The Magic Mirror: And Other Stories for Children Containing Mental Exercises

Balboa Press, 3. mar. 2015 - 108 sider

The small stories about the cat, Bliss, and his way of helping children from the town present tools that may help children help themselves.

The world can be a difficult place to operate in with all the options children are offered todayand with the supervision and control they are subjected to. The freedom of my childhood, with its games and experiences, taught me about life, but many children do not have that freedom today. Through the small stories, children are given the possibility of taking possession of their lives through the use of fantasy and power of thought.

The cat, Bliss, shows techniques that are used by many adults throughout the world today. So why should children not be able to profit from them? Let them try. Read the stories aloud and let the children draw their fantasy pictures and try the exercises.

Several Danish children have enjoyed listening and drawing it makes their everyday life easier and their self-esteem much better.

Enjoy reading.

Lone Wolsing


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Lone Wolsing is a storytelling teacher in primary school, implementing mindfulness and mental exercises in her teaching. She graduated from Aarhus Universitet with a degree in music and has a master’s degree in learning processes. She is a music composer and writer of books in music teaching, children’s fiction, and kinesiology. She is a TFT/EFT therapist and kinesiologist.

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