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Petty, Sir William, his account of the war of 1641, 435.
Plot, pretended, to kill the earl of Northumberland, &c. 293.
Plots and conspiracies, forged, 293, 303.
Points established in this work, xiy.
Popery laws, description of, 478.
Popery laws, a system of rapine, x.
Poynings' law, view of, 260.
President and Little Belt, rencontre between, 23.
Priests, Catholic, liable to be hanged, if they returned to Ireland,

483, 484.
Priests, liable to be hanged for celebrating marriage, 485.
Priests hang themselves, in their own defence, 138.
Proclamation, for the banishment of the Irish clergy, 126.
Protestant ascendency, pernicious views of, 30.
Proxies, shameful abuse of, 255.

Queries, on the subject of Temple's legendary tales, 340.
Rebellion, frequent injustice of the term, 504.
Recusants, persecution of, 112, 113.
Robbery, flagrant, encouraged by law, 487, 488, 489, 490, 492.
Rodgers, commodore, statement of, 24, 32.
Royal martyr, conduct of, 139, 148.
Rupert, prince, decision and energy of, 453.
Sacrilegious burglary and robbery of the archbishop and mayor of

Dublin, 129.
Savage fury of mobs, 311.
Scotch, brotherly assistance of, rewarded, 101.
Scotch prisoners, sent to the mines in Guinea, 103.
Security of person in Ireland, 151, 212.
Spencer, Edmund, his execrable project to produce famine, 79.
Spirit of warfare on both sides, in Ireland, 376, 383.
Spoliation, private, 223.
Spoiling the Egyptians, 179, 180, 181, 182, 200.
Star-Chamber Court, verdict of lord Suffolk in, 145.
St. John, Oliver, persecutes the recusants, 112.
St. Leger, a ferocious ruffian, 458.
Strafford, a most unfeeling tyrant, 153, 154, 155, 156, 157, 159,

209, 210.
Stratford, Anthony, perjuries of, 420.
Subornation of perjury, 84, 291.
Suppressio veri of the English Parliament, 472.

Temple, Sir John, a legendist of the first order, 36.
Temple's statement of the pretended conspiracy, 315.
Temple's legendary tales, analysis of, 324.
Temple, ashamed of his legend, endeavours to suppress it, 391.
Temple's legend, attempts to bolster up, 405.
Temple, a cheat and impostor, 436.
Thirst, ravenous, of the blood of the Irish, 58.
Tichbourne, Henry, destroys man, woman, and child, for sixteen

miles, 458.
Toleration, disclaimed as an abomination, 48.
Travelling on the knees, to escape from assassins, 402.
Tyrone and Tyrconnel, flight of, 171.
Ulster, piratical spoliation of, 167.
Usher, archbishop, miserable bigotry and intolerance of, 140.

Wards, court of, oppression of, 119, 120, 121.
Wards, sold to the best bidder, 120.
Warfare, barbarous system of, pursued by the Irish government,

437, 443.
Warner, Ferdinando, the most impartial of the English historians

of Irish affairs, 19.
Warwick, Sir Philip, gross falsehood of, 370.
Westminster Confession of Faith, the standard of religious per-

fection, 49.


Page 71, line 16, for destroys, read invalidates.
77, 10, for annexed, read prefired.

“ 24, for opinions, read prejudices.
“ 16, for the whole, read six counties of the.

7, for deserved, read they might perhaps have deserved.

« 10, for wonted, read utmost. Sundry other errors may probably be found in the work; to which the reader, it is hoped, will extend indulgence.

98, o 100, « 110,



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