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Whiting. Printer, Beaufort-house, Strand,




ALMACK's, a novel, reviewed, 103.
Alma Mater, or Seven Years at Cam-

bridge, reviewed, 441.

Burmese War, Narrative of the, re

viewed, 232. Blue Man, the, 244. Benyowsky, (Count de) account of the

death of, 261. Buckingham's Mesopotamia, reviewed,


21-dress, 23—amusements, 24-No. II, 145—The Republic of Andorra, ib.—judiciary power before and after the French Revolution, 146-indolence of the Andorrans, 148 -- contraband trade between France and Spain, ib.curious appearance of the streets and houses, 149—description of an inn,

150-superstition, 151. Funds, Prices of the English and Foreign,

144, 288, 440, 592. Fragment of a Letter from a young Artist

in Rome to his Friend in Venice, in 1575. Translated from a Foreign Original, 483,

Cranbourn Chace, 309.
Curious Religious Controversy between

the Chief Chaplain of the Grand
Signior, and Panaiotti Nicussio, Inter-
preter to the Grand Vizier Kiopruli, in

the year 1662, 325. Calamities of London, 333. Corn Law, the New, 524.

Don Quixote, Episode of the, No. II, 11. Diary for the month of December, 119

for the month of February, 406—for

the month of March, 505. Disinfectant Agents, newly discovered,

reviewed, 250. Daw's Reminiscences, 494.

Germany, Periodical Literature of, 1.
General Trader, the, 92.
Game Proprietor, the Troubles of a, 152.
Gondola, the, reviewed, 354.
Greece, Adventures of a Foreigner in,

No. VI, 73-defence of Missolongbi, ib.-departure of Mavrocordato for Tripolitza, 74m-author's blindness and cure, 75-history of Nicholas Sciutto, 76—Marco Bozzaris, 78—his conduct at Missolonghi, ib.-his attachment to his Suliots, 79-ingratitude of the Missolonghites, ib.-brevet of generalissimo conferred on Bozzaris, 80-his refusal of it, ib.-his gallant attack on the enemy's camp, ib.-death and funeral, 81 — author quits Missolonghi, goes to Clarenza and Castugni, 82history and character of Sussini, governor of Castugni, ib.-wretched condi

France, Sketches of Manners in the South of, No. I, 19—The Roussillonais, 20their habits, ib.--civil and penal law,



tion of German Philhellenes, at Cas-
tugni, 83_village of Pirgo, ib.-
monies of Easter there, ib.-beauty and
fertility of the country, 84–Tripo-
litza, ib. Pietro Bey, president, ib.
his character, ib.-proposals of as-
sistance from General P
jected, leaves Tripolitza
with Colonel Gubernatis, for Napoli di
Romania, 85-taking of the Fort of
Palamide by the Frank regiment, ib.
conduct of Colocotroni, 86—Spezzia,
87—Hydra, ib.-Athens, ib.-siege of
Athens, 88_author quits the service,
89-journey to the southern part of the
Peloponnesus, ib. beauty of the sce-
nery, ib.-monastery of Mount Cyl-
lene, 90—Missolonghi, ib.—Corfu, 91
-Ancona, ib.-conduct of the director
of police, ib. Paris, ib.--England, ib.

education, 282_blue stockings, ib.
the jewel-chamber of the Kremlin, ib.
-the three Reviews, 283—a Persian's
notion of difference in religion, ib.-
scene at court, 284-compliment to
the English from a Persian Syyud, ib.-
Arab borse-racing, ib.-a Russian car-
riage, ib.-Captain Keppel's fame as a
physician at Shersha, 285-recipe for
the composition of a Tory history of
England, 432—-sagacity of Irish pota-
toes, ib. college wit, ih.

Prince Eu-
gene and Marshal Boufflers, 433—a
curious species of mud - fish, ib.a
scene at college, ib.-novel kind of
discovery by Captain King, 434
Comerci at the battle of Hersan, 435
-account of public libraries, ib.--
Caffer driving. 583—how to dispose of
an old Pope, ib.temptation, ib.
spring buck of South Africa, ib.-
Portuguese dances, 584-misrepresen-
tations of travellers, ib.the ladies of
Valladolid, ib.—value of time at Rome,
ib.-a lion hunt, 585—great breeches,
586-curious musical instrument, ib.--
holy heads, ib.-fresco painting, 587–
a Jonas crab, ib.—Dr. Barry's experi -
ments in cases of poison, ib.—a con-
ventual kitchen at Amaranthe, 588—a
Roman preacher, ib.-honey-hunting,
ib.-military theatricals, 589-a Ger-
man literary character, ib.
Munster Tales, reviewed, 399.
Mississippi and the Red River, discovery

of the Sources of the, 401.

Hood's National Tales, reviewed, 454.

Impertinent Curiosity, or Curious Im-

pertinence, 25.
Ireland, Scenes and Sketches of a Soldier's

Life in, reviewed, 191.
Ireland, a Cockney's Journey to, 289.
James's Naval History, reviewed, 127,


King's Australia, reviewed, 377.

Literary Intelligence, 142, 286, 438,

Lingard (Dr.) and the Edinburgh Re-

view, 421.
Living and the Dead, the, reviewed,


Parochial and Topographical Queries,


Royal Institution, 430.

Magaziniana, 134–Allan Cunningham,

ib.-Major Snodgrass's Narrative of the
Burmese War. ib.-Rosetti's Ode to a
Rivulet, ib.-Paul Jones, 137-origi-
nal letter of Dr. Parr, 138—charac-
ter from Chaucer, 139 — Neapolitan
piety, 141-serious poetry, ib.—Ger-
man romances with Jean Paul's notes,
269—Bayle, 276--à Moravian esta-
blishment, 277—difficulty of nursing a
prince, ib.-point of honour, 278–
curious exhibition, ib.-Buonaparte as
a legislator, ib.mode of dispersing
locusts, 279-Goethe, 280-a Russian
amazon, ib. Spanish pride and eco-
nomy, ib.--information of the Italian
nobility, 281 — Josephine, the ex-
Empress of France, ib. - French female

Southwood Smith's Lectures on Compa-

rative and Human Physiology, 43—
distinction between animal and vege-
table life, ib.-organs and process of
digestion, 47—the necessity of respi-
ration in accomplishing the renovation
of the blood, 49-organs and function
of reproduction, 50--observations on
the science, 51.

Shares, Prices of, in the principal

canals, docks, waterworks, mines, &c.

142, 285, 438, 590.
Summary of the National Lament for

January, 1827, 248
Self Introduction, 341.

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