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Allatu, or Ereshkigal. Ea. Gibil, or Giru. Gula, Bau, or
Nin-karrak. Ishtar. Marduk. Nabû, or Nebo. Ninib, or
Ninurta. Nusku. Sarpânîtum. Shamash. Sin.



The Semites of the West and their records. The Phoenicians
and their deities. The nature of their gods. 'Astart. Func-
tions of deity. Shrines and temples. Religious rites.

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The Aryans and disease. The Vedas. The pantheon. The
early Hindu period. The folk-belief. Mythology. Disease in
Vedic literature. Disease in the Rigveda. Disease in the
Yajurveda. Disease in the Atharvaveda. Ancient Indian
views on disease. Deity and disease. Invocation of the gods.
Appeals to demons. Magico-religious treatment of disease.
Remedies. Magic and magical remedies. Physicians.

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The Adityas. Agni. Apaḥ. The Aśvins. Bhaiṣajyarājā and

Bhaiṣajyaguru. Brahmā. Bṛhaspati. Dakṣa. Dhanvantari.
Dhātṛ. Indra. The Maruts. Rudra. Sarasvati. Savity. Soma.
Surya. Tvaştr. Varuņa. Vāta, or Vāyu.


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ment of the cult. Asklepios and Apollo. The birth-legends.

The Epidaurian legends. Other legends. The family of

Asklepios. His descendants. Machaon and his sons. Podalei-

rios. Raising the dead and the death of Asklepios. The

burial place. The transformation of the cult. Emigration

to Epidauros. Deification. Shrines and sanctuaries of the

cult. Location of shrines by serpents. Sites of the Askle-

pieia. The healing temples. The sanctity of the temples.

The images and emblems of the god. Auxiliary deities.

Tents instead of buildings. The most famous of the Askle-

pieia. The sanctuary at Epidauros. The temple. The Thy-

mele. Auxiliary temples. The dormitory. Other buildings

within the hieron. Stadium and theater. The grounds. The

present ruins. The Asklepieion at Athens. The Asklepieion

at Kos. The Asklepieion at Pergamon. Administration of

the Asklepieia, the Hiereus. Assistant priests. The Askle-

piadai. The Hippokratic Oath. The cult rituals. The proce-

dures at the Asklepieia. The ritual of the individual. Incuba-

tion. The mental impressions. Practical therapeutics. The use

of animals in the cult. Serpents. Serpent legends. Dogs. Tab-

lets relating cures. Popularity of the Asklepieia. Recrea-

tion. Thank offerings. Public health functions. Public festi-

vals. Festivals at Athens. Festivals at Epidauros. Festivals

at Kos. Festivals at Pergamon. Other festivals. Medical

progress toward scientific methods. The cult influence.

Recapitulation. The mystic Asklepios. Amphiaraos. Aphro-

dite. Apollo. Aristaios. Artemis. Athena. Auxesia. Damia.

Demeter. Dionysos. Eileithyia. Epaphos. Genetyllis. Hades.

Hekate. Helios. Hephaistos. Hera. Herakles. Hermes.

Hygieia. Isis. The Kabeiroi. Kirke. Leto. Maleates. The

Muses. The Nymphs. Orpheus. Paian. Pan. Persephone.

Poseidon. Prometheus. Rhea. Sabazios. Sarapis. Teles-

phoros. Themis. Trophonios. Zeus.

Demigods, Heroes, and Heroines Associated

with Healing

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