went bathing on the self-same

day, With her three young ladies in their suits of

gray, — Three charming Misses Quack, coming from

their bath, Met the little Gad-abouts marching down the


Mistress Quack bethought her, “'Tis our time

to dine; Make yourselves at home, dears, – gobble up

the nine!"


Little Dame Gad-about, scenting the fray, Lifted her gauzy wings and soared far away. Nine little Gad-abouts, pausing, alack! Furnished a nice repast for the Misses Quack.

Use in sentences :
Self-same; suits of

gray ;

furnished; gauzy.

“Bethought her” means thought to herself.
“Scenting the fray” means finding out about it.

Repast” is a word for dinner or supper.
66 Alack” is the same as alas.
What other name have you for the “Gad-abouts ?”

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