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magnify it likewise in regard to yourselves, and render it a means to you of greater perfection and more durable happiness; allow me to recommend to you the following admonitions and precepts.

Exercise your understanding in habits of reflection, and strive to enrich it by augmenting your stock of useful knowledge, particularly such as relates to your affairs and undertakings. Study the objects in which you are daily concerned, their nature and quality, their utility, the purposes to which they may be applied, their modifications and transmutations, their influence on the general weal of the community ; study the ways and methods in which they are produced, obtained, wrought up, improved, applied ; study the state of the countries and nations with which in your transactions you are mediately or immediately connected; study the persons with whom you are concerned in bufiness, or whom you employ, and on the character of whom so much depends in the prosecution of it: so will you constantly find in all you do more employment and food for your mind; always more clearly understand what and wherefore and to what end you do it; and thereby a thousand objects, which in themselves may be very insignificant, will acquire a greater worth and importance in your fight. You will execute as thinking, as enlightened men, with complacency and pleasure, what otherwise

you would only perforın as day-labourers, from necessity, and probably with dislike.



Enlarge therefore the orbit of your views, the circuit of your knowledge and perceptions, in proportion as you enlarge your field of action. Pursue the affairs that offer themselves to you, not in a mere mechanical manner; work and operate, not as it were blindfolded, or merely by old maxims and customs handed down from father to son, but upon well digested principles and plans. Strive more and more to comprehend the whole of the concern wherein you are engaged, and to comprehend it with more participation and interest. Revolve frequently in your mind the nearer and more remote, the present and future consequences of your transactions and dealings, the influence they may and will have, in a thousand methods, on the conduct, the fortunes, the happiness of vast numbers of mankind of all classes and conditions. This also will confer great weight and dignity on all you undertake and


Expand your heart too in this respect by benevolent, humane sentiments and feelings. Let not covetousness, not mean felf-interest, not vanity, but genuine universal philanthropy and brotherly love, be the leading principles of your diligence and industry. Think it your duty and your glory, not barely to labour for your own, but likewise for the general profit; and do this not folely according to the natural combination of things, and without peculiarly thinking on it, but do it with consciousness and consideration, and so as that this view may be always


with an

present to your mind. Hesitate not therefore to bear hardships, to manage trusts, to transact affairs from which you have little particular advantage to expect, but which you know will bring profit to others, or tend to the support and the good of the whole; and reckon not as labour in vain, as pure loss, whatever is attended by such consequences and effects. The idea that all you do in your lawful vocation, and by lawful means, is a part of the chain of businesses whereby the general welfare is upheld and advanced, whereby the sum total of life, of activity, of pleasure, of happiness, which is or may be among mankind, is augmented and put in circulation ; this idea will give you satisfaction and courage in all your affairs, and fill

you honest complacency at the sight of every result of your good endeavours. By such a way of think. ing, every


you tranfact, petty and troublesome as it may be, will become an honourable employment, a labour of love. And thus will you degrade yourselves by nothing, think nothing a lofs of time or a dissipation of your powers, which in any way may be of advantage to fociety.

In fine, add a dignity to your calling, you who pursue commerce as rational, intelligent and wellintentioned men, by considering yourselves as inftruments in the hand of providence, whereby the cultivation of the earth and the eivilization of its inhabitants are carried on and advanced ; as instruments whereby God diffuses and multiplies his ma



nifold gifts and blessings, more intimately conneas the whole of his family, so widely extended, together, brings them closer to each other, and in such various methods animates, sustains, benefits and cheers them all. Do therefore whatever you are called to do by your profession in reference to this honourable appointment; do it from obedience and love to God, our universal Father in heaven; do it as by commission from him, and in the manner most conformable to the wise and benevolent purposes of his administration. By this means you will confer the greatest dignity on all yonr employ. ments and labours, and exalt the faithful discharge of your calling into actual piety. You will serve God by serving your brethren; accomplish his will by fulfilling the duties of your vocation ; carry on his work by prosecuting your own; and so may you also, as men worthily filling a station asligned them by God, promise yourselves a cheerful exit from this scene of things, and the enjoyment of a, happy, a blessed futurity.

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The Value of a Country-Life, or the edifying Sojaurn

in the Country.

GOD, thou art not far from every one of us.

Wherever we perceive the work of thy hands, there art thou, there actest thou; there revealest thou thyself to us as the great eternal cause, the original source of all that is and lives, as sovereign wisdom and benignity. And wherever thou art and actest, there speakest thou to us by thy works, there thou informest us of thy will ; there warnest thou us of misery, and shewest us the means and way to be happy. Oh then that we fought and found thee, the Omnipresent, every where, that we saw and worshiped thee in all thy works, and never lost the apprehension of thy presence! Oh that we everywhere and at all times attended to thy voice, readily submitted to be taught of thee, and willingly followed thy call to happiness! How totally otherwise, how much wiser and better should we then reason and judge and act! What light would then


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