Kings: Five Poems for the Theatre

World Audience Publishers, 2007 - 132 sider
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The following is from the author's introduction: "In spite of the break which the twentieth century made with it, the link between poetry and theatre is ancient and enduring. Kings does not seek to single-handily restore that link; it is part of that verse tradition which poets have applied to the theatre in situations not always favourable to its reception. Even so, and perhaps never more so that at the present, the theatre is in need of the recognition of its roots and the re-admittance of poetry to its core may well do a lot for its fortunes. This is not to say that prose has failed. It hasn't. It has given splendid works, and the body of politics and culture would be all the poorer without them. This is also an enduring legacy, and not something that should be sough to be replaced with something else. Prose and poetry have their function and it is a function to which they both can bring their insights and their strengths."

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