Bulletin, Oplag 11

South Dakota School of Mines and Technology., 1917 - 223 sider
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Side 121 - Osteology of Haplocanthosaurus, with description of a new species, and remarks on the probable habits of the Sauropoda and the age and origin of the Atlantosaurus beds.
Side 101 - F. The Cretaceous Formation of the Black Hills as Indicated by the Fossil Plants, with the Collaboration of Walter P.
Side 21 - Dakota, a vertical section showIng the order of superposition of the different beds of the Tertiary basin of White and Niobrara rivers.
Side 69 - WORTMAN, JL On the Divisions of the White River or Lower Miocene of Dakota.
Side 120 - Analyses of rocks from the laboratory of the United States Geological Survey, 1880 to 1903, tabulated by FW Clarke, Chief Chemist.
Side 22 - Explorations under the War Department. Explanations of a Second Edition of a Geological Map of Nebraska and Kansas, based upon Information obtained in an Expedition to the Black Hills, under the Command of Lieut. GK Warren. Top.
Side 51 - Black Hills with reference to their probable utilization. 200. Benedict, W. de L. Professor Vincent's Estimate of Possible Profits of the Harney Peak Tin Mines. Eng. Min. Jour., vol. 48, pp. 358-359, 1889. A critical and derogatory review of Professor Vincent's favorable report. 201. Carpenter, Franklin R. Ore Deposits of the Black Hills of Dakota. Am. Inst. Min. Eng., Trans, vol. 17, pp. 570-598, 1 fig., 1 map, 1889. This is much the same as the earlier paper in Dak. Sch. Mines, Prelim. Kept., (Bui....
Side 65 - American rocks and referred hy any author to the Mesozoic. The catalogue states the geologic formations in which the fossils were obtained and gives the locality where they were found. 280. Clark, William B. The Mesozoic Echinodermata of the United States. US Geol. S'urv., Bull. No. 97, 207 pp. pis. IL, 1893. Describes and figures a few forms from the Black Hills previously described by others. 281. Coues, Eliot. History of the Expedition Under the1 Command of Lewis and Clark. Pour volumes, New York,...
Side 68 - Bennetites from near Minnekahta, South Dakota. 297. Osborn, Henry F. The Collection of Fossil Mammals in the American Museum of Natural History, New York. Science, vol. 23, pp. 261, 1893. Includes a brief review of the Museum Collecting Expedition to the South Dakota Badlands in 1892. 298. Osborn, Henry Fairfield and Wortman, Jacob L. Artionyx, a New Genus of Ancylopoda. Am. Mus. Nat., Bull. vol. 5, Art. 1, pp. 1-18, 5 text figures, 1893. Announces...
Side 129 - T&is gives a brief history of wet crushing in cyanide solution and describes in some detail the author's pioneer work of this character at the Dakota Mill at Central. See the same author in Mining and Scientific Press for March 10, and September 8, 1900. 634. Hovey, E. 0. The Crystal Cave of South Dakota. Sci. Am. Suppl. vol. 57, pp. 23657-23658, 4 figs., 1904. Gives a brief general description of the cave and compares this cave with Wind Cave near Hot Springs, South Dakota. 635. Irving, JD, Emmons,...

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