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ACKNOWLEDGMENT of Parliamentary infamy, 252.
Act of indemnity and free pardon, 274.
Acts of charity, punished with forfeiture, 499.
Age of forgery and perjury, 289.
Amboyna, massacre at, remarks


Andre, case of, misunderstood, 31.
Anniversary sermons, inflammatory purposes of, 28.
Antichrist, definition of, 480.
Antichrist at Madrid, Lisbon, and Goa, 480.
Antichrist in Geneva, London, Scotland, Holland, and Ireland,


Archbishop of Dublin, free examination of bis conduct, 146.
Archbishops, bishops, vicars-general, &c. liable to be hanged, if

they returned to Ireland, 488.
Barrymore, lord, cruelty of, 467.
Beale, the tailor, pretended plot of, 294.
Bedingfield, Henry, pretended plot of, 297.
Bedlow, William, a most infamous villain, 292.
Bingham, captain, statement of, 23, 32.
Bigotry, religious, wonderful prevalence of, 48.
Bloody breakfast, 467.
Boroughs, forty new ones created at once, 249.
Bunker's Hill, battle of, discrepancy respecting, 31.
Burnet, bishop, testimony of, respecting court of wards, 121.
Carleton, bishop of Chichester, sorry tale of, 174.
Carte, fraudulent statement of, 107.
Carte, gross inconsistency of, 109, 110, 393.
Carte, obliquity of, 217.
Carte, imbecile views of, 124, 131, 203.
Cashel, slaughter in cathedral of, 465.
Castlemain, lord, accused of a plot, 298.
Cessation with the Irish, reprobated by the ruling party, 353.

Cessation, resolution of English Parliament against, 355.
Charles I. base perfidy and ingratitude of, 134, 135, 139, 148, 149.
Civil wars, three, 92.
Civil war in England, causes and consequences of, 95.
Civil war in Scotland, causes and consequences of, 93.
Civil war in Ireland, provocation to, and ruinous consequences

of, 97.
Clarendon, fraudulent statements of, 107, 137.
Clergy, Irish, banishment of, 125.
Cobler of Aggavvam, murderous exhortations of, 473.
Collusion, base, of Charles I. and lord Falkland, 143.
Comparison between the provocation of Ireland in 1641, and that

of America in 1776, 99.
Confiscation of Irish estates, the grand object of the governments

of England and Ireland, 63, 64, 65.
Confiscation, the primary object of the lords justices, 549.
Consequences of the civil wars in England and France, nearly

similar, 103.
Conspiracies, forged, a source of confiscation, 27, 177, 178, 179,

et passim.
Coote, Sir Charles, a sanguinary ruffian, 337.
Coote, Charles, absurd testimony of, 47.
Courts of justice in Ireland, prostituted state of, 87.
Cox, Richard, murders and robberies of, 468.
Crosby, Piers, hard case of, 256.
Cromwell, Oliver, murderous cruelty and base hypocrisy of,

459, 460.
Cruelty, remorseless, of the Irish government, 74.
Curry, Dr. his view of the flight of Tyrone and Tyrconnel, 173.
Curry's history, excellence of, xviii.
Curse against traitors, from Lalla Rookh, 476.

Dangerfield, a notorious villain and perjurer, 299.
Davies, Sir John, base quibbles and chicanery of, 190, 191.
Dead bodies, after six weeks, rising out of the water, en masse,

38, 39, 40.
Dead bodies, eaten by the starving Irish, 78.
Dead bodies, free from putrefaction for four or five weeks, 425.
Debate, freedom of, grossly violated, 255.
De La Hide, Walter, cruel persecution of, 73.
Desmond, earl, horrible persecution of, 68, 70.

Desmond estates, confiscation of, 72.
Desolation, perpetrated in Scotland, by the earl of Essex, 234.
Desolation, perpetrated in France and Spain, by the English, 237.
Devastation and desolation, perpetrated on the Irish, 75, 76, 77.
Divines of the assembly, atrocious calumny of, 359.
Drogheda, massacre at, 460.
Education, forbidden in Ireland, under pain of death, 498.
English by descent, as cruelly persecuted in Ireland as the abori-

ginals, 67.
English title to Ireland, twenty-six hundred years old, 268.
Estated Catholics, only four hundred in the insurrection, 435.
Evidence, hearsay, 399, 408, 409, 414.
Exaggeration and falsehood, hideous instances of, 362.
Falsehood, detected, 367.
Famine, produced by the devastation and desolation of the Irish

government forces, 78, 79.
Father and mother, robbery of, encouraged by law, 500.
Fines, ruinous, exacted, 116.
Forgeries, manifest, received as solid proofs, 27.
Fosterage and marriage made treason, 263.
France, conquest of, how effected, 475.
Frauds and falsehoods, respecting the state of Ireland, detailed

by Clarendon, Carte, and Leland, 107.
Frauds, in representation under Elizabeth, 242, 243; under

James I. 249.

Ghosts screaming for revenge, 42, 43.
Grenville, Richard, a ferocious ruffian, 457.
Gurmond, bestows Ireland on Heber, 268.

Historians of Irish affairs, vile views of, 35.
Historical writing, difficulties of, 17, 32, 24 ; perversion of, 18.
Horse thieves excited and protected by law, 486.
House of Lords, corrupt management of, 254.
Hume, disgraceful and dishonourable conduct of, 395.
Hume, striking error and mis-statement of, 186.
Inconsistency, gross, of Carte, Warner, and Leland, 109, 110.
Indemnity and free pardon, fraudulent act of, 274.
Indictment, bills of, one thousand found in two days, 84, 86,
Indictment, definition of, 88.
Insurrection of 1641, discussed, 313.

Intolerance, various instances of, 49.
Ireland, a great human slaughter-house, 77.
Ireland, state of, previous to 1641, 105, 111.
Ireton, a bloodthirsty ruffian, 464, 465.
Irish history, deplorable ignorance of, x.
Irish history, extravagantly falsified, 19.
Irish history, peculiar feature of, 19.
Irish history, writers of, contradict each other, xix.
Irish nation, victims of a detestable policy, 35, 36.
Irish, utter extirpation of, a favourite project in England and

Ireland, 58, 59, 60, 61.
Irish, horrible sufferings of, 77.
Irish, detestable calumnies of, 80.
Irish insurrection of 1641, perfectly justifiable in the eyes of God

and man, 98.
Irish, grievous oppressions of, 111, 112.
Irish, disqualifications of, 122, 123.
Irish Catholics, petition of, to Charles I. 142.
Irish, depredations on, 205, 206, 207.
Irish character, strong testimonies in favour of, xix. 231, 232, 233.
Irish legislation, specimen of, 262, 263.
Irish, half a million of, destroyed in the insurrection of 1641, 98,

Irish oligarchy, picture of, 476.
James I. base ingratitude of, 117.
James I. hideous rapacity and plunder of, 180, 184, 185, 200, 201.
James I. shameful partiality and injustice of, 253.
Judges and jurors, perjured, 88, 89.
Judges, Irish, profligate conduct of, 246, 247.
Judges, horrible malignity of, 310, 311,
Juries, unjustly constituted, 490.
Jurors, ruinously fined, 152; pilloried and mutilated, 159.
Justice, courts of, mere slaughter-houses, 311.
Law for chopping off the heads of the Irish, 263.
Lawless's history of Ireland, notice of, xxvii.
Legends, long list of, 426, 427.
Leland, gross inconsistency of, 109, 110, 115.
Leland, gross errors of, 187, 188, 189, 294, 202.
Leland, obliquity of, 132, 433.
Leland, ridiculous absurdity of, 117.

Letter-dropping, an instrument of government, to justify confis-

cation, 169, 305.
Little Belt and President, rencontre between, 24.
Loftus, lord, hard case of, 159.
Long Parliament and Charles I. errors of, xxvii.
Lords justices alarmed at the prospect of peace, 346.
Lords justices, execrable policy of, 346, 350.
Ludlow, barbarity of, 451.
Macauley, Mrs. incredible tales of, 394.
Man, hacked to pieces without bleeding, 41.
Marriage and fosterage made treason, 263.
Marriages, most wickedly annulled, 495.
Martial law, execution of, 89.
Massacre, pretended, of 1641, extravagant portraits of, 386.
Massacre, pretended plot of, 300.
Massacre of the Protestants, in 1641, inquiry into the, 360, 371,

372, 375.
Maxwell, Robert, a most notorious perjurer, 44; gross contradic-

tions of, 44, 416.
May, Thomas, gross falsehoods of, 369.
Millions of acres, projected confiscation of, 65.
Milton, shameful exaggeration and falsehood of, 29, 31, 47, xxxiv.
Monroe, a ferocious ruffian, 456.
Montross, cruel career of, 471.
Mountnorris, lord, shocking treatment of, 160, 161:
Mountnorris, lady, affecting letter of, 162.
Murderous orders of the lords justices, 378.
Murderous ordinance of the English Parliament, 380.
Murders and massacre, legendary tales of, 386, 387.
Nits will be lice;” nits and lice killed together, 463.
No quarters given to the Irish, 447.
Noyade of the Irish rewarded by a gold medal, 456.
Parliament, English, sanguinary spirit of, 356.
Parliamentary representation in Ireland, 238, 239, 249, 252.
Parsons and Borlase, rapacity of, 59.
Penalty, for harbouring father or mother, 56.
Perjury and subornation, melancholy progress of, 304.
Perjury, most atrocious case of, 309.
Perjury, the basis of nearly all the histories of the insurrection of

1641, 37.

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