Southern Practitioner: An Independent Monthly Journal Devoted to Medicine and Surgery, Bind 11,Oplag 12


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Side 523 - Chemistry, General, Medical and Pharmaceutical; Including the Chemistry of the US Pharmacopoeia. A Manual of the General Principles of the Science, and their Application to Medicine and Pharmacy.
Side 501 - Physician's single sample delivered, charges prepaid, on application. That every physician may be his own judge of its value, irrespective of the opinions of others, we make the following SPECIAL OFFER: We will send to any physician, delivered, charges prepaid, on receipt of 25 cents, and his card or letter head, half a dozen physicians' samples, sufficient to test it on as many cases for a week to ten days each.
Side 518 - ALTERANS continues to gain favor from its remarkable Alterative and Tonic properties, eliminating specific poison from the blood and increasing the proportion of red corpuscles in...

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