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1. In one of the very busiest and dreariest parts of a great city there is a small square.

2. It is planted with trees and grass, which do their best to look green and bright in spite of the smoke and dust which fall upon them nearly

all day.

3. A few years ago a number of saucy little sparrows came there to live. They built themselves nests high up in the dusty trees, where the naughty boys could not easily get at them.

4. The keeper of the square was a rough, redfaced man, but he grew to be very fond of these

, little birds. He took such good care of them that no bad boy dared to throw stones at them while he was near.

5. The sparrows knew this so well, that they hopped about the paths, looking for worms, or took their baths in the fountain without fear, while he was cutting grass or cleaning up leaves. When he was away, they kept up in the trees, only flying down once in a while, when nobody was in sight.


6. One morning, very early, a tall, straight old gentleman walked through the square. He was a very odd-looking

The little birds noticed it, and talked a good deal about him, up in their tree.

7. He was so large that the red-faced man looked like a little boy beside him. His gray hair was long and curly; his eyes were bright and black; and he had a heavy cane in his right hand, which made him look quite fierce.

8. He saw the little birds, and whistled to them; but they had lived too long to trust anybody but their red-faced friend.


Every day after that, at five o'clock, when the keeper opened the iron gate, the tall man walked through the square. As he did so, he took some bread from his pocket and scattered crumbs along the broad walk.

9. At first the little birds paid no attention to him; then they began to come down after he had gone; next they ventured after a crumb before he was well out of the square.

10. As they found he never hurt them, a few of the boldest began to eat their breakfast at his

The saucy sparrows had grown so bold that they would perch on his head, his shoulders, and his hands, and even tangle their claws in his long gray hair.

11. The sparrows learned to know his figure as he came down the street. They would wait for him by the gate, eager for their breakfast and morning frolic.

12. He was a very wise old man, for he had studied all his life. He had many friends, but none of the greetings he had all day pleased him so much as that of the wise little birds who knew him as a friend.

very feet.

Kindness to dumb animals is a sign of a noble heart.


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Here is a new kind of lesson for you,” said Miss Hill. “We will begin with the girls and write names. Alice, your name comes first. To

Alice Bertha Canie Dora

Edith Fanny Grace Helen Ida Julia Kate Sucy Mabel Nellie Olive

Rosa Susie Tina Una Violet Winifred


day we will write all the names we can think of that begin with A. If you will tell me names, I will write them on the board for you. You need practice in writing the capital letters."

Here are the names they wrote: Alice, Amy, Anna, Abby, Ada, Agnes.

[blocks in formation]


cov'ered rough thith'er coasters

paint'ed The sheep hurry home, the cows gladly stay

Shut up in their stable to munch the dry hay.


How fast the flakes fall on the left and the right!

The trees are soon covered, the fences are white.

But Herbert and John and Charley and Joe

Run hither and thither, and laugh at the


They are so happy that winter's begun;

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